Mitsubishi Electric Announced Its Withdrawal From the LCD Panel Business; Huawei Beat Samsung to Win

1. Huawei beat Samsung and won the first place in the global smartphone market

According to the data recently released by industry analysis agency counterpoint, Huawei's smartphone shipments ranked first in the world in April. It is worth noting that there are two versions of foreign media data on the market share of relevant mobile phone manufacturers. First, Huawei's market share reached 21.4% in April, compared with 19.1% for Samsung. Second, Huawei's market share reached 19%, while Samsung's fell to 17%. The reporter has contacted the counter point organization and has not received a reply yet. However, both data point to the same conclusion: Huawei's mobile phone shipments surpassed Samsung for the first time.

2. Mitsubishi Electric announced its withdrawal from the LCD panel business

After Samsung and Panasonic withdrew from the field of liquid crystal panel (LCD), Mitsubishi Electric of Japan also retreated. On June 15, according to the official website of Mitsubishi Electric, the company decided to withdraw from the production of LCD panels, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Melco Display Technology Inc. (mdti) will end the production of TFT-LCD modules in June 2022.

According to the official website, mdti was established in April 2002. The company is scheduled to liquidate as a legal person. About 430 employees working in the company will also be transferred to power semiconductor and other departments. However, the company's plant in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, has not yet decided how to dispose of it.

3. Qualcomm 6 series first 5g SOC snapdragon 690 released: CPU performance improved by 20%

Qualcomm today announced the launch of the first Xiaolong 6-series 5g mobile platform, Xiaolong 690, to accelerate the support of Xiaolong product line for 5g and further promote the wide popularization of 5g experience around the world. Xiaolong 690 adopts 8 nm process technology and integrates X51 baseband and and RF system. Xiaolong 690 supports different 5g bands around the world, SA and NSA networking modes, TDD and FDD, and dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS); And support global multi SIM cards for the global market. In terms of AI, Xiaolong 690 supports the fifth generation Qualcomm AI engine and integrates hexagon tensor accelerator, so that the overall performance of AI is up to 70% higher than that of the previous generation. Xiaolong 690 integrates a newly optimized CPU architecture, providing up to 20% CPU performance improvement; At the same time, its graphics rendering processing speed is improved by up to 60%.

4. Core core interconnection releases 8-channel 16 bit power ADC

Recently, core Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd. officially released a 16 bit, 8-Channel synchronous sampling ADC clad16200k8. Clad16200k8 pin and timing are fully compatible with ad7606. It can be widely used in power line monitoring and protection system, motor control, high-precision instruments and other fields.

Clad162000k8 is an 8-channel synchronous sampling analog-to-digital data acquisition system (DAS). It is powered by 5V single power supply and has true bipolar inputs of ± 10V and ± 5V. The sampling rate of each channel is up to 200ksps and supports single terminal and differential input modes. Clad16200k8 has built-in second-order anti aliasing filter, tracking and holding amplifier, 2.5V reference voltage source, reference voltage buffer and high-speed serial and well interface. The ad16200k8 has excellent noise performance and linearity, as well as an input impedance of up to 1m Ω per channel.

5. DRAM prices continue to decline, which may hurt Korean chip manufacturers such as Samsung

According to the data released by dramexchange, on June 9, the spot price of 8G DDR4 DRAM fell below US $3 for the first time since December 13. Yonhap pointed out that the spot market price of DRAM chips continued to fall after reaching its peak in April, which bodes ill for Korean chip manufacturers.

Data from dramexchange on Wednesday showed that the spot price of 8G DDR4 DRAM was close to $2.90, down 19.4% from the peak of $3.60 on April 7. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix accounted for 73.4% of the global market share in the first quarter, which means that this downward trend may hurt Korean chip manufacturers.

6. The third generation semiconductor industry project with a total investment of 16 billion yuan has settled in Changsha

On June 15, San'an optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "San'an optoelectronics") signed the project investment and construction contract with the Management Committee of Changsha high tech Industrial Development Zone. San'an optoelectronics plans to establish a subsidiary in Changsha to invest in the construction of the third generation semiconductor industrial park project.

