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The San Francisco designer Yves Béhar has been using 3-D printing technology since the 1990s. So he’s not as surprised as perhaps the rest of us would be to learn that soon you’ll be able to 3-D print not only a house but an entire village.Mr. Béhar’s firm, Fuseproject, teamed with New Story, a nonprofit that develops housing solutions for the developing world, and ICON, a construction technologies company, to build 50 houses for a community of farmers and weavers in Latin America (the exact location is not being disclosed until the construction phase).Mr. Béhar said the breakthrough that made it possible to print a village was the ability to use concrete in a very large 3-D printing machine. It allows for an inexpensive, structurally secure and flexible design process.“You can shape the walls to have different functionality; you can create a shower stall that doesn’t have sharp corners,” Mr. Béhar said, adding that homeowners can specify a two-bedroom or three-bedroom plan and the exterior concrete can be tinted different colors “so it doesn’t become that cookie-cutter look.”The printing, which will be done on site, is to begin this summer, and each building will take roughly 24 hours to print. STEVEN KURUTZAt Euroluce, the Milan lighting show last month, cordless lamps could be found in the booths of Hay, Pablo, Innermost, Davide Groppi, LZF and Ambientec, a Japanese company that makes portable lights.The reason for this plenitude: ever-improving rechargeable batteries. While naysayers point to the environmental harm that batteries cause, the French designer Philippe Starck is philosophical.“The more we liberate ourselves from objects surrounding us, the freer we feel,” said Mr. Starck, whose new In Vitro lighting collection for Flos, above, includes a glass cordless table lamp that can travel outdoors and stay charged for up to 24 hours. “Tomorrow morning, we will focus on solar-powered battery, tomorrow evening on hydrogen batteries, the day after tomorrow you will have organic batteries, and the day after tomorrow evening you will have riskless nano-atomic fusion batteries. Afterwards, we will probably have light without the lamp.” Available later this year; ARLENE HIRST“Nice Try” is what the real estate and home design website Curbed is calling its new podcast about failed utopias, real and imagined, from Jamestown to Biosphere 2.Its host will be Avery Trufelman of “99% Invisible,” a podcast that examines the design of everyday things (AIDS ribbons, bar codes), and its wildly popular six-episode spinoff, “Articles of Interest,” which explains the back story of fashion items.She is still putting together the new series, which will have seven episodes, so she doesn’t yet have a favorite folly. But Ms. Trufelman said what most intrigued her about her reporting was the idea that failure is in the eyes of the beholder.“I live in the Bay Area,” Ms. Trufelman said, “where we worship at the altar of failure. I feel like a lot of what these stories tell us is that it’s a continuum: Things rise and fall and get perverted and they change. I love that we’re starting the story with Jamestown. And that’s how we end that episode, by asking: Was it a failure? Failure for whom?”And what about that even grander experiment, the United States, for which Jamestown is a proxy? A failed utopia?“I think there’s still hope,” she said. “I think America has time to redeem itself.”“Nice Try” is to begin May 30, and can be found each week on Curbed, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. PENELOPE GREENThis year marks two notable anniversaries: Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, Conn., turns 70, while 50 years have passed since the Stonewall uprising. Inspired by the alignment, the Glass House is presenting “Gay Gatherings: Philip Johnson, David Whitney and the Modern Arts.”Installed in the Da Monsta gatehouse and subterranean Painting Gallery, “Gay Gatherings” examines the history of the entire rambling Glass House property as an intellectual salon nurturing a select group of gay male cultural powerhouses. In addition to Mr. Johnson and his partner, the art curator and collector David Whitney, the members included the New York City Ballet impresario Lincoln Kirstein; the composer John Cage and his partner, the choreographer Merce Cunningham; and the artists Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol.Organized by Thomas Mellins and Donald Albrecht, and designed by Pure & Applied, the show maps the interactions of the eight men throughout the compound and in their extensive offsite collaborations. The exhibits include vintage films, postcards, paintings and photographs (by David McCabe, Christopher Makosand others).Much changed in the political and cultural landscape in the 20 years separating Mr. Johnson’s protected stone-walled enclave from the grass-roots events of Stonewall, Mr. Albrecht noted. The artistic contributions of gay men “were increasingly acknowledged within mainstream culture, particularly through the generation-bridging work of Andy Warhol,” he said. “Gay Gatherings” is an intimate look at a handful of men who drove some of the more rarefied aspects of that transformation. Through Aug. 19, ALAN BRUTONFor 13 years, Carpenters Workshop Gallery has specialized in the gray area between fine art and design, a genre the co-founders Julien Lombrail and Loïc Le Gaillard deem “functional art.” Now, at the Venice Biennale, they are turning the idea on its head with “Dysfunctional,” a group exhibition at the Ca’ d’Oro, a 15th-century palazzo on the Grand Canal.Installed at the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti — named for the baron who bought and restored the neglected structure in the late 19th century, then furnished it with his own art collection — the show cheekily places the creations of 21 contemporary artists and designers alongside Italian masterworks.A collage of paper-thin terra cotta sheets fashioned by the French artist Vincent Dubourg into a 16-foot-tall door is installed at the first-floor gallery, and lighted steel-mesh tree sculptures by the Spanish-born Nacho Carbonell sprout in the marble mosaic courtyard. Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of men’s wear, Virgil Abloh, used the Venetian acqua alta, or periodic high tides, as the point of inspiration for his patinated bronze lights and furniture pieces arranged in a space overlooking the canal.“We are questioning form versus function, art versus design and historic versus contemporary,” Mr. Lombrail said. “It’s also an homage to Giorgio Franchetti’s vision. We would like to believe that if he was still alive, he would have commissioned some of these pieces.” Through Nov. 24, KWUN

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Bedside Table Lamp DIY Detailed Tutorial
