Is There a Gaming Laptop Better That Than the Xbox One X for $ 500? I Don't Want 4k Resolution, 1080

No, I do not think there's any laptop at $500 that will give you better performance than Xbox One X because laptops are also meant to do work besides gaming. But consoles are a different story. So at a that price, consoles perform exceptionally better than Laptops.Is there a gaming laptop better that than the Xbox one x for $ 500? I do not want 4k resolution, 1080 is awesome for me. A laptop that can run GTA V at the highest graphic settings on 1080p is perfect for me

1. Who is the best expert on social gaming, gaming mechanics, or gaming dynamics?

As someone on the list above, I figured I should mention the people I think are the best social gaming experts. As far as game mechanics in general, I could not say. These guys are all very successful practioners and rarely present at conference so you may not of heard of some of them. Dave Maestri. Inventor of the social RPG (mob wars). The godfather. David King. His lil' green patch had most of the core social game mechanics you see in the farming genre, and he invented gifting as a game mechanic.Jon Tien. Pm of farmville. Created the lonely cow mechanic (more viral then game mechanic, but in social the two blur)David Kahn. There is a reason mafia wars is the most successful rpg on facebook. Now you know why. Scott Jon Siegel. Lead designer on playdom's city of wonder. First person I ever had an intelligent conversation about social game design with way back in late 2007.Lucas Machado. PM on multiple zynga games. One of my main sounding boards for social game mechanics. Siqi Chen, even though already mentioned is the undisputed master of applying analytics to game design.nAs I said, these guys have been on the front-lines for years, creating and running some of the most successful social games of all time, and any list of social gaming experts would be a sham without them.Who is the best expert on social gaming, gaming mechanics, or gaming dynamics?Who is the best expert on social gaming, gaming mechanics or gaming dynamics?.

2. Family Video Game Database - Guides, Ratings and Suggestions

These games are perfect if you've never played one before, opening the door to the gaming world for non-gaming parents and carers. They are short, straightforward and easy to understand, so you do not need to commit hours to learn to play them, and they are played on technology you probably already have in your pocket or in your home. They address mature themes such as love, hope, power, homelessness and even traffic planning by inviting you to interact and play a part in these worlds and stories. We've found that it's not just parents who have enjoyed the way these games let them in on the world of gaming, but grandparents, uncles and aunts. In fact it's a great list for anyone who's never played a game and wants to know what all the fuss is about. This video game library is organised around a huge long list of lists . These are the different types of games that families or groups have asked me for over the years. You can also search for a specific game, or check through all the games in the library arranged by PEGI rating. Here are the lastest lists we've added:

3. what is the difference between a laptop and a pc (power wise)?

As far as operating power, they are about the same... BUT...when it comes to gaming, you need to make sure you get a laptop that has a graphics card installed. This can get expensive... On average a laptop would cost about $600, but you can not run any games on it (it wo not handle it). A "gaming laptop" is gonna run you about $2000 to $2500. Hope this helps...

4. What would be a good gaming laptop for under $1000 dollars?

If you do not mind the small screen, the Alienware M11x is made for gaming

5. Is this a good PC for gaming?

nice pc for gaming,. if your game choose are not pass to the system requirement of your pc, then now is the time to up grade it

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