Magic Leap Marketing Director Said: the Product Will Not Stand Up to Consumers

There has been a lot of news about magic leap recently, but most of them are mainly negative news. In particular, the biggest doubt is whether its products can be launched or not. Brenda Freeman, the new marketing director of magic leap, said in an interview with recode that magic leap will not only launch its products to the market on time, but also that they are "stepping up the pace of sales".

There is no final conclusion on what kind of products magic leap will launch. If you want to achieve the product effect in the video, it is not easy to overcome the technical difficulties. For example, in an article published in July this year, the core technology of magic leap mainly includes two: optical fiber scanning display and photon light field chip. Through the technological breakthrough in these two areas, the optical part of AR glasses is greatly reduced, and the light field display, high resolution and large field angle are achieved at the same time. However, it is very difficult for these two technologies to break through and apply them to products on a large scale.

Although there are doubts about video fraud and whether the product can be launched within the expected time, magic leap is also an explanation for the doubt if it can speak with genuine products. Earlier, media reported that magicleap had placed millions of orders for a certain part to the supply chain. According to the order cycle, it is likely to ship in mid-2017. According to the R & D and production cycle of hardware products, magicleap's products are likely to be displayed during ces.

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