Mixing Your Own Pig Feed Ingredients for Making Pig Feed

Young pigs do not take much in terms of solid feed because they get all their nutritional needs from their mothers' milk. To ensure piglets get enough milk from suckling during the early stages of growth, farmers should give the sows adequate and balanced feed to ensure they produce adequate milk for the piglets. At three weeks after farrowing (birth), the farmer should castrate all male piglets and start to train them to eat solid feeds. Suckling piglets should also have their sharp teeth clipped, three days after farrowing to prevent them causing injury to their mother during suckling.

what are some good names for a guinea pig?

ooohhhhh yay i love answering pet names well here are some ideas!!!!: babe ,cocoa ,cutie, dusty, Flopsy , Fuzzy,Katerina,Lady,Cuddles ,Noodles , my favorite name is Lina pronounced lean-a, Fluffy, Sparky , Midnight,Winnie, Roxy, Krista, Jewel, Jupiter, Buddy, Molly,Josie ,Sophie ,Baby , Gabby, Tibby, Lucy, Alice , Bella , Edward , Emmet, Rosalie, Carlisle , Esme, Remeseme , Jacob, Josh, Giget, Saidy,Wubby ,Swetty, Fur Ball, Loppy, Wali ,Gracey , or people you knows names hope this helped !!!!!! email me for more ideas anytime!!! :)

A checklist for guinea pigs...?

you definitely need something to chew on like a wood block or somthing they bite SO HARD you also need a ball he can run around in and they POOP a lot so be aware of that! other than that have fun with your new piggy pig! lol

I am getting guinea pig in 2 weeks! any names and grooming tips?

I cant give you a name unless i no what it looks like and to groom it you have to brushh and shampoo it. Just common sense.

Guinea Pig Owners...?

(1). not a long time maybe 2 weeks. they love to be held (2). 2 girls. 2 boys fight (3). best part... having one worst part....cleaning its cage (4) that perfect they like to hide keep out of reach of other animals that would harm it.

ok is this really a vegan and vegetarian section or just people who make fun of vegans and vegetarians????

Essentially, what matters is that you are okay with what you eat. If you do not want to give up Skittles (I know I could not !), then keep on eating them. The positive environmental and healthiness impacts of vegetarianism are still significant, as is the decrease in animal cruelty. But to answer your question, that's fine. Vegetarians do not eat red meat, poultry, pig (I do not know under what umbrella that falls), or fish. That said, some people consider themselves vegetarians even if they eat fish; this probably stems from the Catholic tradition of not eating meat on Fridays during Lent - fish is still allowed. Most vegetarians, however, still eat animal by-products; if they do not , they are probably vegan. Vegans are the ones who do not eat any animals OR animal by-products. These are the people that do not eat eggs or cheese or drink milk. If you are trying to be a strict vegan, I would say you should skip foods with gelatin, but otherwise, try to combine your beliefs, goals, AND tastes in a way that makes this diet sustainable for you

Where do they serve the Cuban dish "Suckling Pig"?

If you are looking for a restaurant, just google for your area. If you are looking for receipes, I have a few different links for you.

In Chinese astrology people born in the year 1983 is a Dog or a Pig?

It depends if they were born before the chinese new year or after the chinese new year... chinese new year = february.

Are there pigs in Iran?

In wild life. Yes a lot.Are there pigs in Iran?

My guinea pig fell when i went to put her in her hutch, help!?

Please take her to a vet! I hate to see guinea pigs hurt :(

Help what to do about my guinea pig?

You need to separate them, its all about territory and coming to terms with who is the dominant and submissive guinea pig. Introducing them slowly in a controlled environment is whats best and they will gradually get used to each other with time. It might be advisable to put two of everything in the cage - two beds, two water bottles, two food bowls etc.. I have not doubled everything because I have got two and they would spat at each other, I have just put an extra bed in (which I made out of a shoe box with a whole in so it was cost effective) and I make sure there are two lots of fresh food when I give them veg. hope I help :)

