If Odd Even Rule in Delhi Is Applicable on Cng Cab Services?

first of all, if its cab service then its going to be a commercial number. commercial numbers are exemoted, so no need of CNG in commercial no. If it's a non-commercial no. then you have to apply a cng sticker on front of your car.

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Why is CNG not popular?

CNG is not popular becauseAvailability of fuel, we don't have CNG pumps as we do for petrol and diesel.Fuel tank capacity is limited. I mean there is a limit to the amount of fuel you can carry. Tank size is fixed and also it consumes all of your hatchback boot space.

Power of your vehicle gets reduced drastically as CNG is a low calorific value fuel.It reduces life span of your engine.The cost of CNG kit as it is expensive and it takes lot of time to recover cost back.Why is CNG not popular?


What are the pros and cons of converting a petrol engine to a CNG or dual one?

Pros:Running Cost of car become equal to bike in place like delhi.Less Maintenance is required in gas engines.With Dual mode you will never run out of fuel incase CNG is not available on the way.

Cons:Recommend to get an OEM fitted CNG kit only. Outsiders don't follow safety standards which will be very risky.Your luggage space will become less or in case of small vehicle it will become narrow.

You need to test the cylinder for Hydraulic testing every three years.Tht is all i know.What are the pros and cons of converting a petrol engine to a CNG or dual one?


How do we stop the sudden increase in pollution in Delhi?

There may be various types to decrease pollution in Delhi, some of them are as follows:-Odd - Even Formula - Its a great initiative by Delhi Government to reduce the pollution caused by the vehicles.Sharing (Car Pooling) - You can use Car-Pooling to reduce the pollution. It will reduce the number of vehicles on road which may decrease the level of toxic air in the atmosphere.

Use of Public Transport - Public transport vehicles use C.N.G. which release less harmful particles in air compared to Petrol & Diesel.Stop Burning - Reducing the level of burning or Slowing the Burning process in Punjab & Haryana can help to reduce the Pollution.

Construction - Construction can be stop or slowing the process for some weeks can also reduce the pollution.Solar Energy - We can plant solar systems which can reduce the load on governments provided electricity, this will result in electricity generation through coal process which can also reduce pollution


Why is there a perception that LPG, CNG vehicle engines don't last long compared to petrol, diesel-based engines? Is it true?

Todays car engines were made using materials that were suitable to fossil fuels in liquid state as they have some kind of internal lubrication qualities. The same cannot be said for cng and lpg. They are more corrosive as they lack those properties. I have heard that from one of friends who is driving a honda city type 2 1.

3 litre motor on cng. Now his car misfires if used on petrol. He had to replace his injectors and spark plugs cause we still haven't made an engine with materials or lubricants that can take the harshness of these alternative fuels


Do we have to change the tire pressure after CNG fitment due to increased weight?

Yes, of course.For accurate steering purpose as well as to prevent rolling over of vehicles.But yes if we consider general purpose vehicles and roads, we don't have to cut through sharp corners, so practically the indicated tyre pressure will do as well.You see, we don't fill in air with more pressure if we are driving with fully loaded trunku2026Hope you find your answeru2026CheersDo we have to change the tire pressure after CNG fitment due to increased weight?.


Does a CNG car get more mileage than the same using petrol?

Energy produced in an engine by 1 kg of CNG is equivalent to 1.4 ltrs of Petrol - so as a thumb rule, you can expect at least 40% better mileage than 1 ltr of Petrol in a car / engine.Thus CNG cars are cheaper to run as they benefit from increase in km convered in 1kg vis a vis 1ltr of Gasoline and CNG is also cheaper than Petrol , (eg in Delhi its Rs.

71 per ltr of Petrol and Rs.

46 per KG of CNG approx in - August 2019)


These lockdowns & quarantines have positively impacted the environment everywhere. Should the Indian government mandate companies to allow their employees to work remotely as much as possible?

Working from office where employees comes and work is very convenient way of doing work as majority of human as well as material resources are available at one place.Further, being democracy Indian government should not force companies to direct their employees from home, that should be prerogative of companies how they want to get their work done by employees office or home.However, for employees to get to offices the cities should have convenient & comfortable mass transport encouraging the people to take them to reach to their offices.

Or progressively companies should be directed to phase out environment polluting method of transport by their employees and resort to e-Vehicles, CNG-vehicles etc


What will be the future of cars considering the pollution levels?

Its actually quite simple if they are going to keep on polluting the environment then rest of the cities will become like delhi.Considering your question electric and CNG and petrol are the only options in current situation as petrol is becoming costly one must opt for electric as soon as possible.Still many electric vehicles has to come and then reduce yhe diesel vehicles.


