If I Just Pump and Feed Will My Milk Dry Up?

no it will not...as long as you pump as often as a newborn feeds...basically every 1 1/2 to 2 hours or so, depending on how much milk comes in..so you re just going to have to pump ALOT. ..as soon as your baby is done drinking her bottle..lol..it should work out, with me, its opposite, it hurts to pump and with nursing i cant feel a thing, but then again, ive been breastfeeding for 3 months now, lol..dont give up though, it will get easier

1. Is nursing to sleep ok?

It is a hard habit to break but it's really very normal and natural. My son is 18 months and nurses to sleep still. Unless it really interupts your life you should continue. :).

2. Two stupid questions on nursing positions?

I've never nursed while pregnant (my boys are 6 years apart), but a 2 yr old should be able to sit next to you to nurse, maybe kneeling and leaning over your big baby belly. When it comes to tandem nursing my friends who have done it usually latch the baby first, then let the toddler latch second. Some moms will have the toddler nurse first to ease engorgenmet, or nurse after the baby to help empty the breast and iincrease milk production. I was always sad I never had the opportunity to tandem nurse, and I hope all goes well for you and your little ones.

3. Breastfeeding----No one knows ANYTHING!!! Frustrated!?

Do you live in new england or in a major city? The level of ignorance in the medical field about pregnancy, delivery and nursing is astounding in this country. My friend was told that after 6 months if she continued to nurse her baby would be malnourished. Another friend of mine was told that there are no medical benefits what so ever to nursing, and that there is no difference between formula and breast milk- she believed this doctor and decided against nursing. I was told that only nursing one breast per feeding would ruin my supply, starve my child, and result in health issues for him. I didnt listen at all, lol, my son was in the 90'th for height and weight from 2 months old and on. We breastfed until he was 10 months old, when he weaned himself. As if the whole nursing thing isnt bad enough, you've got doctors inducing women left and right, scheduling c-sections as a first option to pre-eclampsia and supposed over sized babies- and convenience! Not to mention the risks taken in the medication and procedures regularly carried out on pregnant women and their unborn babies. Its just insane! I personally refuse to be part of it! lol

4. Nursing & Feeding Baby Solids?

I know its hard to make baby foods. If she is on stage 1 then the jars are fine but as she increases to lumps home made food is better. You can freeze a lot of stuff, or give her a bit of yours. It sounds like when you nurse shes taking in more than when the sitter bottle feeds so thats maybe the reason for spit up. By 7.5 months i think my daughter was well on the foods we eat, just mashed up! Shes 9 months now and will eat anything! I definately think you should let her eat some of yours to try her with new flavours and textures! She will love it! Do the 3 day rule to rule out any allergies though and avoid honey, nuts and shellfish! Good luck!

5. Is nursing the right career for me if...?

Nursing is a great career with many options. You can work in hospitals, doctor's offices, schools, insurance companies, military, etc. You can start with an associate's degree in nursing and become an RN and later finish your bachelor's degree which would open more doors for you later. Nursing school can be challenging, but a few years of hard work and you can do just about anything! Many of the courses I took in nursing school were really no more challenging than my high school chemistry and math classes. A lot of the difficulty in nursing school comes from memorizing tons of new info. (I went through a bachelor's program-can not speak on an associate's program) You can get nursing jobs that involve no blood. (Although nursing school may not be fun if you do not like blood...But you do get used to that kind of stuff) You can have a more flexible schedule than many other careers because nurses are in such high demand. You can work days, evenings, nights, weekends, part-time, full-time, etc. I would definitely not recommend getting your CNA first. CNA's do not make much money and usually end up doing the dirtiest work (wiping butts, cleaning up vomit). Most hospitals will hire you with no experience as some sort of nurse assistant or patient care tech (which can still be a dirty job-I did it while in nursing school) and will pay you as much as a CNA and the hospital will pay you while you train on the job. Why pay for your CNA training when the hospital will pay to train you as a nurse aide?This type of job would be a great place to start to see if you really have an interest in nursing before you spend years and dollars on nursing education.

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Lpn to Rn Or Bsn Bridge Program Questions.?
Lpn to Rn Or Bsn Bridge Program Questions.?
