Is It Ok for a Senior to Line Up Her Medications on a Restaurant Table & Take Them on the Spot?

It has nothing to do with rights. If she had the sense of a cabbage, she would have put them in a little envelope or pill bottle at home and taken them without making an epic production that the whole restaurant had to see. I have to take meds with dinner. No one but I can even see me doing it. I pour them out of a tiny bottle, put them in my mouth and take a sip of water. That woman was giving an organ recital. She had to let the whole world know how she played with her organs. The reward was the attention. My reward is that if i take my meds I get to live another day symptom free

1. URGENT how do i run a restaurant? Table plan, hosting?at would you like to ask?

i am not sure what you are asking i am not sure you taking reservations? if yes then no how mant tables you are going to have and take reservations and fill up the tables with a name amount of people and time they are coming

2. Have you ever had to share a restaurant table with a stranger?

While traveling by train I had to share a table in the dining car with an elderly women. She talked the whole time about her life and experiences and I tried really hard to seem interested, but this was breakfast and I was not quite awake

3. Is it ok for a senior to line up her medications on a restaurant table & take them on the spot?

Saw this on tv and could not suppose it. Why on the planet would a mother consider this was right? She introduced the porta potties to the restaurant desiring to strip down her ladies and sit them on the potties. Might be she's fairly not competent to raise children. Certainly she's queen in her own world and has no notion for the feelings of others. A lady took a photo of this and posted it to FB. With everybody carrying a camera cell this present day, you must wonder what number of perverts also took snap shots of the bare little ladies. This must have been stated to administration the minute the nutty mother installed the potties at the desk and undressed these girls. Anyone should have completed anything about it. The employees failed to detect. Particularly? My reaction would were that I was once appalled

4. How should you tip when using a coupon at a restaurant with table service?

I tip on quality and do not consider the meal cost

5. Is it rude if I brush my teeth and spit it out on a plate/napkin while I'm at a restaurant table?

yes, that is very rude! If brushing your teeth is that important to you than you should be able to ignore any smells and just quickly brush...or even better, wait until you get home

6. Why would a group of five people sit down at an outdoor restaurant table where a single person was already eating her meal, and then proceed to behave poorly toward that single person to force her to leave the table?

People can be very self centered, and these days, seemingly willing to do anything for amusement. I think the numerous YouTube videos featuring people behaving in abominable ways towards others are a testament to that. I do not think this is a new development in human nature; social media has merely highlighted the worst of the species' behaviors. And if a group of pseudo-adults sense that someone has low self-esteem and other issues, these kindergarten-minded poor excuses for human beings will seek to exploit the situation for laughs. It is group bullying at its worst, and unacceptable at any age. I do not know if bullying was what was going on in this situation, but I would not be surprised. The best defense is to give the pseudo humans no material to work with. If a person looks sad and lonely while having a meal at a restaurant, they could seize the opportunity to have some "fun" at his or her expense. On the other hand, if that person is grateful to be able to afford and enjoy the meal, relish the fact that the cooking and cleaning will be done by someone else, and enjoy watching people come and go out on the street or in the restaurant, the pseudo humans will have no material for their amusement. How do I know? I have dined alone on and off for nearly thirty years and enjoyed myself. Sometimes I bring a book to read with me, other times a notebook to record my thoughts because the experience is so relaxing and enjoyable. It's all about changing perceptions of my situation. If I think eating alone is for losers and I am a pathetic member of that group, my body language will scream that to anyone who sees me. But if I see it as an opportunity to relax and treat myself, that is what people will see. They leave me to my pleasure. And occasionally, a few have asked if they could join me. Why would a group of five people sit down at an outdoor restaurant table where a single person was already eating her meal, and then proceed to behave poorly toward that single person to force her to leave the table?

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