Does reduction in use of petrol due to odd-even rule in Delhi financially helping Delhi government?

Not according to me, the govt share(Tax)on Petrol is quite high(Related Link:Taxes exceed actual cost of petrol; Rs 31.20 in retail price of Rs 60.70 in Delhi is tax) , and now use of petrol decreased But due to Pollution issues, they had to do it. They are in fact the best looser on it and since more people have now converted to CNG their losses are bound to multiply. That would mean a loss of huge amount to the govt. P.s- Please refer to the image to understand the dist of tax.So, Financially the Delhi as well as the central govt suffers.


Is it a good idea to keep your fuel tank full, or is it better to use most of the fuel for the fuel in the tank won't go u2018staleu2019?

Fuel will not go off until it is unused for a long time 1yr in a sealed container/fuel tank .. keeping the fuel tank topped up fully will affect the vehicles mpg because 15 gallons of petrol is heavy which means that the engine has an extra 93lbs to move around including the cars weight 're less mpg


Is anybody moving/moved out of Delhi permanently due to its air quality?

Well I would love to move out of delhi to somewhere like mumbai or pune infact Im trying from years.. better environment, better air quality, better weather, better people, better from safety point, but i cant leave delhi unless i get any job opportunity in a place like mumbai or pune, well if that happens surely Ill miss delhis food becoz its the best in the World for sure & also delhi ki sardi


By when do you think India has developed the necessary infrastructure for electric cars?

By seeing recent scenario, it seems like only south Indian part has only started working over this thing!! On the other hand Delhi public transportation is running over CNG seems like they won't put their money on electric vehicle friendly environment for few years more.Launching and accepting electric vehicle & besides developing infra for that is the only way that will create perfect scenario for EVs in India. And it will be partially ready by 2030u20132035!!Hope for best!By when do you think India has developed the necessary infrastructure for electric cars?.


Is it okay to buy a 15-year-old diesel car in India?

In General No.As per the various RTO the tax term would have expired by 12 years and would have been re-registered. Above all the engine would have been highly with out in such a way that it would have been nothing but a highly fatigue material.Please avoid going for the deal however pretty it is,but a wild suggestion , consider buying it if it has an antique value.



What kind of a future town would you like to be in?

The future town for me is a city.Preferably bigger, denser, cosmopolitan. A variety of thriving subcultures intermixing, industries with entire ecosystems, recreational adventures, vigorous research universities, startup culture, fully engaged civic life. A place where you can see evidence people feel empowered to innovate in arts, work, school, and gov. A place attracting young people, friendly for old people, welcoming to immigrants and strangers. Bonus points for no snow in winter and no more than a week above 90 Fahrenheit. Near a big body of water (oceans, seas, great lakes, rivers) so I can chill out.Must haves:high speed internet at affordable rates,blue-to-purple politics,at least one synagogue (one of my tribes),at least one hackerspace/makerspace (another tribe),at least one jazz club (another tribe),affordable housing with rent control,an international airport less than an hour away,lots of pavement for city hiking, buses and bike lanes for getting around.

Iu2019ve been places where the residents donu2019t feel like they u201cownu201d the place. Where they donu2019t belong or donu2019t have a say. So much better to have a culture where people take pride and ownership and investment in their communities. Itu2019s an attitude of hope and action.

What kind of a future town would you like to be in?


What's your experience driving a car powered by compressed natural gas (CNG)?

I had it in a small car with one tank . It was excellent . On long trips especially . Cost next to nothing to fill up and went the distance to suit . If i neded more power i could just switch over to petrol and if i was using either fuel and they started to run out . I could use the other . Extended the range and economy ,like for 12 dollars i could get about 400km or 250ish miles . Just got hard to find fuel stations that sold it . And eventually got taken off the market . Was good though in my opinion


When diesel buses can be converted to cng, why can't diesel cab?

Technically any Diesel engine can be converted in to CNG operation. However the cost and complexity involved in converting a diesel engine to CNG operation is very high. nDiesel engines are built with a compression ratio varying between 16:1 and 22:1, depending on the combustion system. CNG engines will require a compression ratio of around 8:1, similar to a petrol engine. nNow dropping the compression ratio will require major changes to piston and cylinder heads. These changed parts are supplied as a kit and are expensive. Apart from that, we need to find a suitable location to fit the spark plug. All these activities are complex and expensive. nDiesel busses were converted to CNG by the manufacturerers due to the implementation of regulations. If not, the entire bus would have been scrapped.When diesel buses can be converted to cng, why can't diesel cab?when diesel buses can be converted to cng, why can't diesel cab?

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