If you are getting calls from telemarketers you are totally looking into the wrong schools. First of all, you are probably not going to find an entirely online LPN to RN or LPN to BSN program because of all the skills / practicum labs that are required. You will certainly have to be on campus to do this. If you get your ADN RN and then do a bridge to BSN, those programs are offered entirely online because there are no skills components you need to learn since you are already licensed. You may have to arrange some preceptorship experiences however. Second, stick to local, public state colleges and universities. Avoid out of state, for-profit schools that advertise on tv or online - they are often not accredited (worthless for obtaining your license) and they are simply money making factories that have very little interest invested in creating a superior nursing program. Honestly - most nursing programs are created equal as long as they are accredited and approved by your state board of nursing. They have to meet all the same standards. There is no way to really identify what is a "good" school other than perhaps asking about their drop out rate and NCLEX passing rates. Finding students who attended a program to get their opinion is also pretty useless because honestly they have no basis of comparison since most people only ever attend one nursing program so they would not know if there was something better out there. What state do you live in? Google search your state board of nursing's website, they will have a page dedicated to listing all the RN programs (including bridge programs) that are approved and accredited in your state. The web page might not break it down to easily identify which programs offer bridge alternatives, so you still might have to do some research on the school's websites. **Perhaps you should re-read your own question's wording, because you gave no indication of understanding that clinicals and skills labs must be completed on campus, especially since you said "Going to a brick and mortar school is still a possibility" which to most readers is suggesting that you have been, to this point, only considering online programs, and again, gave no indication of your understanding of the on-campus components. We were trying to be helpful. If you googled your state board of nursing's website and found a list of schools there. . . . you are welcome.1. Senior Citizen nursing home question?Recently had this experience with my father. I would start with your mother's doctor. A nursing home will required a doctor's report anyway for admission. The doctor can make suggestions where he or she thinks would work well for your mom. Also, go on tours of them yourself. Check the cleanliness, odor, see how the staff is interacting with the residents and if the residents appear clean and happy. If your mom likes to go outdoors, try to find a place that has a secure outdoor seating area. As far as finances, Medicaid will pay if your mom does not have enough which most people do not . They will, though, make her spend down whatever she has of her own money as well, including her life insurance policies which really surprised me. If she goes to the nursing home directly from a hospital, Medicare will pay for I think the first 100 days. I do not know if your mom owns a home, but that is an issue, too. There is a great site that can help you called A Place for Mom. Just type aplaceformom.com. I found it by accident when taking care of my parents and they were really helpful. Good luck.2. Is it hard to study Nursing?Nursing is very very intense course load. The LPN course is not as in tense, but the RN course is alot. The good thing for RN, is once you are 1/2 done your course, you can get a job as un 'understudy' and do LPN work! That is the best way to go, so you can work at LPN wages part time, while doing your schooling. Nursing is very intense but is easily passed if you are willing to put time into it, than you should find it goes smoothly.3. Please tell me some basic things I need to take care while raising a puppy?The puppy is best off being with it's mother and nursing off of her. There may be a shelter near you that has 'foster' parents who know how to care for a newborn puppy and will be happy to care for it, then put it in a shelter when it is ready (it will have a very good chance of getting adopted, as young puppies are the first to get chosen). If there is not a shelter like this near you, or if you want to keep it, go to petco, petsmart or any other pet supplies story, and buy puppy formula (make sure it is okay for very young puppies), along with some bottles (at least 2- you should have spare). If you can, get a bottle with different sized nipples, that would be best; it is better to be able to discover what size is best for the young puppy. You will need to keep the puppy warm, so if you can get one of those microwavable heating pads (also called cornbags) and keep microwave it to a low heat, that would be good. Also, warm towels are good. I would put the puppy either on your chest, or on a warm towel/low heat heating pad to feed it. It will mimic the mother's body heat and make the puppy more comfortable. Other than that, make sure the puppy is kept comfortable, and feed him every few hours. I had to do this with a kitten (there was *no* other option) and she turned out fine, and very attached to people! Just keep in mind, the puppy is better off with it's mother, so if that is an option, do not mess with it! As for shots, the vet will tell you the age that s/he can get them and you will just have to wait until s/he is old enough for them
What Is the Process of Applying for a Nursing Home in New York?
What Is the Process of Applying for a Nursing Home in New York?
what is the process of applying for a nursing home in new york?I know you asked about information specific to New York. I do not have information on New York but I can tell you that unless you have long term care insurance or the person is going to the nursing home to be rehabilitated short term and will return to home you will have to pay for care out of pocket. Medicare will pay for rehabilitation care for 90 days unless the facility feels the patient is no longer making progress. I live in Kansas and my Mom (who just passed away from Alz.) had to pay over $100K for one year of care in a nursing home. Here in KS all of the patients assets must be liquidated before they are eligbile to go on Medicaid. In my experience having a home health aid come to the home is far more expensive then a nursing home. It depends on the level of care needed. Also in my experience home nursing care is 100% out of pocket cost. The patients doctor will have to evaluate them and recommend that they go to a nursing home. I would start touring nursing homes ASAP. You can look up nursing home ratings if you look up New York Nursing home ratings online. Do not make appointments to tour them, just show up unannounced. Any reputable home will not have a problem with this. Also nursing homes have social workers that can help you with all of your questions that are in regards to you specific state. If you loved one is currently living at home I am assuming they are not 100% dependant on someone....you might want to consider a less expensive option of Assisted Living. Here in KS assisted living is about $4000 less a month then a nursing home. Most will provide 3 meals, a locked unit so Alz. patients can not get out an get lost. They also provide help with medication, toileting needs, dressing/grooming, just to name a few services they offer. Generally a person can stay at an assited living as long as they do not require more then one person to move them from a bed to a wheelchair or what is called a more then a 1 person transfer. One more thing....when you go to look at nursing homes they will tell you the daily bed charge, but when you actually get the bill it will be a lot more. Do not be shocked. The actual cost will include medications, medical supplies etc which will really jack up the monthly bill. It is really ashame that nursing homes are allowed to rip sick elderly people and their families off. Alzheimer's is a horrific disease. I sympathize with you and wish you the best.— — — — — —Grandmother is in the nursing home, I got something in the mail from medicare?If the house you are living in belongs to your Grandmother, you will have to get other housing as all of your Grandmother's assets have to be signed over to the nursing home as the government will be in charge of it all as well as any income that she has coming from any any other asset she has, or income that she is getting. You must get to your Social Services Offices and they will assign you to a worker who will help you figure out what you are going to do about your grandmother's care in a nursing home. No it is NOT free. However, all of her assets will become eradicated through the nursing home cost but she will get a small stipend monthly for a few personal items she may want to have. If this is a permanent thing, you must get legal help from Social Services to help you find out how to go about settling this problem of money— — — — — —Pioneer nursing homeUpon returning to England, Emma and Louisa used their joint capital to set up one of London's only two private nursing homes. Their Medical and Surgical Home was located at 15 Fitzroy Square. That same year, 1877, the originator of antiseptic surgery Joseph Lister moved from Edinburgh to become Professor of Clinical Surgery at King's College Hospital, London, and immediately began placing private patients at the Medical and Surgical Home. They soon occupied most of the 10 available beds. Lister visited his patients every morning, and did many operations assisted by Emma and Louisa. About 1890 they sold the nursing home to move to Florence, Italy, where Emma died of cancer.