It's cold recently and it's raining all day. At this time, it's best to hide in bed and read under a quilt at night. At this time, I thought of making a small table lamp before.It is decided to operate on it and then upgrade it to meet its own requirements:1. You can read in bed;2. It can create an atmosphere for the room;3. It won't be too dazzling when you get up in the middle of the night.Material Science:Of course it's the small table lamp aboveOne batteryDiscarded star master shellFour colorful LED lamps1 ordinary small bulb1 CD1 hard disk3 switches1 power interface (for charging)Several conductorsSeveral screws。..。..。..。.Start[night running] the DVD disc of the series is useless after reading it. It can be used as a painted LED light panelIt's sprayed with flashing silver. The LED should work well on itDrill holes and install colorful LED lights and bracketsFind the optical fiber interface and install it on the CD as a bracketThis is the small table lamp made beforeAfter removal, only use the hose and the above partsKnow this!! By the way, it's a hard disk. It's better than a mirrorAlso drill holes, install the other side of the optical fiber interface as a support, and connect the pipe, which is a little like itCut the plastic cylinder into two sides. I just want the short one at the bottomThe original one is too transparent and smooth. Use sandpaper for sandingIt looks much better. The light is softer and won't be too dazzlingThis is the abandoned star master shell with holes on four sides, including colorful LED light switch, ordinary bulb switch, small table lamp switch and a charging portThis is placed on the front as a small table lamp switchConnect four colorful LED lights in parallel. Can you understand the above figureAt the base of the shell, a gap is opened at the original battery position to insert the batteryWhen all parts are connected, the circuit is very simple and should be understood, that is, the three lights have independent switches and are connected with the charging port at the same timeBase part, one boat switch, two self-locking switches and one charging portThis 3.7 battery is 530mah. I have only this one on hand. I have the opportunity to change it to a larger capacity,Pay attention to the upper limit current resistance, so that the LED lamp will not burn or cause light failure when it is fully charged.The base is connected to the shell. Hehe, the wires are a little messyThis is a small light bulb. It won't be too dazzling at night. Just rely on itPut it all on. It's taken from above. It's a bit like what.positiveLet's start:This is a small desk lamp. It's used for reading at the head of the bedIt's very brightThen turn on the effect of colorful LED lights, greenTurn blueTurn off the colorful LED, turn on the small table lamp and turn on the small bulbThe effect of only turning on the small light bulb is relatively soft when you get up at night. It won't be too dazzlingOnly the colorful LED light is on. It changes color slowly. It has an atmosphere when it is very dark at nightLook at the effectLet's have an animated lookZoom in againThe dynamic effect is quite dazzlingThe effect of fully opening the fire and opening the three switches at the same timeMake an animated versionHow about the effect as long as you have the spirit of DIY and make more use of the combination of things around you, you can also make your own unique works.
AUSTRALIAN supermodel Elle Macpherson's bedroom secrets are about to be revealed in a new tell-all book, according to a report in the US.Macpherson, nicknamed The Body, is not the only focus of the steamy memoir. Sex stories about other supermodels, including Paulina Porizkova, Andie MacDowell and Tatjana Patitz, will also be featured in the book. So, who is the love rat spilling the beans? According to the New York Post, former Calvin Klein male model Bruce Hulse is writing the kiss and tell book about his sexual exploits with some of the world's most beautiful women. Silver fox Hulse, now 55, is married with two children, but that has not stopped him from penning the book Sex, Love and Fashion about his former bed-hopping days. Macpherson, he wrote, "stripped down in front of me''. However, Hulse said he was depressed over a recent bust-up and lost his sex drive. "She was so understanding ... 'No worries, Bruce ... Let's just be friends, then','' Hulse wrote. But apparently Hulse wrote he overcame his problem and he and the Australian beauty hooked up for a one-nighter under his parents' roof, the Post reported today. See pics of the stunning Elle Macpherson The book is due to go on sale in August. In other excerpts leaked to the Post, Hulse tells of a night of passion with Porizkova. "I arrived at Paulina's hotel room ... only to find her wearing next to nothing,'' he wrote. "I was doomed. "Within seconds we were all over each other. "We completely tore up the hotel room.'' Hulse's alleged liaison with MacDowell was hot in more ways than one. He wrote a table lamp in MacDowell's room "was way too bright for us both, so I gallantly took off my T-shirt and threw it over the top''. "Just as we began to kiss again, the smell of something burning broke the spell,'' he wrote. "My shirt was on fire!'' Hulse also tells how he did not mind ratting out another man to seduce German supermodel Patitz. He wrote Patitz was "confused'' because she had feelings for another model. "I crossed a boundary and did something I had never done to another male model before,'' Hulse wrote. "I ratted (him) out. (He) had told me about another model he'd had amazing sex with, so I told Tatjana. "I felt guilty for stooping to such a level, but I was crazy about Tatjana.'' Subscribe to our Email NewsletterOriginally published as Macpherson sex secrets exposed
There Are so Many Good Homewares for Under $100 at the Moment
Kmart has a range of stylish pieces from the home, starting from as little as $5.Source:SuppliedONCE upon a time, giving your home a makeover was an expensive exercise. Unless you were willing to spend your weekends combing second-hand stores, you often had to fork out a pretty penny for aesthetically pleasing homewares.The introduction of Ikea to Australia in 1975 brought a whole new world of budget homewares down under. In turn, other retailers started bringing their A-game to the home space - anyone who has checked out the most recent Kmart homewares catalogue will attest to this ($35 shoe rack bench seat, anyone?)Kmart has really improved their homewares offerings in the past few years.Source:SuppliedClaire Bradley, Associate Publisher of Vogue Living, says "the interiors landscape is a rich seam of inspiration at the moment, and you can be on trend at any price point. Whether it's a colour trend (hello blush pink) or a material (concrete is a go), there are loads of different ways you can shift up your seasonal style without dropping a load of cash. With more affordable options at every turn, it also means you can dip your toe in a style direction to see if it feels right."Without further ado, here are some of the best buys under $100 that are available right now. Get in quick - they're sure to sell out.Kaleidoscope floor rug (1.2m x 1.8m), $35, Target.Source:SuppliedHome Republic Mosman basket in white/natural, $49.99, Adairs.Source:SuppliedKmart industrial trestle desk, $59.Source:SuppliedKmart 4-slice Euro toaster, $39Source:SuppliedThe FADO table lamp, $19.99, IKEA.Source:SuppliedThe Otto bamboo natural collection, from $10.95-$39.35, Officeworks.Source:SuppliedFunfair throw in blue, $29, Target.Source:SuppliedDegree Elapse 30cm clock, $25, Officeworks.Source:SuppliedCilia rattan mirror, $25, Target.Source:SuppliedT2 x Bonnie & Neil Turquoise Teapot, $78.00.Source:SuppliedHome Republic Laos hanging rack, $34.99, Adairs.Source:SuppliedHouse & Home 7-piece Celeste comforter set (Queen), $71.20, Big W.Source:SuppliedDarren Palmer Collection blue agate sculpture, $79.95 (exclusive to Myer from October 6).Source:SuppliedAztec Embroidered Lounge Cushion with Fringe, $39.95 (each) from TK Maxx (Please note that brands and products vary per store. To find your local TK Maxx, head to Ceramic Bowls, $6.95 (each) from TK Maxx. (Please note that brands and products vary per store. To find your local TK Maxx, head to