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What Sort of Bone Would Be Good for a Westie From a Butchers ?
i like to give mine the foot... or even a leg from cattle or pig. sometimes spinal, with out the jutted bone (she likes the marrow and what not in the center) i usually boil them in stock and let them have it after it's dry. i live near a butcher so i usually only let my pooch nom on it for maybe a day or two... i've never frozen them, by the time they get to her they are cleaned up well..i tend to shop daily for dinner and next days lunch so i frequent the area enough to warrant a bone here and there. if you do not live in a rural area i suggest just a standard piggy ear, or pig knuckle from one of those pet stores. they are cured, safe, and ready to go. i kinda wish i had that out here where i am.1. Hamster, Gerbil, or Guinea Pig?Guinea pig is more active but harder to take care of but i would adopt a guinea pig if i was you2. Advice on my guinea pig?Try fresh clean yard grass or, if it is winter and there is none, sprout some grass seed or a grain like oats (which sprouts and grows really well indoors). Many pigs will eat grass even if they like no other veg because it smells like hay which they do eat. If you can get him to eat the grass, you can sometimes trick them int trying other things by feeding a bit of grass and the other treat. Sometimes they will finish off the grass and try the other3. Having Guinea Pig problems! =[?Hiya I adopted a gp, was a year old and had never been handled. Do not be discouraged, after getting them out everyday and feeding them at the same time they got used to being handled. Try some pear my one used to love it. Let me know how you get on4. I Want a Guinea Pig!?well if you want a guinea pig for your birthday, maybe someone could buy it for you as a present. you could go with them and pick it out though also if you need money for it try babysitting, doing chores, walking dogs, chores for neighbors, also try asking your grandmas to borrow some money , grandmas always help you out!! goodluck with the guinea pig5. Guinea pig breathing?What you might be hearing them chattering their teeth , My piggies have the ability to chatter their teeth and you do not see their mouths move at all. When they chatter their teeth it means they are annoyed6. Rapid illness in guinea pig?You need to bring him to a vet ASAP. I do not know whats wrong with his eye but he may have malocclusion which is where their molars become overgrown. Signs of malocclusion are drooling, not eating and weight loss. They can get overgrown molars from not being able to trim them. Guinea pigs need an unlimited supply of grass hay as part of their diet but it also keeps their teeth trim.7. is this normal guinea pig behavior?Those are the signs of a happy guinea pig! I had my guinea pig for 5 years and he never got used to being picked up, but he was fine once he was in my arms or lap. Some small animals just do not like being picked up but still love being with you. Does she make a purring noise when you pet her? That's a positive sound. It would be better if you described the 'little noises' better.8. Is my Guinea Pig Dying?No i do not believe he is dying. He must be very hot. Guinea pigs weez when they are hot just like rabbits. Put his favorite food in front of him and wait to see if he eats it. If he is not eating then you should take him to a vet. His eyes are probably just crusty because of allergies. Animals have allergies also so maybe that is just the problem here. Good luck!9. Three Little Pigs Five W's and one H?Five Ws and One H They are Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. Why are the Five Ws and One H important? Journalism purists will argue your story is not complete until you answer all six questions. It's hard to argue this point, since missing any of these questions leaves a hole in your story. Even if you are not reporting on the news of the day, this concept could be useful in many professional writing scenarios. In case it's not obvious what information you would be looking to gather from each of the six questions, let's look at what information you might want to gather with the Five Ws and One H if you were reporting on The Three Little Pigs: Who was involved? The three little pigs (the first pig, the second pig and the third pig) and The Big Bad Wolf (a.k.a. Wolf). What happened? Each pig constructed a house out of different materials (straw, sticks and bricks). Wolf (allegedly) threatened to blow over their houses and is believed to have destroyed both the straw and stick homes at this time. Pig one and two were able to flee to the brick house, where they remain at the moment. We are still waiting to hear from local authorities, but it looks like the Wolf may have been injured while attempting to enter the brick house. Where did it take place? Outside a straw house, a stick house and a brick house. When did it take place? At various times throughout the day. Why did it happen? Apparently the Big Bad Wolf was trying to eat the pigs. Several eyewitnesses recall the Wolf taunting the pigs before he destroyed the straw and stick homes by chanting, "Little pigs, little pigs, let me in." The pigs apparently scoffed at the Wolf's idle treats, saying "Not by the hair of our chinny, chin chins." It's believed this angered the Wolf and led to him blowing the houses down. How did it happen? It would appear the first two homes were not built to withstand the Wolf's powerful breath. The incident inside the brick house is still being investigated, but early indications suggest the Wolf fell into a boiling pot of water when trying to enter the house through the chimney. It's a silly example, but you can see how getting answers to these six questions can really help you get all the information needed to write an accurate report. Next time you are preparing interview questions or outlining a story, consider walking through the Five Ws and One H to see if you left anything out. "I keep six honest serving-men, (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When, And How and Where and Who" - Rudyard Kipling
My Boyfriend Wants to Get Married? We Known Each Other for a Year?
