Many New Achievements in the Field of Automatic Driving Focus on the "stage" of the World Artificial

The three-day 2019 world artificial intelligence conference ended in Shanghai on the 31st. As one of the important applications of artificial intelligence, automatic driving has become the focus of attention at the conference. Many new achievements in the field of automatic driving focus on the "stage" of the world artificial intelligence conference.

Journey II, China's first vehicle gauge level artificial intelligence chip, was officially launched by the edge artificial intelligence chip enterprise horizon during the conference. Xu Yanhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association, said that chips, basic software and wire control technology are not only the "neck" problem of China's development of automatic driving, but also the problem that China must solve to lead the commercial use of intelligent networked vehicles in the future.

In addition to emerging enterprises in the field of automatic driving, the red flag of automobile "domestic products" also exhibited the latest application of automatic driving technology at the meeting. The red flag automatic parking system, which supports wired parking space identification, space parking space identification and manual selection of non-standard parking spaces, is the first mass-produced remote parking system in China and is completely independently developed by FAW Group.

Government departments are also cooperating with the efforts of enterprises to accelerate the progress of automatic driving. The newly inaugurated Lingang New Area of Shanghai Free Trade Zone released the test track related to intelligent networked vehicles at the 2019 world artificial intelligence conference, and announced the demonstration application of unmanned truck on the Donghai Bridge.

Chen Jie, deputy secretary of the Party group and full-time deputy director of the Management Committee of Lingang New Area of China (Shanghai) free trade pilot zone, said that it would build the Lingang test demonstration zone into a comprehensive intelligent networked vehicle test park integrating "test, research, standard, demonstration" and other functions. And accelerate the planning and deployment of vehicle networking, promote the implementation of demonstration operation, and help the development of intelligent networked automobile industry and intelligent transportation in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country.

Li Deyi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of the Chinese society of artificial intelligence, believes that autonomous vehicles cannot force people to adapt to machines, but should serve the people. If we want to look at automatic driving technology rationally, we need to do a good job in every detail and take the "key step" of relevant technologies from the incubation period to the stage of large-scale development.

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