How to Convert Halogen Table Lamp into LED Light Source
According to the estimation of the International Energy Agency, more than 19% of the global power demand is used for lighting. Therefore, efforts are being made around the world to replace inefficient incandescent light sources with more efficient solutions.At the consumer level, the focus of curbing power demand has been to promote the use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The choice to use CFL is not without results; Each bulb contains mercury, which, if not handled properly, will eventually enter the landfill. In addition, the overall dimensions are not applicable to all lighting applications. An alternative that has attracted much attention is phosphor converted "white" LEDs. Led lumen output and efficacy - Measurement of lumen output and input power - continue to make significant progress year by year, while the lumen / dollar cost is declining. In addition to energy saving, high brightness LEDs can have a service life of more than 50000 hours when properly designed and operated, eliminating the cost of replacing bulbs.Ready made halogen table lamps were used as the basis for the demonstration. The real world performance of the latest LED light source. Using creexlamp ® MC-E LED as light source. The product integrates four LEDs in a compact package, which is very suitable for directional lighting applications such as MR-16 and portable work lights. The original lamps were characterized before and after modification to highlight the performance differences in the real world.Figure 1: ready made 50 W halogen portable table lamp.Figure 2: 50 W bulb in bulb housing with protective glass cover and handle.Figure 3: 60 Hz core transformer, 2.4 pounds.Doe energy star standard lamps for solid-state lighting (version 1.1 - 12 / 19 / 08) include the requirement that the minimum power factor (PF) of portable residential table lamps is 0.7. Typical LED drivers at this power level typically have a PF of 0.5-0.6, lower than required. The solutions presented here are specifically designed to go beyond residential EnergyStar ® Pf requires no additional circuits.Halogen incandescent bulbs usually work at a temperature of 250-350 º C. Therefore, the lamps must provide safety protection for users. In this case, the glass cover plate restricts access to the bulb to protect the user, and the plastic housing provides a heat shield above the bulb. Even with these safety measures, this halogen lamp also includes a rod end handle, so that users can safely aim at the lamp. Glass is special because it combines a filter to reduce unnecessary ultraviolet rays produced by halogen bulbs. The typical 12 volt halogen bulb used in these table lamps has an efficiency range of 14 to 18 LM / W. please note that as shown in Figure 3, this is only the rated efficiency of the bulb and does not include lamp loss or transformer loss at the bottom of the lamp holder.High brightness LEDs show significantly higher light conversion efficiency, resulting in less waste heat for a given light output. Less waste heat means that the lamp assembly operates colder and does not expose the user to dangerous high temperatures. The bulb assembly has been redesigned and the heat sink (Figure 4) is installed in the existing plastic housing of the bulb fixture. The cast aluminum insert shown below is installed in the lamp housing. Neutral white Cree MCE (code - 000-ke5 - 4000 K) is installed on the metal core PCB sub base to help assembly. Evaluate led performance with and without secondary optics. The LED was selected to meet the energy star related color temperature (CCT) requirements and has sufficient flux, which far exceeds the minimum requirement of 200 lumens for lamps required by SSL household table lamps. The rated current of the LED is 370 to 430 lumens, the test current is 350 Ma and the temperature is 25 ° C. Considering the actual driving current (630ma) and steady-state operating temperature, the estimated lumen output range of the LED is 450 to 600 lumens, depending on the radiator design. The secondary optical element is fraen's off the shelf 32 degree reflector (frc-m1-mce-0r) designed for mc-e.Figure 4: Custom radiator shell for lamp.Figure 5: Cree MC-E is installed on the sub base and connected to the radiator.Figure 5A: Cree MC-E includes mirror optics LED components are powered by ansenmey semiconductor ncp1014ledgtgevb LED driver evaluation board. This efficient driver can provide the required current isolation and adjust the driving current for the LED array. It has a universal input power range of 90 to 265 VAC, allowing one design to be used in multiple areas, requiring only the replacement of cables with wall plugs. This is not the case with the existing halogen core transformer, because it is specially designed for a line voltage range.Figure 6: power factor performance of ncp1014ledgtgevb under normal load.The evaluation board supports variable dimming using potentiometers with a current adjustment range of 100 to 630 ma. The 630 Ma maximum current is set to safely remain below the 700 Ma maximum operating current of Cree mc-e. Figure 6 shows a typical curve of power factor correction performance of ncp1014ledgtgevb LED driver as a function of input line voltage. As shown in the figure, for the U.S. line voltage range, the power factor is much higher than 0.8, far exceeding the requirement of Energy Star residential SSL lamp 0.7. The driver also meets the harmonic content requirements of iec61000-3-2 class C.Figure 7 shows the LED drive board installed on the table lamp base. Note that since the original transformer providing balance is removed from the base, ballast weight is required to stabilize the lamp. In the portable table lamp design optimized for LEDs, the base will be wider and flatter to stabilize the lamp assembly without increasing weight. Figure 8 shows the LED driver demonstration board installed in the display cabinet without the counterweight required to support the head.The data shown in Table 1 are collected on table lamps, original 50 Watt halogen bulbs and 35 watt alternative halogen bulbs. Additional measurements after switching to LED light sources show the presence or absence of additional optical reflectors to redirect stray light to a more central position. The illuminance expressed in Lux is a measurement of the luminous intensity on the surface at a distance of 0.5 meters from the light sourceFigure 7: ncp1014ledgtgevb constant current drive plate is installed on the table lamp base.Figure 8: with spare base.Configuration setting source illuminance (Lux) pin (W) 50 W halogen lamp compared with Cree MC-E, fraen reflector optics high halogen 1462 56.6 LED (iDrive = 630 MA) 2596 10.9 low halogen 744 40.9 LED (iDrive = 100 mA) 646 1.67 35 W halogen lamp compared with Cree MC-E, no secondary optical high halogen 847 40.4 LED (iDrive = 630 MA) 962 10.9 low halogen 435 29.4 LED (iDrive = 100 mA) 236 1.67 Table 1: before and after comparison.It is important to compare the illuminance directly below the light source, and the uniform distribution of light on the surface is also important. Therefore, select other test points at an offset of 0.25m from the center to characterize the distribution of light under normal operating conditions. The summary is shown in Table 2.Bulb