My boyfriend wants to get married? We known each other for a year?You are a pig and you do not deserve him— — — — — —Need help with Guinea Pig.?guinea pigs are very sociable. if you arent planning on getting another, you need to be prepared to spend good quality time with this pet. right now, he sounds lonely and is stressed out because of his new home. he should get over this soon, but if not, or if he stops eating, try the vet--they may advise you to get a second, which you should do early on, before the pig is grown. Some fun things to do with a pig are feeding them treats like carrots, letting them play inside cereal boxes, taking them outside on a leash, and talking to them--most will "answer" back with happy squeaks!— — — — — —Guinea pig squeaking- good or bad?this is the sound a pig makes— — — — — —Have any of you been a compulsive eater?well i dont like finishing my food frist cause it makes me fell like a pig— — — — — —Which breed of pig is best to keep as a pet?It is never a good idea to buy a pet for another person without their knowledge or consent. They may have plans for the future that you are not aware of that do not involve owning that animal, and the animal will likely end up in a shelter. That being said, for an indoor pet, the only really practical pig to keep is a pot belly. They still get anywhere from 75 to 150 lbs, require more care and details than I could fit in this box, and live 10 to 15 years. There are smaller pigs but they are rare / endangered. A Pig will Completely tear up the garden, so she will need fencing to keep it out. She will also need dedicated outdoor space for the pig to roam around and root safely. If piggy is not allowed to root outdoors, piggy will do it indoors. Before buying a pig make sure to check local zoning ordinances for her county and state. Usually available online, at the local public library, or at the county business offices. Also before buying it find a vet in her area that will commit to treating pot belly pigs, you can not just assume the local vet will know pot belly pigs. They require vastly different medical treatment from farm pigs. Cost will Vary from location to location. Expect to pay anywhere from 50 - 200 for the pig if you buy it local, 500 to 600 plus shipping if you use an online breeder. One Bag of Food should be around 15-25 bugs at a local farm supply store and will last a few months. Pigs are social creatures but you do not need more than one pig. Mine keeps great company with our cat.— — — — — —What is the most dirtest funniest joke you have ever heard!?A pig fell in the mud— — — — — —How do I save money? ?Give it to a Pig to keep safe— — — — — —Pig IslandPig Island may refer to: Pig Island (Exuma), the Bahamas Pig Island (Newfoundland and Labrador), Canada Pig Island, New Zealand, in Lake Wakatipu Pig Island (Ottawa, Canada) Pig Island, County Down, a townland in County Down, Northern Ireland Pig Island (Queensland), Australia Pig Island (novel), a British thriller novel "Pig Island" (song), a song by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford— — — — — —am i turning into a muslim?try first to turn from a pig to a human , then go choose a religion— — — — — —How do you make a homemade football?They used to make them out of animal bladders. Yes, like when they butchered a pig or sheep— — — — — —How do you think the Great Khali would fare as a rugby player?Good scrummager but about as fast as a pig in reverse— — — — — —Do you think this image captures the moment?i wonder if they are pig farmers happy as a pig in .— — — — — —I am thinking about getting a guinea pig and I wondered if their bite hurts?Having raised guinea pigs because i became into knee severe to a hopper, i got here across that not all pigs are going to tame down. My first journey became into with 13 of those critters and maximum all of them weeet weeet weeet each and each time I opened the crisped drawer of the refrigerator, it incredibly is using the fact they knew that i became into getting them lettus, carrots, celery. besides as feeding them a good bowl of alfala pellets that keeps to be crammed each and all of the time, they will grow to be your chum authentic rapid that way and you will maximum possibly get bored of listening to them yet. .I also have a pig right now and he will weet weet at me yet run like heck as quickly as I attitude the cage. as quickly as he's out, he will come working to me and snuggle authentic close for risk-free practices while he spooks which brings up the actuality of guinea pigs. . information.enable them to hearken to the crisper drawer and you saying the comparable element each and each time dazzling formerly you supply him that handle and he will weeet weeet weeet swifter than you would be wanting. I constantly say hereeee pig pig pig repeatedly, the full time additionally, for some reason this is not good to maintain your pig interior 20 ft of your T. V. there are sounds and tones that injury their ears and scares them. i am hoping I helped you. there is not something worse than loving something that would not love you decrease back
Guinea Pig and a Hamster?
They can not be caged together! But sometimes they will get along and can play together, but it's not safe to cage them together. Plus hamsters can usually get out of guinea pig cages easily!1. hamster hamster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?If they are a male teddy bear (Syrian) hamster and they are young then their fur might still grow more. Female Syrians do not tend to get really long fur, they just stay 'fluffy' without a full skirt (although there are exceptions). Once it is at it's full length, if it is tangled or matted you can gently brush it with a soft toothbrush (for toddlers/babies). Some hamsters actually seem to enjoy it, but if they do not and the knotting gets bad then you might have to carefully cut out any large knots. Peeing on your hands is quite normal for a new hamster. Once they settle in and get used to you it should not happen as often (unless they just really need to go).2. Hamster, dwarf hamster, Gerbil, or Mouse?First of all, are you planning on only getting one or could you house a few pets in this habitat? If you only have room for one, you can only go for a hamster. In my experience, dwarf hamsters are not necessarily more agressive, but they are frightened more easily and my dwarf hissed at me for an entire week before I could even go near the cage and then pooped on me for another month or so until she was finally comfortable with me, whereas my syrian hamster warmed up to me the second I bought him. I guess it depends on how much time you are willing to invest. Also: Everyone says hamsters are clean, but that is not true. My dwarf poops all over the place and my syrian used his litterbox as a bed. So that's really not always true. Both mice and gerbils are social animals, they will need a partner or group to lead a happy life. As far a gerbils are concerned - a same-sex pair is best. If you want to get 3, boys will be less likely to fight amongst