How Hard Is Med School in Comparison to Nursing School Or Undergrad Classes?
How Hard Is Med School in Comparison to Nursing School Or Undergrad Classes?
How hard is med school in comparison to nursing school or undergrad classes?To quote from the movie Terms of Endearment, "as hard as you think it's going to be, you end up wishing it were that easy". I believe this applies to both nursing and medical schools. They are two models of knowledge which overlap, so it is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. I will say this: The physician does have ultimate responsibility in prescribing the care. From what I've seen working at several teaching hospitals, medical school is more rigorous in terms of hours, memorizing, expectations, etc. I will never agree, as some state, that in a quality nursing program, it is ever easy. If you think it's easy, you were either at a low-grade program or you meant according to the science/medical aspect. As a nursing instructor, I've seen PhD's, engineers, and other professionals go through a nursing program and, although they did well, they never stated, "it was easy". I've even taught a doctor from India who was unable to continue as a physician here in the U. S. without going through medical school again. He decided to pursue the Nurse Practitioner program. He was incredibly respectful of the difference and never talked down about nursing as a "lesser" profession. One other poster stated it well: Do what you love !— — — — — —Are there Nursing Schools In Which Do Not Require Prerequisites?Sure, there are numerous schools that allow you to go straight from high school into the RN or BSN program. You do need a good high school GPA and an awesome SAT/ACT score. Just look up schools you are interested in, look up the nursing program, and see what their individual rules are. I know of 2 schools within 2 hours of my hometown that let in high school seniors with a good GPA and ACT score. I remember because I almost did it, but then decided I really wanted to be a doctor and just went straight for it. Glad I did :)— — — — — —Can I get into a nursing school with a C in microbiology when my GPA is 3.1? Should I try taking more math and the pre-med biology and chemistry courses?More math! There are courses that are available that are specific to the medical field. Mine was called "Math for Medications "! You are sitting nicely with a C in micro and a 3.1.Your college designs program requirements that are related to your degree, yet may be a really weak link. I suggest you just know each of the bacteria, viral and fungal that are the most common, the rest you will learn later.Have confidence, you are already at the mark for graduation from the medical field! Keep up the good fight!— — — — — —How to gain weight while in Nursing school?Eat more than you burn, eat the right foods aswell as the wrong foods lol. I mean make sure you are getting your rdi's. If you are usually tired and eat smaller meals then you will burn through them. Have you tried increasing your meals then you might not be hungry shortly afterwards. If you are tired is it from not sleeping or not eating properly. If you know nutrition then I would assume you know what you need and in order to "gain weight" you would then have to increase certain food groups, meats and carbs not necessarily junkfood. Change exercise from fat burning to muscle building, not full on body builder, just to strengthen your muscles rather than aerobic style exercise.— — — — — —I'm wearing a white dress with black lacing to my nursing school graduation. What type of shoes should I wear?black pumps, wedges— — — — — —Did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse? Did it give you an advantage in nursing school?I did not work as a CNA because I could not afford to take the pay cut from being a telephone operator to being a CNA.However, the fact that I already worked at the hospital where I was applying for a nursing job was a HUGE advantage. I had excellent evaluations in the various positions I would held i n the hospital (medical records clerk, Admissions Clerk, Telephone Operator) and the nurse recruiter definitely took this into consideration. I would also told my nursing instructor s that I had a good chance of getting a nursing job at my hospital if they assigned me to an internship there, so they did (even though it was supposedly random).So you will have a definite advantage if you are already working in the hospital where you hope to work as an RN. I've met many CNAs who had informally been promised RN jobs on their floors once they graduated.