illuminance @ 0.25m offset (Lux) analysis left and right front mean sigma 50 W halogen lamp 853 800 727 793 51.6 LED optical fiber 580 577 529 562 23.4 35 W halogen lamp 496 485 443 475 22.8 led 518 527 490 512 15.7 Table 2: light distribution comparisonIn this example, the converted led table lamp produces 13% higher illumination than the 35 watt halogen bulb, but the power consumption is reduced by 73%. Interestingly, after checking the performance of the magnetic transformer alone in the original 50 Watt table lamp, its loss is about 8.3 watts, which exceeds the 8.0 watts of the LED in the conversion table lamp. In other words, the transformer in the original halogen lamp base consumes more power than the LED in the converted table lamp. Figure 9 shows the comparison of brightness modes between the left halogen lamp and the converted LED lamp. correct. The comparison is between a 35 watt halogen bulb and an LED without any secondary optical elements. Note the uneven pattern generated by the tubular shape of gy6.35 halogen bulb. Instead, the LED assembly is mounted in a circular recessed area of the radiator, as shown in Figure 5. This provides a more rounded light pattern, illuminating evenly in all directions. High brightness LEDs are excellent in providing uniform directional light distribution due to their Lambert light structure.Depressing the LED in the radiator facilitates the possibility of using secondary optics and avoids possible glare if the lamp is at the line of sight level. As shown in Table 1, the central illuminance is increased by 170% by adding an additional mirror optical system. Combining led performance with efficient drivers and off the shelf optics can provide lighting solutions far superior to halogen lamps.Figure 9: light pattern of 35W halogen lamp and LED lamp. The surface of the exposed glass plate covering the halogen bulb is measured at 250 ℃. In contrast, the maximum temperature of the LED mounting substrate is only 77 ℃. Since this is a transformation, the existing airtight plastic shell for halogen bulb is reused. After removing the plastic cover, the LED installation temperature drops below 63 ° C; If the product is optimized for LED operation, the thermal environment will be further improved because the non ventilated cover can be redesigned or removed according to the final product design considerations. Also note that under normal driving conditions (350 MA), the LED installation temperature on the cover plate is 49 ° C.The benefits of energy consumption are obvious. Higher efficiency, smaller size and weight and lower LED power consumption open the door to innovative lamp designs, which have always been limited by the limitations of halogen bulbs. When used in combination with appropriate LED driver circuits, effective solutions can be realized to simplify product design, so that the same products can be sold all over the world with a little change. In addition, the adjustable control allows users to further optimize the light output to meet their specific environmental needs, rather than one or two light levels of traditional halogen based table lamps. At lower brightness settings, the energy saving effect will be greatly improved.The driver optimized for a common AC input of 90 to 265 VAC allows manufacturers to use a basic lamp design for all markets and only need to replace the power cord by region. Lamps based on the most advanced LEDs (such as Cree XLamp MC-E) and driven by high-efficiency constant current source drivers will allow the introduction of new durable and energy-saving general lighting products. Although this example shows the performance of the retrofit application, further optimization can be achieved if the lamp is specifically designed with LEDs from the beginning.
In our modern world, glass is an every day part of life, but this was not always so.The elegant and ethereal medium known as "glass" is simply and basically made of and or silica and a flux; sodium ... In our modern world, glass is an every day part of life, but this was not always so. The elegant and ethereal medium known as "glass" is simply and basically made of and or silica and a flux; sodium or potassium. These elements fuse together when melted at a very high temperature, resulting in the product readily recognised as glass. Glass is an ancient invention, having been produced for the past 5000 years and particularly since the development of techniques in the 18th century. The first glass makers were found in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, 5000 years ago with examples of this early glass surviving today. At the time, it was seen as a very exotic product and study has shown that the simple techniques used were held as secret by those ancientartisans. The first glass products were rather crude bottles and flasks, produced bymoulding the basic shape from mud. The modelled shape was held by inserting a short metal rod into one end with the shape then dipped into molten glass thus forming the "core" of the flaskshape. Long molten threads of glass, known as "canes",were then wound around this basic shape until the flask or bottle was complete. Before its fall, Egypt held the monopoly on glassmaking throughout the known world. When the Romans invaded Egypt, they quickly adopted the glass making secrets discovered. It was, in fact, the Romans who continued the development of glass making with the introduction of glass blowing, around the 1st centuryBC. It was from this Roman development of glass making that led to the production of glass through out the Western world. In the meantime, the Chinese had discovered glass which, in ancient China, was attributed with special properties such as the ability to keep evil spirits away. It was also considered to have healing properties being associated with gemstones and crystals, however, prior to the 17th century,the Chinese found little use for this product. It should be remembered that, up until the 19th century, architecture worldwide used very little glass inwindows, withthe Chinese favouring sheets oftranslucent paper. Nor was glass required for storage purposes due to China's highly developed andrefined production ofporcelain. While China had been producing glass since about 700 BC with various small glass workshops operating throughout the country, most of these workshops with their small random outputs, were short lived. It is also apparent that glass did not rateImperial patronage until the late 17th century with the Kang Xi Emperor (1662-1722)establishing the first state glass factory as anImperial workshop in 1696. The workshopwas locatedwithin the palace walls of theForbidden City and was staffed with the best craftsmen to be found inChina. Thebeautiful Chinese glass, so well known in the West as "Peking glass", was in fact, introduced tothe Chinese by a 17th centuryGerman Jesuit missionary priest. The missionarysupervised the establishment of the Imperial workshop and brought many Western techniques of glass and enamel work to the Chinese court. As a result,Peking glass has been correctly described as a "stepchild" in the greatfamily of Chinese decorative arts. Interestingly, it was the introduction of snuff, or, finely powdered tobacco, that led to the establishment of the Imperial workshop. When Europeans first arrived in China, not only did they discover new and exciting things, but the Chinese, equally unaware of the Western world, discovered ideas new to China and snuff taking was