themselves so I recommend that if you go for 3, get boys. Also, gerbils LOVE to dig, so if you only have a wire care with a very small pan, it might be a bad idea to get gerbils because they do need a lot of litter and will dig it out of a wire cage. Mice are the only pet out of these that I have not had, but I hear they like groups, a lone mouse is not a happy mouse. Apparently they are also pretty messy, so you will have to clean out poopy areas every day.3. Time spent in hamster ball?Ive been stuck in a hamster ball its terrible get it out quickly4. Is this a good idea for a hamster cage?Sounds like a good idea:-) Ignore the above posters. Dwarf hamsters like living in groups. Syrian hamsters are the territorial ones (as are male mice)5. hamster questions?hi andrea , "in heat " means a hamster is ready to mate a hamster sprayed you ? no u mean to get your hamster sprayed which means so they cant get pregnant love kaylee .6. Is this cage good for my hamster?Its relatively small, i would buy a larger cage. Most hamsters like to have room to run around in. So save up and buy a larger cage7. What is the basic shopping list for getting a new Hamster?Absolutely DO NOT buy the hamster before the tank! I have a 10 gallon tank with pine shavings. When you get the shavings, make sure they are good quality and small enough that they do not trip on them. When i first got my dwarfs, we accidentally bought bad-quality chips that were big and chunky and they poor guys were tripping on them. Make sure it's deep enough that your little guy can burrow in it. Also, it's disregarded, but I find Kleenex are a must! I use them as extra bedding fluff, and when they are out of their cage, it's easy to spot their droppings if they are on Kleenex! You should buy one wheel per hamster and a hamster ball for them to run around in as well. Make sure you have a house for him/her/them to live in. You will also need a food bowl and a water bowl or water bottle. It's up to you which. The food you buy should be high in protein and fiber, but low in fat and moisture. You can supplement their diet with 1 teaspoon of fresh fruits or veggies each day. You can find a list of foods that are OK for hamsters online. Make sure to give your hamster something to chew on or a toy. This will keep it entertained when you are not around. Remember, it's a nocturnal animal, so she will be awake at night! You should put the whole cage together before you go out and buy the animal, so that there's a ready and waiting environment for her. The most important thing is that it's a place where she can be happy and healthy.
Guinea Pig Question!!?
It's good!! Guinea pigs love to squeak! It's because she likes where you are petting her. They will squeak loudly when they are hungry, softly when they are happy and bubbly when they are curious. It's adorable!1. Pig hooves as dog treats?I have four dogs a Pit Lab mix, a full Lab, a Bishon Frise, and a Wire Terrier. I have bought a package of 100 pig hooves two months ago. The only problem is that they stink a bit but other than that they really enjoy the hooves. Well for the beginning the the Pit Lab takes them and buries them. I have never had a problem with them throwing up it may just be a breed thing or the supplier2. Guinea pig help?To help your new pig settle in then all you need to do is leave him alone for a day or two, it may not eat much so do not worry this is normal while they are getting used to the new sights and smell of their new home. I would just use the carrier they give you at the pet shop as they are dark and the guinea pig will be less stressed than in a large carrier. When picking your pig remember to get the guinea pig that is running mad, eating, wriggles when you hold him/her, do not go for the cute little one that is huddled in a corner looking lonely as with pet shops these ones are the ones that are ill and pet store pigs are notorious for dying within a week in their new home. Check the eyes are bright and clear from discharge, no bald patches or eyes half closed. I would'nt use wool as guinea pigs will chew this and could cause a blockage. Good homemade toys are a paper bag filled with hay and veg peices hid inside as guinea pigs love to forage for their food. Paper plate folded in half, they will knock this round the cage and then chew on it, just make sure they are not the plastic coated plates. Large cardboard tubes or a shoe box for them to hide in and chew. When handling time use this time for a peice of fruit as a treat as they will in time associate this as a good experience and will look forward to being handled. Speak to him/her everytime you walk by and again with time they will wheek at the sound of your voice. Enjoy your new pig and remember there is always someone here to help you out.3. Is guinea pig good to eat?In central America, and parts ot northern South America, they are raised for food, so yes you can eat them. As to making your daughter help you kill her pet, what is wrong with you?4. How To Tame A Guinea Pig?guinea pigs take time to earn your trust! just talk to them in a soft voice so they reconize your voice, wear a top around the house for a day then put it in their cage so it has your scent on it (preferbly a top you dont really care about because they will make a mess of it). when they are in their cage just slowly and i mean slow! reach your hand in and pet their heads and behind their ears, when i rub behind my guinea pigs ears they purr and get so comfortable and stretch out completely they really enjoy it lol. with floor time, i have a cage door on my guinea pigs cage i leave it open and they go back in when they want the first time they had floor time, they just went under my bed and stayed there, but the next few times they started exploring, going back into their cage when they wanted to. if your cage has a door make sure to keep it open when they are having floor time so its easy for them to get in and out. when i want them to go back into their cage i put their favourite food (parsley) in their cage and they run back in straight away. =]5. guinea pig?i am 22 now & have had 4 guinea pigs; Guinea, Fivel, Sampson, & Nell. i got my first when i was about 3-4 years old. they are not that hard to care for. keep them in their cage, and clean it at least once a week. i always kept food in their bowl & always kept water in the bottle. on days whe you clean the cage, take out and clean the food dish and water bottle. every once in a while you can give them treats, such as a carrot or lettuce. but not too much or it will go right through them. if i remember correctly, they live about 5 years or so, giveor take a few years. here are a few websites you can check out. good luck in deciding