Australia's Worst Nursing Home
A MELBOURNE nursing home under threat of closure constantly reeked of urine, had empty pest baits riddled throughout.Staff at the Belvedere Park Aged Care home in suburban Sydenham had no effective infection control system in place, medicine cabinets were left unlocked and medicine administration lists were signed off before being given to residents.Authorities also believed the home was run by an ineligible, convicted stalker and that its management had lied to residents about the long list of problems at the home.These are details from among 42 of 44 tests of aged care standards that the nursing home failed under an Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency audit.All 25 residents at the home have been relocated, but the owner won a stay of proceedings in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) on Thursday, pending a full hearing.The proprietors are now seeking an administrator to run the facility, involving large amounts of taxpayers' money.The federal Health Department released the details on its website today amid its push to have the home closed.The Health Department also believes the nursing home business is owned and operated by a man who should be disqualified from running an aged care home, because he has a conviction for stalking.Graeme Peter Menere was convicted and sentenced to three months' jail in 1998 in Broadmeadows Magistrates Court for stalking another person, a sentence that was suspended.Mr Menere has told the AAT that he is not involved in the management of Belvedere Park, owned by Saitta Pty Ltd, that he merely manages the payroll, and that his brother Russell, and Russell's wife Joan, are operating the business.The ASIC public register shows that Russell and Joan Menere live in Queensland.The audit report includes an endless list of breaches of rules associated with aged care facilities."The living environment is filthy, the carpet is frayed and reeking of urine and furniture is ripped and stained. There is built-up grime on walls and floors and an offensive odour permeates the home," the audit report states."The team observed empty pest bait nests throughout the building. A staff member said we used to have pest control but we have not had it for a long time'."Residents and visitors share a disabled toilet. Relatives state that the stench in the toilet is so bad that they use the staff toilet."Staff attempt to camouflage the oppressive odour with the use of aromatherapy oils."The report said the home failed basic care standards.One example was problems with the hot water system."One shower is used for storage of shower chairs, as only cold water is available in it, whilst staff said that hot water in the other three showers alternates between hot and cold and hot water is sometime not available after 9am," it stated.Residents' call bells were often not working or they were not within reach."Equipment used to assist residents with hygiene routines such as shower chairs, lifting routines and commodes were observed to be in disrepair. Both lifting machines were rusty, one being completely rusty."It said the home's care station was rarely locked and staff, visitors and other personnel moved freely throughout it, even though residents' confidential records were readily accessible.The medications cupboard in the care station was seen to be unlocked on three occasions during the audit."The temperature of the medication refrigerator which stores insulin, thyroxin and other medication is not monitored," the report said.In several instances, staff were seen to fill up labelled medication cups and "sign the medication chart to demonstrate that the medication has been administered (and then) proceed to administer the medication to individual residents".Medication was seen left unattended on trolleys for extended periods and was seen on the dining room floor each morning of the audit.A management notice, obtained by AAP, announced that a meeting set for last Monday for residents and relatives to inform them of the audit's matters was cancelled at the last minute.When that meeting was cancelled, the Health Department organised its own, at a nearby location, to inform residents.The notice stated the proprietor had sought an injunction to restrain the department from making contact with the residents and that the department would not be permitted to talk to them."As the Department of Health will not be permitted to make contact with you, and the matter is to be reviewed at the AAT, there is little to report to you at this date other than in this letter."Consequently the meeting on Monday, August 20, 2007, at Belvedere Park Nursing Home has been cancelled til another date to be advised," the notice said.AAP understands there is no such injunction as the AAT cannot set injunctions, because it is not a judicial body.
Nursing Homes Fined for Poor Upkeep of Facilities ...
The nursing home owners, Devey Healthcare Ltd pleaded guilty to a number of charges under the Nursing Home Act, including one of failing to provide a high standard of care.Fines totaling just over e6,000 were imposed on the company by Judge Flann Brennan at Dundalk District Court.Barrister John Martin acting on behalf of Devey Healthcare defended some of the companys aThe nursing home owners, Devey Healthcare Ltd pleaded guilty to a number of charges under the Nursing Home Act, including one of failing to provide a high standard of care.Fines totaling just over e6,000 were imposed on the company by Judge Flann Brennan at Dundalk District Court.Barrister John Martin acting on behalf of Devey Healthcare defended some of the company's actions. He stressed to the judge that 'no-one in the care facilities had complained about the conditions'.The HSE prosecution case focused on two inspectorate reports done in the summer and autumn of 2005 on Delvin Lodge, Gormanston and Castle Lodge, Castlebellingham.The company, with an address at St Doolagh's Park, Malahide Road, Balgriffin, Dublin, pleaded guilty to eight charges relating to Delvin Lodge.A further 17 charges were not prosecuted.At the centre of the prosecution case was Mrs Helen Thornton, a former general nurse and midwife of more than 35 years who headed up the HSE nursing homes inspection teams.Ms Thornton's report stated: 'The carpets were dirty and highly stained on both floors. There