one of them! Due to the fast developing habit of using snuff at the Imperial court and it quickly gaining popularity in high society, glasssnuff bottles were produced. The Imperial workshop commencedproduction of tiny bottles specifically, for the purpose of containing snuff or powdered tobacco being for use by the Imperial family, or, givenas gifts to civil and military ministers of the Imperial court and foreign diplomats. A Chinese "Peking Glass" table lamp, the lamp of typical thick walled, heavy construction, weighing just over 4 lb / 1.8kg. The mustard yellow lamp standing on a custom made, gilt wood base and seated in a gold plated bronze ring, the lamp fitted with a gold plated bronze cap. Circa 1900. Overall height (including shade) 22"56cm These early productionswere monochromes or, single colours in Imperialegg yolk yellow, ruby red and opaline green. They were of simple shape, or,''scholar's taste'', ranging from plainto highly decorative pieces with multicolored glass overlays, the glass beingeither carved or faceted. Overlay glass was laterdeveloped. This involved dipping a glass item into a vat of molten glass of contrasting colour. The shape was then cooled, requiring a 3 day period after which it was decoratively carved revealingthe original coloured layer ofglass. Glass carvingis a lengthy and tedious process, bothtime consuming and labour intensive. The final shaping and polishingis done by hand in thetraditional jade-cutting process of methodical grinding and polishing. The Peking glass lamp illustrated is a single color example and was produced by repeatedly dipping the glass shape into a vat of molten glass until the required shape was produced and finally finished and polished. Today, Peking glass is found in many forms both functional and purely decorative. The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co specialise in antique lamp lighting with an on-line range of over 100 unique , antique lamps. Lamps are shipped ready wired for the US the UK and Australia. For more information you are invited to visit their web site at:- The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co 2009
Gold Industrial Table Lamp Brass Metal Midcentury Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Dimmable Bedside Read
Gold Industrial Table Lamp, Elizabeth Vintage Office Desk Lamp, Dimmable Bedside Reading Lamp, Brass Metal Midcentury Lamp for Bedroom Living Room, 2 USB Charging Ports E26 Edison LED Bulb Glass Shade: Home Improvement. Buy Gold Industrial Table Lamp, Elizabeth Vintage Office Desk Lamp, Dimmable Bedside Reading Lamp, Brass Metal Midcentury Lamp for Bedroom Living Room, 2 USB Charging Ports E26 Edison LED Bulb Glass Shade: Desk Lamps - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. [FULLY STEPLESS DIMMABLE 0-100%] No matter you are working, reading or sleeping, simply rotate the switch to change the brightness ( 0-100% ) and turn on/off to meet all your needs. 8.5W and 800 Lumens enough brightness LED Bulbs, with a 5.3FT cord, the golden metal table lamp can easily access to the outlet no matter where it is placed. 。 [DUAL USB CHARGING PORTS] The Industrial desk lamp comes with two USB charging ports (5V/2.1A), super convenient for you to charge your cellphone, iPad, Kindle, Speaker, Apple Watch, Tablet and other devices. Save you from the trouble of not having enough wall sockets to charge multiple devices at the same time. 。 [DIMMABLE E26 LED BULB INCLUDED] The industrial desk lamp comes with a E26 dimmable LED Vintage Bulb in the package. With a rotary switch on the base, the 2700K 800Lumens filament bulb can be adjusted to desired brightness, providing a glare free, non-flickering and warm white lighting for reading, working and studying. 。 [BRASS METALLIC COLOR & INDUSTRIAL DESIGN] The antique beside lamp features a heavy-duty tubular metal body and base with clear glass shade for an added industrial look. Easy to attract guest's attention and perfect for bedroom, living room, den, nursery, meditation room, or office. 。 [DUAL SWITCH TO CONTROL LIGHT ON/OFF] Rotary switch and power switch. Why design Dual switch? 1. The power switch is used to shut off the power source, which is safety and energy-saving when you are not using the lamp. Also It is closer to bed for easy reach out when you are sleeping. 2.A rotary switch on the copper base is used to dim the brightness from 0-100% and control the ON/OFF. The benefit is the USB ports also keep charging function when the rotary switch turns off. 。i want to know about the new ps3 40GB features n are this new ps3 come with the new dual shock 3 too?i dont think of its chrome,its like a brushed steel look,i in basic terms have been given the 80gb with mgs 4(by using the way i additionally owned a xbox) simply by fact i desired to play some ps2 video games that werent on the xbox and additionally it got here with a loose game yet while u dont decide to attend the only diff between the 40gb is the shortcoming of backwards ability with the ps2,no chrome end,and in basic terms 2 usb quite of four for the 80gb so if u dont decide to attend and dont care approximately backwards ability its ok to get the 40gbWhen I plug any device into 2 specific USB ports, I get a device failed to connect sound. Why?First check the documentation for you motherboard. Sometimes 2 USB share the same port and there is not enough resources to run 2 devices. Go to device manager and click on View and then Show Hidden Devices is the USB ports showing an error? Also you might try a powered USB Hub (not one that uses the computers power)I have a DVD drive on my computer, but I had to do a system restore and it wiped the program for the drive.?Call your manufacturers of your PC and your laptop and discuss ways with them of how to best to do this. You probably should take the desktop back to the place that did the system restore (unless that was you!) and demand that they fix it so that the drive works again. And yes, I think they do make cables with 2 USB ends.I only have 2 USBs so I would have to use a Bluetooth mouse. What is the best Bluetooth mouse for gaming?You actually don't have to, if you're willing to use a hub.I've used 3 BT mice for gaming, one of which isn't really a gaming model:Logitech Anywhere 2S (the non gaming model, which really isn't half bad).Corsair Dark Core (Bluetooth died after a few months use)Razer Atheris (probably the best in terms of performance, haven't had it very long though)I wouldn't recommend the Dark Core, but the other two are both quite good. The Anywhere 2S has multi-device support and is very reliable and compact. It also has a built in rechargeable battery that lasts a pretty long time.The Atheris has a higher DPI sensor and also optional 2. 4 Ghz (the dongle stores in the chassis). It's powered by a regular battery and so far has had pretty good battery life too. I'll admit, the main reason I got it is it also comes in a Stormtrooper edition.I'd say the Logitech wins out if you want to use it for more than one computer, but for just gaming the Razer is superior. A lot of people complain about the quality of Razer's peripherals and I've also had some issues in the past, but I think it's just a hit and miss on QC. If you get a good one, you'll be fine
3-D Printing Comes Home: Click a Button to Make Furniture, Accessories and More