The Peppa Pig Parenting Predicament
I know what youre thinking.I havent seen such good alliteration since secondary school English class.Unless youve been living under a rock for the fifteen years since she first graced our screens, the chances are pretty good that you know exactly who Peppa Pig is. If you dont, then I envy you. Only parents or those with young siblings truly understand just how torturous an experience having to listen to a cartoon pig constantly whining can be.As I type this article Im sat on my new garden furniture, basking in what is undoubtedly the last bit of sunshine the UK will see this year. Over the sound of my typing, I can hear children playing in a nearby garden. I find it highly amusing that I sit and type this particular article, I can hear a child shouting that she wants to watch Peppa Pig.In fifteen years the show has transformed from something which nearly never made it to air, to being shown in 170 countries and translated into 40 languages. The official Peppa Pig Youtube channel has more than 9 million subscribers (most of these are undoubtedly parents, unaware that their child has subscribed), and the show has led to the creation of all manners of merchandise, clothing, toys, DVDs, music albums and even a theme park. Kids love that irritating little hog.My children are no exception. Or they used to be. My daughter Isabella is five, so shes grown out of it, but when she was younger its all she ever wanted to watch. My son Jacob is two and it is currently one of his favourite to watch.I try not to pay much attention to the TV when my kids are watching it, so after almost six years of parenting, its pretty much become background noise now. But given the sheer amount of time combined my children have spent watching Peppa Pig, Ive picked up a few snippets here and there, which have led me to one conclusion.Peppa Pig is a rude, obnoxious little brat, and Id be horrified if either of my children turned out like her.Now the parents among you, and those with younger siblings will no doubt have some inkling as to where Im going with this. But for the blissfully unaware, let me give you some insight into the life of Peppa Pig.1) Shes a sore loser, and rude to pretty much everyone.Youre not my friend anymore is one of Peppas favourite phrases. If things arent going her way, or someone does something she doesnt like, Peppa is not afraid to say Bye-bye to her friends. The clip below, infamous among parents and meme-lovers demonstrates exactly what I mean:Now, some might say that her character is written to be realistic of how real children might act. But is this the behaviour we want our children to emulate? Jacob is two, far too young to understand whats happening in the show. He likes it because its colourful, and Peppa has a funny voice. Thats about it. But in a year or so, he may have developed more of an understanding of some of the concepts depicted in the show. Do I want him starting school thinking that friendships are based on the rule of Do what I want or get lost? No thank you.2) Peppa constantly fat-shames her Daddy.The shows writers were apparently unable to make a single episode that didnt involve Peppa making some sort of reference to Daddy Pigs Big Tummy.The above video is over an hour-long, but you only need to watch the first fifteen seconds to see what I mean. In this episode, Peppa and George are playing in their secret treehouse. She decides that the secret password is Daddys Big Tummy, which prompts much laughter from the rest of the family at Daddy Pigs expense. In other episodes, she tells Daddy Pig that he is too big to go down the slide with George, that he needs to do more exercise, that his tummy is too big for him to dive into a swimming pool.And we wonder why children become bullies? Now Im not for a moment suggesting that if a child becomes a bully then it is solely the fault of a cartoon pig. But for young children to watch scenes depicting fat-shaming makes these attitudes appear normal. Ive written previously about child obesity, how an increasing number of children are already overweight when they start school. Do you want your child to think its normal to make fun of another childs big tummy because Peppa Pig does it? Or even worse, how would you feel if your child was on the receiving end of such comments?And while were on the topic of Daddy Pig3) The Shows Portrayal of Men Leaves A lot To Be DesiredSilly Daddy is something I hear quite often from my children and no doubt that obnoxious little pig is to blame. Its what Peppa says gleefully after watching Daddy Pig lose his glasses, knock a hole through a wall while hanging a picture, or mistaking what day it is and being late for work. The general attitude of the show is that the lead male character is fat, lazy and incompetent, who likes to do nothing more than watch television and eat chocolate cake. Female characters, on the other hand, are portrayed in a completely different light.One particular episode shows Miss Rabbit, the shows resident multi-tasking superwoman, taking a sick day from her multiple jobs as a bus driver, running an ice-cream stand, and working in a supermarket. Other characters (two of which are male) offer to step in and cover while she is off sick but they are seemingly not up to the task.Everyone makes the same joke that women can multitask and men cant. But portraying men as incompetent and lazy as a direct comparison to women is a lesson we should not be teaching our children, particularly in this day and age where we are constantly banging on about inequality. Imagine if the roles were reversed, and it was Mummy Pig or Miss Rabbit failing to do Daddy Pigs job while hes sick. Would it be acceptable then, to send the message to preschool children that one gender is superior to the other? I think not.4) Shes a Terrible Big SisterHaving an older daughter and a younger son, I can relate to this one somewhat. Jacob absolutely worships the ground that Isabella walks on. He loves playing with her, he just wants to be involved. She cant wear one of her Disney Princess dresses without him wanting to put one on and dance around with her. Most of the time they get along. Yes, they wind each other up. Yes, they dont always play well together, sometimes Isabella wants to play on her own.But Peppa Pig on the other hand? Whether it be because hes a boy or hes too little, George is constantly excluded from her games, particularly when shes with her friends. Is this a lesson we want our children to learn? Or should