was black mould growth on the wall of the corridor.'She also saw how some of the bathrooms were 'disorganised with equipment and clothes thrown about'.She said that some of the rooms were no longer used as bedrooms but they had been turned into unorganised storerooms.A room where a patient had died some days earlier still contained personal effects and the bedlinen had not been changed.Bedlinen and towels were 'of a poor quality and in some cases threadbare' and there was no mattress cover or undersheet on a bed.A PEG pump, used for artificial feeding, and a nebuliser were 'dusty and dirty.' The former nurse and HSE inspector said this could have led to infection if used in that condition.The pharmacy was found to be disorganised and 'a considerable number of medicines were out of date or no longer used.'There was no visible system in place for the proper disposal of medicines.In the second part of the facility, a bathroom was found to also house a garden watering can, a fire extinguisher, shelving for a cupboard and a wheelchair footrest.Clinical waste was stored in the pharmacy and both dining rooms were untidy, with uncleared trays lying about.When Mrs Thornton asked the person in charge a number of basic questions about how waste should be disposed of properly and staff training, the person in charge didn't know.Ms Thornton criticised the fact that the manager of the facility had also been on duty as the registered nurse three times in the previous week.She also complained about the fact that mechanical vents were not working in the smoking room and the overhead lights in two of the rooms were broken.The doors to sluice rooms had been jammed open with black bags of rubbish or bins and there were open containers of cleaning products.Ms Thornton sharply criticised the fact that a patient had been admitted to the home without anyone having sight of their medical condition or history.She said that it could prove 'disastrous'.In September 2005, the HSE inspectorate made a return visit to the home. On that visit they found a soiled incontinence pad lying in the shower of one of the en suite bathrooms.Devey Healthcare's barrister said the bathrooms were checked every two to three hours and the problem would have been dealt with within that time frame.He also contended that 'deep cleans' had been done on the carpets which had now been replaced with lino.As for the disorganisation of the bathrooms, they were no longer used for that purpose.The state of the dining rooms could be explained as it was in the afternoon when the inspectors arrived and the staff were caring for the patients.Mr Martin said: 'In all the reports from the inspectorate, there is not a single detail of mistreatment or complaints of abuse from the patients, is there'Mrs Thornton replied: 'Most of the patients are incapable of speaking and therefore incapable of making complaints'.Devey Ltd also pleaded guilty to four charges relating to Castle Lodge nursing home in Castlebellingham.When the inspectors visited the County Louth home on September 26 last year, they found a bin overflowing with used incontinence pads.A PEG feeding tube was missing a stand and someone had hooked it up to a light fitting using a bent coat hanger.Mrs Thornton said it was totally inappropriate, adding: 'You wouldn't do it at home'.Mr Martin said that an 'inventive' person had hooked up the coat hanger and it was better than the patient not getting the drip.Judge Brennan imposed fined totaling e6,100 for both cases.
Let's Talk About the Application of Thermal Conductive Silica Gel in LED Lighting Industry
Thermal conductive silica gel sheet is a widely used thermal conductive interface material. It is in the form of sheet, high pressure shrinkage, high reliability, high temperature resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and insulation, with viscosity on the surface, simple and convenient construction. It can be die-cut and punched according to the size and shape of heating devices.Heat conductive silica gel sheet is a kind of heat conductive medium material made by calendering with silica gel as the base material and adding various auxiliary materials such as metal oxides. It is usually called heat conductive gasket, heat conductive silica gel gasket, heat conductive silicon film, soft heat conductive gasket, heat conductive silica gel pad, etc. it is specially produced for the design scheme of using the gap to transfer heat and can fill the gap, It not only completes the heat transfer between the heating part and the heat dissipation part, but also plays the roles of insulation, shock absorption and sealing. It can meet the design requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thin equipment. It is a good heat conduction filling material with manufacturability and usability, and has a wide range of thickness and Application.Led thermal conductive silicon film is mainly used between aluminum substrate and heat sink, between aluminum substrate and shell, etc. Today, we mainly introduce the successful application of thermal conductive silica gel sheet in LED industry: there are many kinds of LED lamps. For indoor LED lamps, thermal conductive silica gel sheet with relatively low thermal conductivity is generally used, which can reduce the cost of the product and meet the needs of the product itself. For some outdoor high-power LED lamps, such as street lamps, the power is much higher than other indoor lamps, In order to better heat dissipation of lamps and improve the service life of lamps, thermal conductive silica gel sheets with relatively high thermal conductivity are generally used.The inherent viscosity of the heat-conducting silica gel sheet facilitates the construction. If the customer needs the heat-conducting silica gel sheet to have strong viscosity to replace the screw fixation, he can also choose to give one-sided or double-sided adhesive backing to the heat-conducting silica gel sheet. If the heat-conducting silica gel sheet needs to lock the screw, please remember to choose the heat-conducting silica gel sheet containing glass fiber cloth, which has the properties of anti puncture and anti tear. In short, the heat conductive silica gel sheet can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs. It can be die-cut and punched according to the size and shape of heating devices.