Looking for that perfect light for your home office A new chair or coffee table You might try making it yourself, at home, with just the click of a button.Three-D printing, a novelty once reserved for science fiction, is going mainstream thanks to cheaper, more accessible technology.The printers, which now cost as little as $300, use lasers to blast out layer upon layer of plastics or other materials, forming 3-D objects.And if you don't have the time, money or inclination to invest in a 3-D printer of your own, there are hundreds of websites selling lights, coasters, sculptures, furniture and even wallpaper crafted by 3-D printers.New York-based Shapeways, for example, allows users to make, buy or sell three-dimensional designs. Products include a delicate, twig-like egg cup for $8 and a lamp that looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud for $1,389."We are consistently amazed by the incredible uses our customers find for these materials," says Alex English, owner of the 3-D printing plastics retailer ProtoParadigm.Just some of the decor items you can buy or build with 3-D printing:LIGHTINGAmong the most popular - and dramatic - 3-D products for the home are lights, whether ceiling pendants, table lamps or floor lamps.Belgium's .MGX by Materialise, a pioneer in 3-D printing, is known for museum-quality, futuristic designs. Among the most popular is the Bloom table lamp (about $2,600), a flower-bud inspired design with joints that you can expand or collapse to release or contain light, says marketing manager Katrien Vandenplas.Shapeways offers dozens of lamps created by some of the site's more than 11,000 "shop owners," or designers. The honeycomb-inspired Veroni lampshade, for instance, costs as little as $15 and comes in a variety of colours and materials ranging from the standard plastic to raw metal and steel.WALL HANGINGSStatement pieces for your walls run the gamut in the 3-D printing world.Shapeways' ethereal "Whales" ($48) lends modern sophistication with its airy rendition of two swimming whales crafted from white plastic. They almost seem to spring off the wall. Florida-based Proton 3D Studio offers a little kitsch with a Pop Art-like plastic Pi symbol ($21) and the word "geek" crafted in orange plastic script lettering ($24).Sweden's Kredema Design has one of the more "off the wall" home-decor products: a three-dimensional wallpaper that rolls out away from the wall to form shelves, magazine holders and even lampshades. Made from sheets of acrylic and wallpaper, the "Off the Wall" collection is available by special order only.ACCESSORIESFrom picture frames to vases and even planters, you can design or find just about anything home-related using 3-D printing technology.Shapeways recently added glazed ceramic to its list of materials, making it possible to craft personalized plates, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and other items for the table.Blogger and tech consultant Michael Sitver designed some personalized coasters in about 90 minutes using a 3-D CAD software called Autodesk Inventor. He printed them up at Shapeways' website."This is a great project for beginners," says Sitver, of Weston, Conn. "because designing it doesn't take too much work, but it helps beginners get acquainted with the tools involved and the process."He calls his new coasters a "wonderful conversation piece."FURNITUREIt might sound like a tall order, but it's possible to craft tables, chairs and other furnishings with 3-D printers as well.They're not cheap though, at least not yet.A day bed crafted from white nylon plastic will run you nearly $20,000 on Shapeways, while .MGX by Materialise offers several chairs, stools and tables that look more like works of art than something to sit on. They also run into the thousands.But there's a lot that's still possible with this burgeoning technology, especially as it gets cheaper and more accessible."When kids are exposed to this technology, they don't even blink an eye when something is printed," Vandenplas says. "When they are older, 3-D printing will fit into their lives much like the Internet and smartphones fit into our lives today."________Online:Shapeways: by Materialise: www.mgxbymaterialise.comProtoParadigm: www.protoparadigm.comProton 3D Studio: Off the Wall line:
MRCOOL Bedside Table Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker, LED Desk Lamp Night Light with Colour Changing, Gi
I bought this to take camping with me as a combination light and speaker, but I have to say its versatility extends much beyond this intended use. I was a little confused by how to use it at first, as the instructions are a little basic, but soon figured out how to connect it to my ipad and how to work the light and various modes. I was surprised to find that it also works as a speaker when connected to my PC via the USB provided, this only discovered when I plugged it in to charge it and it started to play the audio of the film I was watching at the time. The light: When initially turned on the light is the lowest "soft white" that is available, and by tapping the silver ring on the top you can cycle through the various options. I particularly like the red light (5.hypnotic) as it will be useful for when I am stargazing and white light is not desirable. I also like the ability to lock the cycling colours to whichever shade you choose, though this is not explained in the manual, but can be done by tapping the silver ring when it is in the cycling colour mode and the colour you want is currently displayed. The speaker: It has worked flawlessly for playing music from my ipad over bluetooth, which is my main use, but also works as a PC speaker when connected via the USB. I am yet to try the radio and card player function. The speaker is quite loud and I have had to keep the volume at the lowest end of its capacity; I imagine it would be very loud if used above this level and I do not know if I would use it at that volume. The only thing that is a little annoying are the connection messages that it uses when it is turned on. Battery: I have found that this charges quickly and lasts a long time. I have tested it all day using both speaker and light without getting a low battery warning. It says ten hours, but I used it for longer and it was fine, though it could be because the volume I used was the lowest setting. Be forewarned, though, when the battery is at 10% the speaker will repeat the low battery warning every few seconds. Overall: I am more than happy with this unit. It will be an excellent addition to both my camping and my astronomy trips. I wish the instructions in the manual were clearer, especially with regards the colour lock feature, which is not explained, but overall I am finding this an excellent bluetooth speaker and light, well worth the money paid. It is sleek and easy to use, charges quickly, and has many useful functions that go beyond many bluetooth speakers at the same price.Best Daylight Desk Lamp Reviewed: Updated for 2019Did you know that working in a windowless office could cost you as much as 46 minutes of sleep a night? You would not think that having a good daylight desk lamp could make that much of a difference to your overall health and wellbeing, but you would be surprised. Working in a dimly lit environment has been found to negatively affect your mood, lead to eye strain, aching shoulders and stiff necks, and even sick building syndrome, which can lead sufferers to experience symptoms including poor concentration, irritability, lethargy, and headaches. That's why it's worth investing in good lighting. In fact, one study found that increasing illuminance