Is It a Myth That All Victims' Childhoods Set Them Up to Be Attracted to Narcissists When Narcissist

Is it a myth that all victims' childhoods set them up to be attracted to narcissists when narcissists are excellent con artists with even mentally healthy people?

Narcissists are not excellent con artists. I just felt the need to get that out of the way. It actually irks me a little bit that people have such poor understanding of ASPD, and confuse it with NPD. Sociopaths, psychopaths, and people who have antisocial personality disorder can be, and most of the time are full-blown con artists.A Narcissist needs other people to boost his ego, and help regulate his self-esteem. While a sociopath (or someone with ASPD who's into conning people, like I used to do when I was a teenager) - does not need others for his ego, but for the gains. We actually target people; we observe, analyze, study them, and then make a mask that is designed for that one person, who in the end will get taken advantage of.Narcissists may have a lot of flaws, but one good thing they have, which someone with ASPD does not - are morals.Narcissists have a conscience. They feel guilt, remorse, and shame. Learn and know these things, people! Stop confusing ASPD with NPD, and stop spreading misinformation. And now back to the question!Adults who were raised by narcissistic parents, or who have a cluster B personality disorder - will be attracted to narcissistic people, or to anyone who exhibits traits which are specific to the cluster B.Why?Because of the familiarity, and the unconscious desire to re-enact a childhood pattern between themselves and the primary caregiver. You people go after Narcissists, while sociopaths come after you, and anyone who shows signs of being weak, empathetic, and easily manipulated. NOTE: people who have a cluster B personality disorder are individuals, with their own maladaptive patterns, coping and defense mechanisms. Plus, some of us have comorbidities which make us much more toxic, aggressive, and/or exploitative.Also, just because someone comes off as being narcissistic, it does not mean they have NPD.

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for all the healthy people out there, what did you eat today?

i ate cereal all day

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Healthy people: What do your grocery lists look like?

this week i have to buy most of the staples and luckily have my three monthly voucher from the supermarket to help financially. i need dried green or brown lentils, pot barley, yellow split peas, cornmeal. i usually keep pasatta and canned red kidney beans in the cupboard along with the dried chickpeas, pasta and rice. in the fridge it's sweet peppers, carrots, spring onions, celery, nuts, courgette, beetroot, olive oil and a green veg such as kale. on the side it's red onions and sweet potatoes

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Why do people with depression sleep a lot? Do they feel more tired than healthy people?

I often do not wake up because there does not seem to be a reason for me to wake up. This is an occurrence mostly on weekends, but it will happen pretty much any time I do not have an existing commitment, such as school or an appointment. For example, yesterday I slept in easily until around noon even though I was actually awake at around 9:00 am. There just was not any reason for me to get up and do nothing like I ended up doing both before and after my job interview

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Am i too healthy? people think im werid...?

Nothing wrong with being healthy!!! your not weird at all!! its youur life and you can live it how you want! and healthy is the better option!

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Reasons why healthy people would intentionally want to get infected?

To Get HighWe live in a world where kids lick each other's eyeballs for an erotic kick and breathe aerosol from paper bags for a quick high, you would have an epidemic on your hands just because the virus gives you a high like quality Heroin.Heck, if our world is any example, you would have people lining up to get sick

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Why do completely healthy people use walking sticks to go hiking on easy trails?

Well in my case, I sometimes take a metal walking pole (with a bluntly pointed metal tip), because I have a knee that plays up randomly and at times painfully (an old motorcycle crash injury). It's also great for beating off other people's prone to ankle bite, off-lead dogs (not to mention a few unruly people as the case may be). I have a few stories where that pole has come in handy.

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