we expect more from the little porker, who regrettably is now considered something of a role model to children worldwide?But its only a cartoon!I know. But it is aimed at preschool children, who have brains like sponges. The interactions between these characters will form some part of their understanding of relationship dynamics. This is why it is so important that the way these characters behave around one another reflects the values and behaviours wed want to see in our children.Im not going to stop my son from watching Peppa Pig. But it has made me reconsider just how much he should be watching a show whose main character displays some of these negative behaviours, particularly as he gets older and reaches preschool age.Most parents can handle that insufferable little pig in small doses. But if you really cant stomach any more of her incessant whining?Im sure a few slices of bread and some HP sauce will make it much more palatable.Jon Peters is a 28-year old writer from the UK. If you reached this far down the page, welcome! Im glad you could join us. If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more of what I have to say, you can get to my profile by clickinghere·RELATED QUESTIONHow to fit 3 children car seats into the back of a carUnfortunately very few cars properly fit 3 car seats, and cramming them all in there may actually decrease the safety of the seat. If you do end up putting one in the front seat, make sure you consider the front passenger air bags - they need to be disabled for many car seats or they can cause significant harm
The Pathetic Syllogism and How to Console People in Grief
Imagine that a close friend of yours has experienced the loss of a loved one. Understandably, she is in grief. But this has been going on for a while now, and she risks not being able to get back to a normal, functional existence. How do you console her?Turns out, the answer depends on whether she is a practitioner of Stoic philosophy or not. And a strategy for each case was laid out more than two millennia ago by the second and third leaders of the Stoa: respectively, Cleanthes and Chrysippus.In his Tusculan Disputations (III.76), Cicero summarizes the two methods. We learn that Cleanthes approach relies on reminding the person who is grieving that death is a natural thing, and not really an evil, since the only true evils are our own bad judgments (and the only true goods are our own good judgments). As Cicero puts it, the intention is to teach the sufferer that what happened is not an evil at all.Obviously, this is going to have track with someone who has adopted Stoicism as their philosophy of life, but not with someone who hasnt. Indeed, I would highly recommend not to use Cleanthes method with a non-Stoic. You would come across as callous and insensitive, and your friend may begin to distance herself from you.But Cicero also tells us about Chrysippus method: to get rid of the persons belief that mourning is something he ought to do, something just and appropriate. For instance, Seneca, in his letter of consolation to Marcia, says that her grief over the death of one of her sons is understandable, but it has gone on for quite some time, and now she has began to neglect her other offspring, her husband, her friends, and her social duties. It is, then, time to set the grief aside and rejoin the world, for the sake of others, if not for her own.As it happens, the two methods are based on the two ways to challenge what Margaret Graver, author of Stoicism and Emotion, calls the pathetic syllogism. I love the term, but lets make clear what we are talking about.A syllogism, of course, is a type of deductive reasoning of the form:P1: X is YP2: Y is ZC: Therefore, X is ZWhere P1 is the first premise, P2 the second premise, and C the conclusion.For instance:P1: Spiderman is a manP2: Men are mortalC: Therefore Spiderman is mortalAs for the word pathetic, in this context it doesnt have the modern English meaning of miserably inadequate; of very low standard, but is instead rooted in the Greek word apatheia, meaning lack of passions. The passions (path) are the negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and hatred. As distinct from the positive emotions (eupatheiai), like joy, love, or a sense of justice.So the pathetic syllogism is a particular piece of deductive reasoning having to do with the negative emotions. It goes like this:P1: Thing T is evilP2: If an evil is present it is appropriate for me to feel distressP3: I am now confronting an instance of thing TC: It is appropriate for me to feel distressFor instance, in the case of our hypothetical grieving friend:P1: The death of a loved one is an evilP2: If an evil is present it is appropriate for me to feel distress, e.g., griefP3: A loved one has diedC: It is appropriate for me to feel griefWe can now see that Cleanthes strategy to deal with grief attacks Premise 1 of the pathetic syllogism, denying that the death of a loved one is an evil (though it is certainly dispreferred, in Stoic terminology).By contrast, Chrysippus strategy attacks Premise 2 of the pathetic syllogism, denying that it is appropriate (in this particular moment, at least) to feel grief at the death of a loved one.(Premise 3 is just a fact: a loved one has died, so it cannot be challenged, unless it turns out that the person in question did not, in fact, die!)Its also obvious why Cleanthes approach should be deployed only with people who practice Stoicism, while Chrysippus line of attack can be followed in any case, with both Stoics and non-Stoics, but especially the latter ones. As Graver puts it, in Chapter 9 of her book: The Chrysippan method of consolation enables a Stoic philosopher to assist people who are not ready to accept his position on the value of externals. For Chrysippus it is the duty of the philosophical therapist to alleviate the emotional ills of all people, including those who adhere to the Peripatetic view that there are three classes of goods (goods of the body and of estate as well as of the soul), or to the Epicurean view that pleasure is the good. It is therefore very helpful, says Chrysippus, if one can proceed in a way that avoids confrontation with their evaluative beliefs.And here is the Master himself, from one of the few fragments we have of his now lost writings:For even if it should be that there are three classes of goods, even so one should work to cure the emotions. But during the critical period of the inflammation one should not waste ones efforts over the belief that preoccupies the person stirred by emotion, lest we ruin the cure which is opportune by lingering at the wrong moment over the refutation of the beliefs which preoccupy the mind. And even if pleasure is the good and this is the view of the person who is overcome by the emotion, one should nonetheless assist him and demonstrate that every emotion is inconsistent, even for those who assume that pleasure is the good and is the goal. (Origen, Against Celsus 8.51, from Chrysippus, On Emotions, book 4)I love this passage because not only it refers to a method of consolation that has the potential to work independently of the individuals philosophical commitments. It also reminds us that the Stoics care more about alleviating suffering than about purity of doctrine·RELATED QUESTIONhelp!!! my new guinea pig!!!!?your guinea pig is popcorning its a sign of happiness!