levels boosted productivity by as much as 20%. If you are struggling to survive working from home in a poorly lit space, then it's time to get some proper lighting. The best daylight desk lamp will not only help you read and see your papers, files, keyboard, and computer screen better, but it will also positively impact your mood and health. So, take a look at our updated reviews and choose a good desk lamp for your office environment. You will be working, sleeping, and feeling better in no time! This lamp will be your desk's new best friend. The TaoTronics Stylish lamp is smooth, sleek, and feels very solid, with a heavy base and a slim body. Serious quality light is produced by this lamp: crisp, bright, without any flicker and you can fully customize the light intensity and color. It has been designed with five different light temperatures (ranging from 3000K warm white to 6500K cool white light) and six levels of brightness to suit all your needs. With its Advanced Memory feature, there's no need to spend time searching for your favorite brightness and temperature setting, as it will remember it for you. Once you've found your ideal light setting, simply save it with the touch of a button, so it can quickly be accessed the next time you use the lamp. The lighting angle in this lamp is super versatile, as you can rotate the neck, head, and base. The lamp is able to spin 180 degrees, so you can easily move it if you are getting glare in your eyes. It's also ideal if you are switching from one task to the next and need to change where the lighting is aimed, or you move the lamp to another location and need to adjust it accordingly. The modern, yet classy look of this lamp is both functional and stylish. One of the best design elements is that it has a USB port in the base, so you can charge your phone while you work without having to use one of the ports in your computer. Feels very sturdy, unlike other less expensive desk lamps Tends to heat up after long periods of use at its brightest settings Takes time to register the different modes This lamp fantastic, minimalist, and beautiful desk lamp feels sturdy, but it's flexible enough to allow for easy adjustment. Its brushed metallic finish is fingerprint resistant, meaning one less thing to worry about. The various light settings are great for a variety of activities, the natural light being great for bedside reading and the soft uniform light ideal for working. The light does not flicker unlike other more budget lamps, and the manufacturers rate this lamp as lasting for around 50,000 hours. The Lumiy Lightblade is designed to fit into small workspaces with its minimalist appearance, which is both beautiful and sleek. Despite its small size, this lamp can brighten your whole desk with its 1500 lux producing clear and sharp light. The color temperature ranges from 6600L, which is great for high concentration work, to 1800K, a more relaxing orange-tinged light. It can easily transform your working space to a bright and warm productivity zone, beautifully replicating natural light. Some of the best features of this lamp are the touch sensors that allow you to monitor how much energy it expends, as well as how bright you want the light to be, and its pivoting head, giving you more control of where you want the light to hit. That being said, it's not a lamp for twisting and bending, as while the lamp head can be rotated, the angles are not very wide. However, that's not an issue for small desks, as it's light enough to move it around if you need to adjust the light to a certain area. The Lumiy consumes very little energy, making it great for everyday use without spiking your energy bills, and produces a minimal amount of heat when compared to incandescent or halogen lamps. There lamp comes with an integrated timer, which is really helpful if you need a reminder to give yourself a break from time to time. Light can be easily brightened or dimmed The Lumiy Lightblade 1500S is a super versatile desk lamp, designed to meet all your lighting needs. The USB charging port in the base of the lamp is a very handy feature as it frees up the USB ports in your computer or laptop for other office needs. The light provided is very similar to natural light, which makes it easier on your eyes, and works great for people that need natural or neutral lighting that wo not skew color hues. If you are looking for a modern-looking lamp that works in multiple situations, provides natural light and is energy efficient, this is the lamp for you. If you are looking for a compact daylight desk lamp to fit your small workspace, that is also multifunctional and creates a clean and neat working space, look no further than the WILIT U2. This multi-functional lamp is great for tight work spaces or deskside tables. It will create a clean and neat working space without any clutter. The WILIT U2 is designed to work in confined spaces, as its very slim, though taller than regular laptops, so it wo not obstruct your view. Changing the light angle is also easy, with its 150 degree angle foldable neck. Despite being small in size, it has impressive functions, illuminating at a CRI of 80, giving you sharp and crisp light. It wo not light up your whole room, but it will still give you more than enough light to do basic office work at your desk. The light is dimmable, with three intensity levels, which is useful if you share a workspace and do not want to disturb other people with your light. The WILIT U2 is more than an LED daylight desk lamp, it also has a dimmable light, calendar, thermometer and alarm clock built into the display screen (which is also dimmable, so it wo not distract you if you use it at night.) This makes it an ideal addition to your bedside table! Solid and sturdy, despite its small dimensions A background light may be required if you are using it for long hours This is the lamp for you if you are looking for a small, yet smart, lamp that gives off quality light and is also a space saver, as it works as a clock, thermometer, and alarm. If you are in the market for a high quality LED desk lamp and you have a tight budget, this option from TaoTronics is the lamp for you. This lamp is more functional than decorative, as it's not exactly sleek, but it does what it's meant to, offering flicker-free and stable, crisp light along with five colour temperatures and seven brightness levels. All these options mean that the light is easy on your eyes, as you can conveniently adjust the illuminance levels amongst the multitude of settings until you find the right light for you. This TaoTronics lamp is extremely versatile, ranging from full white for enhanced concentration to warmer temperatures when you are reading at night. A drawback is the lamp does not remember its last setting, so if you want a setting that's not its default mode, it can be a bit of a hassle. The flexible body means that you can twist and turn it, adjusting the distance and angle at three places: the neck, head, and where the arm joins the base. Color temperature and brightness can be adjusted Does not remember its last setting This lamp will light up your workspace for a lesser price point than other similar daylight desk lamps, with its energy efficient LEDs. If you are looking for a reliable and long-lasting LED lamp, but you do not have a high budget, this is the lamp for you. This is the lamp you need if you do any work that requires you to focus on small details, as in the circle of the LED