Kids Dont Care About Skin Color

Young children can teach all of us a life lesson on inclusion.When my son was three years old, I took him out for some father-son time. As a rite of passage, I introduced him to a good burger and fries at a local restaurant.

He clutched my hand as we walked out of the restaurant. The early evening sun was still shining bright in the sky. It was too soon to go home, so we headed to an area park to burn off a bit of energy.

Normally, I would hop on the playground equipment right along with him. But since other kids were there, I opted to sit on a nearby bench and let him run around with his own age group. He was having a ball, and I was content sitting quietly to allow my burger to digest.

Something became apparent while watching the kids running and squealing with delight.I realized my blond, blue-eyed son was very easy to spot. He was the only Caucasian child in the entire park. All the other kids appeared to be African-American.Did it bother me? Not at all. It was just an observation I could not help but notice.Then I noticed something else. My son did not care either. He was climbing up ladders, down slides, and swinging with the other kids, completely oblivious to the fact that he looked much different than any of them.

The other kids also did not seem to mind. They had no problem including the white kid who had joined them.To these kids, it didnt matter the color of their skin. All that mattered to them was their shared interest in having fun and enjoying life.

Awhile later, we returned to the car, and I strapped my tired son in his car seat. Driving home, we talked about the good burgers and how much fun he had at the park. He asked no questions nor made any comments about the skin color of the other kids. To him, they were just playmates he enjoyed spending time with.At what point in our lives do we start to form biases toward people who look different than us? At what age do some people decide to look at other ethnicities with suspicion?My now adult son still has no issue with race. He currently shares an apartment with two Asian-American friends from high school. He is technically the minority in his own household. He grew up judging people based on their character, not their skin tone.As I recall sitting on the park bench watching thosekids, I can only hope their futures turned out just as bright as the genuine joy on their faces that night.

I will always appreciate how they included my son in their playtime. I sincerely hope they have received the same level of inclusion and respect over the rest of their childhoods.Sadly, I am very doubtful of that, especially due to the recent protests going on around the world. And that should prompt all of us to hold up a mirror to ourselves and ask how we can raise the next generation of adults better than those before us.If you are are reading this sentence, thank you for being with me until the end!


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I can fit in 2 car seat and an infant carrier in many different cars Opel Agila, Renault Megane, Opel Astra ... using seat belts. It is a hassle, so I start with the middle seat (not the infant carrier) and then add the two on the doors. I have to do it on many cars, because we do car sharing, but it always worked out somehow.

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