7 Tips to Help You Sell Your Farm Fresh Eggs for More Money
The continuing trend of raising backyard chickens has had an unintended negative effect on those selling their extra eggs. Due to a steady supply of fresh eggs from backyard flocks and small local farms at markets, roadside stands and feed stores, egg prices are being kept artificially low. But there are some things you can do to help you sell your fresh eggs for a bit more money. When you begin to calculate your expenses - including egg cartons, labels, business cards, feed, supplements, supplies, the chickens themselves, plus their coop and run, not to mention a little something for your time, and gas to get to the market - it's often hard to sell a dozen eggs for a high enough price to simply break even. Many times, local eggs are sold for about the same price as store-bought eggs, despite being fresher and more nutritious AND laid by happy hens. And when you sell your eggs, you are not only competing against the low grocery-store prices, but also against other local sellers. Studies have shown that buyers will more likely make a purchase when you engage more than one of their senses. So by enticing potential shoppers' sense of touch, sight, sound and possibly even taste, you have a better chance at making that sale. Here are some tips to engage the senses, get your eggs to stand out from the crowd and possibly even fetch a premium price. If you are selling at a farmers' market or fair, crack an egg into a bowl to show potential buyers how great your eggs look. Eggs from chickens that eat a lot of herbs, grass and weeds will naturally have more vibrant yolks and look fresher than store-bought eggs from caged chickens. But you can bump up the wow factor of your chickens' egg yolks even more by feeding foods high in xanthophyll, a carotenoid with a naturally orange pigment. Some foods rich in xanthophyll include basil, carrots, corn, marigolds, parsley, pumpkin, red cabbage and the leaves of most green plants. Adding a pop of color to your cartons can entice buyers to your table. Raise some chickens that lay blue, green or cream-colored eggs to create some eye candy in your cartons! Chicken eggs can be a dime a dozen because of the large supply available, but there are other types of poultry that lay eggs. Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs and thought to be to be better for baking due to their higher fat content. Tiny quail eggs are considered a delicacy and are often pickled or used by five-star chefs to top burgers or salads due to their smaller size and relative rarity. There might also be a market for turkey and goose eggs in your area - and you will likely be able to set your own price. Studies show that someone is more likely to purchase an item if they have touched or held it. Consider putting out a basket of eggs on your table and handing an egg to anyone who stops at your table. Give out free samples - let people take home an egg to try it for themselves. Hopefully, that will compel them to come back the next week to buy - if they do not buy a dozen eggs on the spot. Make your packaging unique. Instead of simply packaging your eggs in cartons and stacking them on the table, why not tie a pretty ribbon or some baker's twine around the carton and attach a wildflower or sprig of herbs? Maybe even tuck a simple egg recipe in. Or fill large baskets or metal pails with eggs and let your buyers hand select a dozen to put in their carton. And do not forget to pass out business cards. Sending each customer away with your contact information is a must to make it easy for them to locate you when they are ready to reorder. Studies have shown that chickens raised on pasture produce more nutritious eggs than chickens that never see the light of day or step foot on grass. Pasture-raised chickens have access to a more diverse diet, including a variety of forages and insects, which can lead to increased levels of vitamins A and E and omega-3 fatty acids. Other studies have shown that chickens raised on grass lay eggs that are lower in cholesterol than those raised on a commercial feed-only diet. Share this information with your potential customers by printing out a nutritional comparison on cards or handouts that they can take home with them - and be sure the handout has your contact information on it too! If possible, play a recording of chickens softly clucking with an occasional rooster crowing at your booth. The sound of happy chickens in the background will work to engage yet another sense and hopefully give your buyers the urge to bring home some farm fresh eggs! And back to sight for a minute, photographs of your chickens or a large poster showing them happily roaming a field can help reinforce the positive image of your farm and your eggs - you are putting faces and even names to the producers! Using a little creativity will give you a leg up on your competition and hopefully fetch higher prices for your delicious, fresh eggs! Also check your state Department of Agriculture's egg laws or cottage-food regulations, so you are aware of egg grading, handling and storing requirements, rules about the reuse of cartons and carton labeling regulations - including the use of such terms as organic, free-range and pasture-raised. Your local extension service should be able to point you in the right direction to get that information or you can find it online. Egg laws vary state by state.Where do they sell jacuzzi?Jacuzzis R us Sells pretty good ones ay low prices Or craigslist Has one for free in LA Go quick
Need Help Finding Kitchen Items and Sofa?