It is reported that the total investment of the project reaches 16 billion yuan. San'an optoelectronics will complete the construction and put into operation of phase I project within 24 months after all procedures and relevant conditions for land use are complete, and complete the construction and fixed asset investment of phase II project and put into operation within 48 months; Reach production within 72 months.

7. Zhang Yuanji, former CEO of China Samsung, resigned from eswin

After nearly four months in office, Zhang Yuanji, former CEO of China Samsung, has resigned from Beijing yisiwei Technology Group Co., Ltd. before leaving, Zhang Yuanji served as vice chairman of the board of directors at eswin.

In view of the reasons for his resignation, Zhang Yuanji expressed his deep gratitude for the care of chairman Wang Dongsheng during his tenure. His tenure has caused unnecessary problems for eswin, Samsung and even the semiconductor industry in Korea. Therefore, he hopes to completely solve these problems by his resignation, He also expressed his hope to continue to promote semiconductor industry exchanges between South Korea and China.

8, Ericsson expects COVID-19 to drive global 5G users to 190 million this year.

On June 17th, according to foreign media reports, Ericsson said on Tuesday that COVID-19 had led to changes in the way of work, which pushed the global 5G users to 190 million by the end of 2020.

Ericsson also predicts that 5g users will reach 2.8 billion by the end of 2025, an increase over the previous forecast.

9. In May, China's automobile production and sales continued to improve, with month on month growth

China Automobile Industry Association released the economic operation of the automobile industry in May on the 11th: in May, China's automobile production and sales continued to improve, showing a month on month growth, and the year-on-year growth rate was significantly higher than that of last month. In May, China's automobile production and sales reached 2187000 and 2194000 respectively, with a month on month growth of 4.0% and 5.9%, a year-on-year growth of 18.2% and 14.5%, 15.9 percentage points and 10.1 percentage points higher than that of the previous month. From January to may, China's automobile production and sales were 7.787 million and 7.957 million, a year-on-year decrease of 24.1% and 22.6%, which were narrowed by 9.3 percentage points and 8.5 percentage points respectively compared with January to April.

10. Focus on five forward-looking technologies such as AI and semiconductor! Hon Hai officially established the Research Institute

Hon Hai announced the formal establishment of the "Hon Hai Research Institute", which has five research institutes: artificial intelligence, semiconductor, 5g communication, information and communication security and quantum computing.

It is reported that Hon Hai Research Institute plans to set up a team of 200 people and recruit world-class scholars and experts as advisory members. With the help of the strength of academia and industry, Hon Hai Research Institute will enrich its R & D energy and attract high-end R & D talents through industry university cooperation. In addition, Hon Hai pointed out that the Institute got rid of the previous business framework, not limited to focusing on existing customer products, mainly focused on forward-looking technology research and development in the next 3-7 years, and worked with Hon Hai's institutions to build a technology exchange platform to lay a solid foundation for the "3 3" industrial technology end of the group.

This article is a comprehensive report by electronics enthusiasts. The content is referenced from Mitsubishi Electric, first finance,, Ericsson, etc. Please indicate the above sources for reprint.

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The solid-state emission of LED light source significantly increases the stability of the light source itself.Different from traditional mercury lamp products, LED light source is driven by low-voltage DC pulse. The power supply part does not contain high voltage and high current components, so the service life and stability of the power supply are more controllable. Combined with the natural luminescence of the three primary colors of the LED light source, there is no need for mechanical color wheel components for light splitting, which makes the LED light source more stable than the traditional mercury lamp in terms of power supply, control and light splitting.The three primary colors of LED light source work independently, which also makes the whole machine can still display the picture in the lack of color even if a "bulb" fails. This is in sharp contrast to the situation that the traditional single lamp DLP splicing unit cannot work once the bulb is burned out. 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