comes a 5-inch diameter magnifying lens made of high quality glass, with a magnification power of 2.25. Whatever you place under the lens appears crystal clear, making it a great option if you are carving, creating jewelry, or need to focus on the small details of a blueprint. The light projected from the Brightech Lightview Pro is very powerful, due to its 56 mini LED bulbs distributed in a circle. The lumens emitted from the bulbs are more than enough to highlight all details of your workspace. The body of the lamp is flexible, having been designed with swivels and rings you can bend and twist at the head and the arm, pivoting the light exactly where you need it. Flexible body while still being sturdy and solid Space efficient, due to its lack of base Magnifying glass can get in the way if you do not need it This lamp is everything a highly detailed work lamp should be: it has a magnifying feature and is very bright. If you've ever had to strain your eyes to read or write, then this lamp will bring clarity to all your activities, while also working great on phones or tablets. Why Should I Have a Daylight Desk Lamp? The importance and benefits of proper lighting in any work environment is clear to see, yet it's not always easy to get enough sunlight in your office. You may not have any windows or your ceiling light may not be providing you with the illuminance levels you need. A desk lamp can offer just the right amount of lighting, exactly where you need it. Several even allow you to control color temperature and light intensity, which you would not be able to do with your average ceiling light. Plus, you can easily move it from room to room, so if you work from home, this can be a big plus point. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Daylight Desk Lamp Not every desk lamp is created equal, but which features should you be paying particular attention to? We take a look at some of the different factors you need to consider when choosing your ideal desk lamp. Taste is personal, so the style and finish of your desk lamp is up to your personal preference. However, we recommend choosing a desk lamp that matches the decoration style in your work space, such as a contemporary and modern desk lamp for a contemporary or modern decor. Another good idea to bring harmony into the room is to match any bronze or nickel handles from your drawers to your desk lamp finish. That being said, you should not pick a desk lamp just based on how it looks. The size of your desk or work area will help you in choosing the right desk lamp for your workspace. For example, if your desk is large, the best option is a desk lamp with a longer arm, so the light reaches across your whole desk. Another consideration to keep in mind is your workspace configuration, such as if you are working on a desktop computer or a laptop, to make sure the light covers your entire work area. If your desk runs on the smaller side, you could consider a lamp that you can clamp to your desk, or one that you can mount on the wall, so it does not take away any necessary space. As we age, we need more light to see properly, and our eyes become more sensitive to glare, so it's important to purchase a quality desk lamp that has a controlled beam of light. Proper task lighting will save you headaches and eye strain, which is beneficial at any age. The amount of light you need will also depend on the activities you normally do at your desk. If you are drawing up floor plans, you need a wider beam spread than you would need if you are just working on your laptop. In recent years, LED lights have become the norm for office lighting, for a number of reasons. LED is a better lamp choice compared to other light sources, as not only are they less expensive to run, they are also more ecologically friendly and run cool to the touch. Color Temperature Versatility In most traditional lamps, the color temperature is fixed, and the issue with this is that you normally do not use a lamp for a single purpose. LED lamps, however, now offer a wide range of color temperature, from blueish white (6000K) which stimulates and alerts you, to orange light (1600K) which induces sleep. This varied color temperature, along with dimming capabilities, make LED lamps the best option for your eyes, since they can be used for all purposes with their different settings. Less Maintenance A good LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, so even if you use the lamp 8 hours daily, you still would not need to change the bulb for 17 years. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the bulb expiring at the worst possible moment. Environmentally Friendly 95% of the electricity received by an LED bulb is used to produce light, in contrast to fluorescent bulbs, which use 95% of their power in heat. Therefore, LED lights not only wo not make your eyes dry, they also wo not feel hot to the touch, and the lamp will use a lot less electricity. LED bulbs also emit a lot less carbon dioxide, and can be used for a longer period of time than regular bulbs, meaning lower utility bills and less waste.
Glass Table Lamps Types to Enhance Your House Decoration
When it comes to home style, illumination is quite vital to all of us. We need to make sure that we have correct illumination for the jobs we are doing, as well as for having a great ambient in the space. One more element of correct illumination is enhancing the area decor, and also there is nothing that can do it better than glass table lamps. Console TableGlass table lights are available in many different designs and styles, so when you are looking to get a new one, you will not locate a shortage of lights to select from. From the attractive handmade ones to the contemporary, classic or perhaps old-fashioned style, you will certainly find pretty much anything that you desire for your home.Curved glass tablesGlass is classic as well as yet extremely modern-day and contemporary as well as this is why many property owners love lamps made from glass. There is simply something to this clear, fragile yet so popular product that speaks to all of us. Lots of musicians throughout the years have actually created appeals out of glass, as well as when it comes to lights, the goal design table lamps are notorious for their room design improving aspect. They are exceptional for any individual who intends to have a touch of handmade in their homes. You can add these lights in the bedroom, living room and even in the lounge.The contemporary styles are usually fairly sleek with a lovely base as well as gorgeous shade. They can really make a great impact of your space when found in strategic settings throughout the space. As an example you can conveniently position them on two sides of the bed on the evening stands or cupboards to add the space that added quality that it could have missed RELATED QUESTION Were can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project? If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance. You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your homes external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, its significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes? Outdoor LED lighting may be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lightings LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient. Whatever options you settle on, youre sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
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