Manually Assigning Mirror Pairs?

Yes bones are mirrored if you enable x-axis mirror and as long as everything in the name is the same except 'Left' and 'Right' and can even be directly next to a letter if you use it as suffix. If you use 'Left' and 'Right' as prefix, then separate with '.' (period) or '_' (underscore)But if you use 'L' and 'R' it cannot be next to a letter, but has to be separated with '. ' (period) or '_' (underscore)For example prefixes:or suffixes:

1. Is there a such thing as Two way 'mirror' contacts?

I dont think so. But you would have to be fit in them. Visit an optometrist and they usually have pics of different ones

2. How to replace the stems on a sportster mirror?

If your stock mirror is a clamp-on type, then yes, you can switch it over pretty easily from the stock stem to the new one. If your stock mirror is the "captured ball swivel" type, then you have to replace the whole unit. The other side of the coin is that if you have to replace the whole thing you can put the mirrors on one of the many online sales boards (there's always somebody that has dumped their bike and needs new stock mirrors and replace them on the cheap) and, no, you wo not get full price, but 1/2 to 2/3 still defrays the total cost you had to lay out. No downside there.

3. Sign convention for mirror and lens formulas

Maybe this is a bit too general an answer but I hope this helps someone in the future. Here is the lenses makers equation write explicitly with the sign conversion terms,$$ frac1f = left(n-1

ight)left( fracdleft(n-1

ight)beta_1beta_2nbigl|R_1bigr|bigl|R_2bigr| fracbeta_1bigl|R_1bigr| - fracbeta_2bigl|R_2bigr|

ight) $$This way you can ignore the sign of the lens radius and simply set the sign terms ($beta_1$ and $beta_2$) to correct values for the particular type of lens you are studying.The sign convention I have applied is:If you want to calculate radii to give fixed focal length then having the equation in this form makes rearranging for the required terms very simple.

4. Besides the iPhone, what kind of new cell phone should I get?

if your enormous on texting i might get the LG Keybo 2. Its slightly different from the 1st on condition that that's what soo a lot of human beings have. I unquestionably have the LG Shine Slide purple and that i like it. Its have been given a build in mirror and its an extremely girly telephone. Its straightforward yet no longer probably the telephone for texting even however thats all I ever do. The hearsay a million and 2 are additionally stable for texting aswell as a results of fact the LG Voyager. stable success :).

5. Retractable mirror

Make sure you have the option first, then find the section in your owners manual on programming it.

6. Tile over a mirror or remove mirror?

Lose the mirror. Glass and tile expand at different rates thus putting the tile grout under tremendous pressure that will most likely cause the grout to fail resulting in a bunch of tile on the hearth. Large mirrors can be recycled through a local glass dealer---they may remove it for free.

7. The truth mirror...will u dare?

i've heard it, but its funii anyway lol

8. How to "sand" a mirror before painting it?

Use dishwasher soap to clean and degreaser to remove any left over. That's it. If you use glass paint or porcelain paint you are set.

9. Can a magnifying mirror be practical as a reflecting telescope's primary mirror?

When you say "magnifying mirror", what comes to mind is a shaving mirror or perhaps the mirror used in an overhead-projector. These mirrors are extremely poor optical quality. For astronomy, you must have a precision ground mirror. If you can not find a used one cheap, then your best bet is to grind it yourself. Here are some links to do-it-yourself telescope building and mirror grinding

10. Earth Song or Man in the Mirror?

I like Earth song because the lyrics are deep but I love man in the mirror so much more.

11. Curret mirror with discrete BJTs?

It's certainly possible to do this. In fact, it is done quite often in old test equipment. However, it can be difficult to get this to work right as the transistor gains have to be very precisely matched. This is easy to do on a chip as the transistors are physically close to each other and as a result will be built with similar characteristics as well as being thermally connected, but with discrete transistors this is much more difficult. For one, you will need to make sure that the transistors are at the same temperature by physically connecting the cases together. Second, you may need to get a box of transistors and swap them out until you find some with similar current gains

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