The daybed and the island appear custom made to me. Any of the kitchen redesigners should be able to replicate the island without difficulty. The "tiles" on the floor are flagstone and any slab or rock yard has them, but to use on subflooring you need them guaged so that they all lay even. You really should go to a granite yard to look at the slabs because every yard calls their granite colors by something different with a few exceptions that are industry wide (like absolute black granite because it comes from only one mine in India)1. dog urine on my sofa?I just bought this product last week. It takes EVERYTHING out. It's called Folex and you can find it at Walmart. It's cheap too2. Is my sofa ruined? Help!?!?Just in case scratch it all over. Apply the oil to make it match. This is creativity. You just might like the new look3. Bernhardt sofa back support fallen off internally. Springs OK. Any ideas how to fix the sofa?Well, hubby fixed ours by opening it up, finding the broken piece and replacing it with fresh wood and screws and like the guy earlier stated, problem solve--then he used his staple gun to put the upholstery back in place. Worked quite well and looked professional4. Is buying a sofa from Walmart a good idea?Well even Target does not sell quality furniture. We bought a 5 piece dining room table a year ago and it's scratched up. We do not use it daily, it definitely was not worth $225 and likely can not sell it. I would suggest Garage Sale, Estate Sales, Dock 86, Secondhand shops, or Slumberland had a pretty decent sale on the July 4th, I am sure they will have a great sales weekend Labor Day, We bought a chocolate chenille couch for $580 normally $900. Free Delievry.5. how can i get rid of an unwanted sofa?Place it for free on the Craiglist in the free items section. Depending on where you live someone will be there in a snap to pick it up. If you have a digital camera take pictures also and upload them on the listing. Good Luck.6. How can I save my sofa?Get a strong piece of plywood and cover it with foam batting and stick it underneath the couch cushions. It should give enough support until you can replace it. Congrats on the new home.7. how to get candle wax out of upholstry [ sofa ] ?ummm...sarah has a point...but with something that is as fragile as micro-fiber I think personally I would allow the wax to completely harden and pull up as many pieces as I could as carefully as I could . Just so you do not over stretch the fabirc and cause raised spots. you could gently scrape away the rest. If there is still some in the couch...look up the manufacturers recommendations with water. If its okay with water, then use an ice cube to freeze more of it off. Or, you could even just put the ice in a ziplock bag and just do it that way. I would not take an iron to the couch...microfiber is a bit too satin-y for that. Just work slowly and carefully...and keep at it. Good luck.8. How to make Sofa seats "higher"?You could raise the sofa by placing concrete blocks under all 4 corners. Then get some boards & cover them in fabric or paint them or stain them & place them like a "skirt" under the 3 sides of the sofa. You could even give it an industrial look by using metal sheets or gridwork. As for the cushions, you do not say if they are attached or loose. If they are loose, hopefully they are zippered. In which case you will go to a fabric store & buy some dacron sheets & wrap the cushions with the sheets using a spray glue so it does not shift. Use a dry cleaning bag over the cushion to get it to slide easily back into the cover. Using dacron will probably be a lot less expensive than buying new foam cores, but look into that also - just find an upholstery outlet in your area. You can also just put boards under your cushions, but that will just feel firm, not more comfortable. If your cushions are attached there is not much you can do. You can always look for a sofa on craigslist, but just be sure that you disinfect it.
Can I Heat an Outside Chicken Coop with an Underground Heating System?
Can I heat an outside chicken coop with an underground heating system?go too: Heatinghelp.com (it might be .net or ? but try that) You want to find a place called, "The Wall" it is a place just like this where you can post your question. Simply: Yes you can.. but it depends on your heat source to heat the water? Existing boiler? Wood stove etc... I think it would be a great idea to do. YOu could even run a line under their nests if they are off the ground... not too hot now.. just enough to warm the toosh on those reall cold nights! I have seen dog houses heated etc.... You can use Pex pipe, circulator, expansion tank... basic fittings... you will have too have a basic knowledge to put it together and you can find the information at that sight. Just incase they have changed another search point or name would be: Dan Holohan, Hydronic heat, Wethead,,,,, any one of those should pull his site up. Good luck, great idea... it may cost a bit but why not ..— — — — — —What Is a Radiant Floor Heating System?Radiant heat is not exactly a new idea. Turkish and Roman baths were often constructed on raised floors so warm air could circulate underneath and keep things comfortable. Incorporating radiant heating systems into modern dwellings did not become popular, however, until the mid 20th century. Radiant heat has many advantages over other central heat systems, such as forced air, but installation cost is not one of them, especially if you want to add radiant heat to an existing structure. This can be an expensive alternative. However, radiant heat can be one of the most environmentally friendly heating options when used in conjunction with solar heating panels. What Is Radiant Heat? Hydroponic Radiant Floors Unlike in a Turkish bath, the radiant heat in a modern system comes from pipes or electric heating elements embedded in the floor or installed in the joists underneath. In a hydronic system, water circulates through a boiler, which maintains it at a temperature warm enough to heat the floor. This type of system is less costly to operate than an electric system, especially if you supplement the energy source needed to heat the water by using solar panels. The pipes that carry the heated water in a hydronic system are often embedded in concrete, because concrete is a good thermal conductor. The pipes in older systems are usually copper, but newer systems employ polyethylene (PEX) tubing, which is more versatile and easier to install. PEX tubing can even be installed in existing joists, so it is possible to have radiant heat under your hardwood or tile floor without having to tear it up. Electric Radiant Heat The elements in an electric radiant heat system are typically embedded in mats that go between the subfloor and the floor covering. The best time to install these is when you are replacing the floor covering. If your floor is not due for replacement anytime soon, you can also buy mats that fit between the joists and install them from underneath the floor. Three Types of Hydronic Systems You can choose from three different hydronic heating systems: closed, open or heat exchange. Closed system. The boiler is dedicated to the heating system. The main advantage of this type of system is that you can use antifreeze instead of water as the circulating fluid. Antifreeze is less corrosive than water, which is good for the