Let's Talk About the Application of Thermal Conductive Silica Gel in LED Lighting Industry
Thermal conductive silica gel sheet is a widely used thermal conductive interface material. It is in the form of sheet, high pressure shrinkage, high reliability, high temperature resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and insulation, with viscosity on the surface, simple and convenient construction. It can be die-cut and punched according to the size and shape of heating devices.Heat conductive silica gel sheet is a kind of heat conductive medium material made by calendering with silica gel as the base material and adding various auxiliary materials such as metal oxides. It is usually called heat conductive gasket, heat conductive silica gel gasket, heat conductive silicon film, soft heat conductive gasket, heat conductive silica gel pad, etc. it is specially produced for the design scheme of using the gap to transfer heat and can fill the gap, It not only completes the heat transfer between the heating part and the heat dissipation part, but also plays the roles of insulation, shock absorption and sealing. It can meet the design requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thin equipment. It is a good heat conduction filling material with manufacturability and usability, and has a wide range of thickness and Application.Led thermal conductive silicon film is mainly used between aluminum substrate and heat sink, between aluminum substrate and shell, etc. Today, we mainly introduce the successful application of thermal conductive silica gel sheet in LED industry: there are many kinds of LED lamps. For indoor LED lamps, thermal conductive silica gel sheet with relatively low thermal conductivity is generally used, which can reduce the cost of the product and meet the needs of the product itself. For some outdoor high-power LED lamps, such as street lamps, the power is much higher than other indoor lamps, In order to better heat dissipation of lamps and improve the service life of lamps, thermal conductive silica gel sheets with relatively high thermal conductivity are generally used.The inherent viscosity of the heat-conducting silica gel sheet facilitates the construction. If the customer needs the heat-conducting silica gel sheet to have strong viscosity to replace the screw fixation, he can also choose to give one-sided or double-sided adhesive backing to the heat-conducting silica gel sheet. If the heat-conducting silica gel sheet needs to lock the screw, please remember to choose the heat-conducting silica gel sheet containing glass fiber cloth, which has the properties of anti puncture and anti tear. In short, the heat conductive silica gel sheet can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs. It can be die-cut and punched according to the size and shape of heating devices.
7 Tips to Help You Sell Your Farm Fresh Eggs for More Money
The continuing trend of raising backyard chickens has had an unintended negative effect on those selling their extra eggs. Due to a steady supply of fresh eggs from backyard flocks and small local farms at markets, roadside stands and feed stores, egg prices are being kept artificially low. But there are some things you can do to help you sell your fresh eggs for a bit more money. When you begin to calculate your expenses - including egg cartons, labels, business cards, feed, supplements, supplies, the chickens themselves, plus their coop and run, not to mention a little something for your time, and gas to get to the market - it's often hard to sell a dozen eggs for a high enough price to simply break even. Many times, local eggs are sold for about the same price as store-bought eggs, despite being fresher and more nutritious AND laid by happy hens. And when you sell your eggs, you are not only competing against the low grocery-store prices, but also against other local sellers. Studies have shown that buyers will more likely make a purchase when you engage more than one of their senses. So by enticing potential shoppers' sense of touch, sight, sound and possibly even taste, you have a better chance at making that sale. Here are some tips to engage the senses, get your eggs to stand out from the crowd and possibly even fetch a premium price. If you are selling at a farmers' market or fair, crack an egg into a bowl to show potential buyers how great your eggs look. Eggs from chickens that eat a lot of herbs, grass and weeds will naturally have more vibrant yolks and look fresher than store-bought eggs from caged chickens. But you can bump up the wow factor of your chickens' egg yolks even more by feeding foods high in xanthophyll, a carotenoid with a naturally orange pigment. Some foods rich in xanthophyll include basil, carrots, corn, marigolds, parsley, pumpkin, red cabbage and the leaves of most green plants. Adding a pop of color to your cartons can entice buyers to your table. Raise some chickens that lay blue, green or cream-colored eggs to create some eye candy in your cartons! Chicken eggs can be a dime a dozen because of the large supply available, but there are other types of poultry that lay eggs. Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs and thought to be to be better for baking due to their higher fat content. Tiny quail eggs are considered a delicacy and are often pickled or used by five-star chefs to top burgers or salads due to their smaller size and relative rarity. There might also be a market for turkey and goose eggs in your area - and you will likely be able to set your own price. Studies show that someone is more likely to purchase an item if they have touched or held it. Consider putting out a basket of eggs on your table and handing an egg to anyone who stops at your table. Give out free samples - let people take home an egg to try it for themselves. Hopefully, that will compel them to come back the next week to buy - if they do not buy a dozen eggs on the spot. Make your packaging unique. Instead of simply packaging your eggs in cartons and stacking them on the table, why not tie a pretty ribbon or some baker's twine around the carton and attach a wildflower or sprig of herbs? Maybe even tuck a simple egg recipe in. Or fill large baskets or metal pails with eggs and let your buyers hand select a dozen to put in their carton. And do not forget to pass out business cards. Sending each customer away with your contact information is a must to make it easy for them to locate you when they are ready to reorder. Studies have shown that chickens raised on pasture produce more nutritious eggs than chickens that never see the light of day or step foot on grass. Pasture-raised chickens have access to a more diverse diet, including a variety of forages and insects, which can lead to increased levels of vitamins A and E and omega-3 fatty acids. Other studies have shown that chickens raised on grass lay eggs that are lower in cholesterol than those raised on a commercial feed-only diet. Share this information with your potential customers by printing out a nutritional comparison on cards or handouts that they can take home with them - and be sure the handout has your contact information on it too! If possible, play a recording of chickens softly clucking with an occasional rooster crowing at your booth. The sound of happy chickens in the background will work to engage yet another sense and hopefully give your buyers the urge to bring home some farm fresh eggs! And back to sight for a minute, photographs of your chickens or a large poster showing them happily roaming a field can help reinforce the positive image of your farm and your eggs - you are putting faces and even names to the producers! Using a little creativity will give you a leg up on your competition and hopefully fetch higher prices for your delicious, fresh eggs! Also check your state Department of Agriculture's egg laws or cottage-food regulations, so you are aware of egg grading, handling and storing requirements, rules about the reuse of cartons and carton labeling regulations - including the use of such terms as organic, free-range and pasture-raised. Your local extension service should be able to point you in the right direction to get that information or you can find it online. Egg laws vary state by state.Where do they sell jacuzzi?Jacuzzis R us Sells pretty good ones ay low prices Or craigslist Has one for free in LA Go quick
Need Help Finding Kitchen Items and Sofa?
The daybed and the island appear custom made to me. Any of the kitchen redesigners should be able to replicate the island without difficulty. The "tiles" on the floor are flagstone and any slab or rock yard has them, but to use on subflooring you need them guaged so that they all lay even. You really should go to a granite yard to look at the slabs because every yard calls their granite colors by something different with a few exceptions that are industry wide (like absolute black granite because it comes from only one mine in India)1. dog urine on my sofa?I just bought this product last week. It takes EVERYTHING out. It's called Folex and you can find it at Walmart. It's cheap too2. Is my sofa ruined? Help!?!?Just in case scratch it all over. Apply the oil to make it match. This is creativity. You just might like the new look3. Bernhardt sofa back support fallen off internally. Springs OK. Any ideas how to fix the sofa?Well, hubby fixed ours by opening it up, finding the broken piece and replacing it with fresh wood and screws and like the guy earlier stated, problem solve--then he used his staple gun to put the upholstery back in place. Worked quite well and looked professional4. Is buying a sofa from Walmart a good idea?Well even Target does not sell quality furniture. We bought a 5 piece dining room table a year ago and it's scratched up. We do not use it daily, it definitely was not worth $225 and likely can not sell it. I would suggest Garage Sale, Estate Sales, Dock 86, Secondhand shops, or Slumberland had a pretty decent sale on the July 4th, I am sure they will have a great sales weekend Labor Day, We bought a chocolate chenille couch for $580 normally $900. Free Delievry.5. how can i get rid of an unwanted sofa?Place it for free on the Craiglist in the free items section. Depending on where you live someone will be there in a snap to pick it up. If you have a digital camera take pictures also and upload them on the listing. Good Luck.6. How can I save my sofa?Get a strong piece of plywood and cover it with foam batting and stick it underneath the couch cushions. It should give enough support until you can replace it. Congrats on the new home.7. how to get candle wax out of upholstry [ sofa ] ?ummm...sarah has a point...but with something that is as fragile as micro-fiber I think personally I would allow the wax to completely harden and pull up as many pieces as I could as carefully as I could . Just so you do not over stretch the fabirc and cause raised spots. you could gently scrape away the rest. If there is still some in the couch...look up the manufacturers recommendations with water. If its okay with water, then use an ice cube to freeze more of it off. Or, you could even just put the ice in a ziplock bag and just do it that way. I would not take an iron to the couch...microfiber is a bit too satin-y for that. Just work slowly and carefully...and keep at it. Good luck.8. How to make Sofa seats "higher"?You could raise the sofa by placing concrete blocks under all 4 corners. Then get some boards & cover them in fabric or paint them or stain them & place them like a "skirt" under the 3 sides of the sofa. You could even give it an industrial look by using metal sheets or gridwork. As for the cushions, you do not say if they are attached or loose. If they are loose, hopefully they are zippered. In which case you will go to a fabric store & buy some dacron sheets & wrap the cushions with the sheets using a spray glue so it does not shift. Use a dry cleaning bag over the cushion to get it to slide easily back into the cover. Using dacron will probably be a lot less expensive than buying new foam cores, but look into that also - just find an upholstery outlet in your area. You can also just put boards under your cushions, but that will just feel firm, not more comfortable. If your cushions are attached there is not much you can do. You can always look for a sofa on craigslist, but just be sure that you disinfect it.
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