Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design, Unique Luxury Experience

Achieve luxury with art

Salute the era with technology

Huawei mate RS Porsche Design

From the constant exploration and pursuit of science and technology

From every drop of artistic inspiration

Dynamic streamline design of eight curved surfaces

3D integrated glass body

Collision between technology and technology

Make your phone elegant and powerful

Break through the difficulties of each process

Discover the mysteries of science and technology every time

Finally, it brings the Porsche Design of Huawei mate rs

Unique luxury experience

Octahedral surface

Designed by Huawei mate RS Porsche, the positive and negative eight curved 3D glass body is more dynamic, showing the high-end texture of the integration of cutting-edge technology and speed aesthetics. Its fuselage has up to 8 curved surfaces, which has both grip and visual effect. It looks for the curvature of the curved surface and integrates the cleverness and symmetry of immersive design.

artificial intelligence

Equipped with AI intelligence engine composed of Huawei Kirin 970 artificial intelligence chip and emui system, you can continue to learn users' usage habits, be smarter and understand what you think.

Leica three lens

Inheriting Leica's powerful photography gene and innovating the rear Leica triple camera, it can achieve 5x triple zoom. With the new generation of AI technology, it brings more thinking AI photography. Each time you press the shutter, you can easily shoot high-quality blockbusters with the photographer's superb skills.

Double sided fingerprint

Huawei mate RS Porsche Design Innovation adopts on-screen fingerprint, suspension perception and one-step unlocking. At the same time, it is equipped with rear fingerprint recognition, face unlocking and one touch at a glance. The three unlocking methods are arbitrary. Both front and back fingerprints can be used for mobile payment, which can bring worry free security protection. It's safe anyway.

Wireless fast charging

Support wireless fast charging, get rid of the shackles of the charging line, and charge more flexibly and calmly.

Huawei mate RS Porsche Design

There are more mysteries worth exploring

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