boiler, and it's also more efficient at transferring heat. Open system. The boiler supplies hot water to bathrooms and kitchens as well as the heating system. You save money because you only need one water heater. Heat exchanger. A heat exchange system combines the benefits of both open and closed systems. The pipes that supply the radiant heat system pass through the main water heater, but they are sealed and usually circulate antifreeze instead of water. And you can get creative with a heat exchange system and tie it to a solar heating panel. The pipes from the panel can circulate antifreeze through the water heater as well as the floor, lowering your water heating costs while also providing heat for the house. Pros and Cons of Radiant Heat On the plus side, a radiant heating system puts the heat exactly where you need it-under your feet. As the warm air rises, the room quickly becomes uniformly and comfortably warm without the drafts and convection currents associated with forced air. Another advantage over forced air is that a radiant system has fewer moving parts. The only components you have to service are the boiler-which can double as a hot water heater for the bathroom in a pinch-and the circulation pump, which is a relatively inexpensive item. You will be happy you have radiant heat when the power goes out during a winter storm, because the floor retains heat for a few hours. The main drawback of radiant heat is its installation cost. This probably is not a problem if you are already building or renovating. But if you are not , the cost, which can approach $9.00 per square foot in a smaller house, can definitely be a factor. Another disadvantage is that a radiant heating system does not work well as a cooling system. If you need both heating and cooling, it's usually best to go with a forced air system. As far as electric radiant heat is concerned, it's best suited as a supplement to your existing heating system. It consumes too much electricity to make it practical as a stand-alone heating system for the entire home. Compatible Floor Coverings Not all floor coverings conduct heat well enough to work with radiant heating systems. The best choice is ceramic tile, which conducts heat as well as concrete. Laminate and stone flooring, as well as solid and engineered hardwood, are also suitable. Carpeting and vinyl flooring, however, are not good choices. These materials are poor conductors of heat, and are more likely to trap heat than to allow it to radiate into the room. Should I Go with Radiant Heat? If you are building a new house or you are considering a major renovation, radiant heat should definitely be on your list of options, particularly if the house has high ceilings. The best time to install a radiant heat system is when you are building the floors. Adding radiant heat to an existing structure is more labor-intensive and expensive, but it might make sense if you already have a large, underused water heater in good condition. Keep in mind that you do not need radiant heat in every room. You will probably want it in the bedrooms, bathrooms and living room, but hallways, closets and laundry rooms do not need the extra warmth. If you are on the fence, you can always give radiant heat a test run by purchasing an under-carpet heating mat. This provides the same type of warmth you would get from an actual radiant heating system, and the installation costs are zero.
How Can I Get My Foundation Brush Clean?
You will need not just water but also facial foam as well. Apply a dab of your usual facial wash to your palm and swish the wet brush in the hand in circles. You will see the facial foam changing colour to your foundation. Keep adding and washing off the facial wash until the water runs clear. Leave your brush to dry overnight naturally1. best MAC foundation brush that.....?150. It's fluffy enough to actually pick up the powder and be gentle on your face, but it's dense enough to actually deposit color without making you look like you just dunked your face in a bowl of powder. I totally feel where you are coming from here. I had a 187 and a kabuki brush for a really long time, so if I needed that medium amount of coverage, I was kind of screwed. Haha, for a while, I would use my kabuki, but only put powder on half of it. It worked pretty well, if you want to give that a try. But then I bought a 150, and it's just about all I use now. I use my 187 for Mineralize skinfinishes and blush now. Hope this helps!2. Please answer! How do I apply liquid foundation with an essence of beauty foundation brush without streaks?That results in streaks. You need to use a light hand. Use a feathary technique3. Does anyone know a good foundation brush?Mac has some good brushes and why dont you just check em out over line and get the prices4. How do you apply foundation with a brush on forehead?If you are using liquid foundation, one way to do it would be to dot your forhead with foundation and blend it in a downward motion to your nose. Make sure to use light steady strokes of the foundation brush. I hope you like this method and hope it works out for you.5. I have 2 URGENT questions....?1) It would probably be best if you did not . Lip gloss stays gooey and it might run into your eyes. Trust me, just go without until you get a new tube of mascara. 2) Basic brushes to own: Foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, and fluffy eyeshadow brush. That should keep you covered until you decide you want to do something a bit more complex with your makeup. Good luck!6. How can I clean my MAC foundation brush?Foundation Brush Mac7. When you apply foundation with a brush does it change the coverage?Brush can give you thicker coverage whilst blending in the foundation, using your fingers you get a lighter coverage. If you decide to use a foundation brush I really like MACs 190 Brush, it is expensive put worth it.8. How do you clean a foundation brush?i use shampoo on mine as for the drying you need to blot out as much water as possilbe and then leave it to air dry. Mine are normally dry the next morning. Plus I only wash my once a week. That is what my makeup consultant told me9. Has anyone out there purchased MAC make-up?yeap..most of their items are sold separately...but sometimes(once in a blue moon,rather..) they sell it in a set...which is much much cheaper compared to wen u buy the exact items separately..(eg.studio fix foundation compact powder foundation brush - in a cute cosmetic pouch).. so u have to keep a look out for it..or call & enquire the MAC counters abt it. i dun noe if they hav it in ur country..but they hav it in Singapore. =) cheers.10. I really need a good liquid foundation brush!!?Mac brushes are the best!!11. What is the best way to apply cream makeup?I am going to disagree quite a bit here, and this is going to make sense if you use a pricey cream foundation. By using a sponge or beauty blender, you will waste quite a bit of product. My advice is to apply with clean fingers, and use a sponge, beauty blender or foundation brush to blend in the edges, if necessary.12. What's the best liquid foundation/concealer? And what's the best foundation brush?You might like this one Coastal Scents Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette. * 10 Concealers * Can be used by all ages and skin tones * Cream concealers * Very blendable
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