Huawei Kirin 970 Chip Media Communication Conference Is Like a Dark Horse in the Chip Industry. It I

On the 25th of this month, Huawei held a media communication meeting on the Huawei Kirin 970 chip. The performance of the on-site display was almost against the sky. According to on-site reports, this Huawei Kirin 970 may be able to surpass the existence of Apple chip Apple a11, which can be said to be very against the sky. Now Xiaobian can say that he is looking forward to the arrival of Huawei mate10. Will you also look forward to it?

Huawei held the 2017 Kirin 970 chip media communication conference with the theme of "Zhihui" in Beijing on September 25. At the conference, Huawei fellow Ai Wei announced all the technical details of Kirin 970 to the media, including the innovation of Kirin 970 in mobile broadband connection and artificial intelligence mobile computing, And how Kirin 970 uses end-to-end artificial intelligence to extend users' vision and hearing ability, as well as demo machine demonstration. Judging from the first-hand information obtained by the reporter of the electronic engineering album at the scene, the experience of Huawei's new mobile phone with the latest generation of Kirin processor comprehensively surpasses Apple's new mobile phone, and there is basically no suspense.

Huawei fellow Ai Wei summarizes the four advantages of Kirin 970

"AI technology is a basic capability and will be driven by application scenarios in the future. After breaking through the performance bottleneck, mobile AI computing will bring a lot of new AI experiences." on September 25, at the 2017 Kirin chip media communication meeting, Huawei fellow Ai Wei told the media including first finance, Huawei will soon open the Kirin 970 as an artificial intelligence mobile computing platform to more developers and partners.

"Huawei provides a complete platform from R & D to market. We will first provide development frameworks in some open source communities," Ai Wei told reporters.

In fact, at the IFA exhibition in Berlin on September 2, Kirin 970 chip attracted great attention both inside and outside the industry with the attitude of "absolute protagonist". As Huawei's first artificial intelligence mobile computing platform, Kirin 970 is known as Huawei's "nuclear weapon" on the terminal side. From the perspective of market action, Qilin is helping Huawei mobile phones build a larger ecosystem.

"Based on Kirin 970, Hisilicon will build an AI development platform, and developers can use the development version of the platform to develop more AI applications. If this platform is successfully built, Huawei will compete with cloud service providers such as Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba through terminals in the future era of artificial intelligence, so as to avoid being marginalized by these internet giants." Wang Yang, China Research Director of IHS technology, told China business news.

He believes that operators have been pipelined. If terminal enterprises do not provide an open development platform to cooperate with application developers, they will have less and less voice in the era of big data in the future.

Kirin decade

"Huawei firmly believes that chips are the Pearl on the crown of the ICT industry. From the beginning, we chose the most difficult way to climb. Through continuous investment in the research and development of core terminal chips, we mastered core technologies and built long-term and lasting competitiveness, so as to provide users with the best use experience." Huawei fellow Ai Wei previously explained why Huawei should make continuous investment in the chip field.

According to the reporter, Huawei established the ASIC design center as early as 1991. According to insiders, the design center can be regarded as the predecessor of Huawei's chip, mainly designing chips for Huawei's communication equipment.

As Europe gradually began to enter the 3G era, in October 2004, Huawei officially established Hisilicon, ready to start with 3G chips, and successively entered the world's top operators such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and NTT DoCoMo, with a cumulative sales volume of nearly 100 million chips, accounting for about half of the market share with Qualcomm, the leader of 3G chips at that time.

In 2009, k3v1 was released, which was the first smartphone chip released by Hisilicon since its establishment. Although this chip did not go to the market due to the immaturity of technology, this chip opened the "running mode" behind Hisilicon and also had the growth of Kirin.

At the scene of Kirin 970 communication meeting, the first financial reporter saw a background version full of the history of Huawei chip Kirin outside the interview area, showing several key nodes of Kirin's development in the past decade. The description of Kirin 970 is "innovative exploration of mobile AI computing, looking forward to working with partners and developers to open the wireless possibility of end-to-side AI".

Ai Wei said at the scene that artificial intelligence will bring the mobile Internet into the era of intelligent Internet. Huawei not only hopes that future mobile phones can understand and understand, but also hopes that it can understand human demands in a human way of thinking, so that people can obtain independent and appropriate information and services.

However, the core of AI technology is to process massive data. At present, the traditional computing architecture with CPU / GPU / DSP as the core can not meet the massive demand for computing performance in the AI era. Therefore, the SOC chip of mobile phone should not only pursue the best performance, but also add each capability in the way of the highest performance density and the best energy efficiency, which puts forward ultra-high requirements for the design of the chip.

"Therefore, Kirin 970 chose the heterogeneous computing architecture with the highest energy efficiency to greatly improve the computing power of AI. It innovatively designed the hIaI mobile computing architecture and integrated the NPU dedicated hardware processing unit for the first time. Its AI performance density is much better than CPU and GPU. Compared with the four cortex-a73 cores, the new heterogeneous computing architecture has about 25 times the performance and 50 times the performance when processing the same AI application tasks The advantage of energy efficiency means that the Kirin 970 chip can complete AI computing tasks faster with less energy consumption. Taking the image recognition speed as an example, the Kirin 970 can reach about 2005 pieces / min, and this super AI computing speed is much higher than that of the industry in the same period. "Ai Wei told reporters.

In addition, the CPU and GPU, two other important components of the Kirin 970 hIaI architecture, have also been improved. According to the official introduction, the energy efficiency of Kirin 970 CPU has been improved by 20%, taking the lead in commercial Mali G72 MP12 GPU. Compared with the previous generation, the graphics processing performance has been improved by 20%, and the energy efficiency has been improved by 50%. It can support the smooth operation of 3D large-scale games for a longer time, and support a new generation of mobile Internet experience such as AR / VR.

Openness and cooperation

In addition to interpreting the technical parameters, Huawei also demonstrated the technical capabilities of the Kirin 970 in different scenarios, such as noise reduction, photographing capability under motion and call capability under high-speed rail scenarios.

In the "smart beauty exhibition area", Huawei demonstrated the AI beauty function of Kirin 970. Users can automatically detect and beautify faces when standing in the designated area, and can change different dynamic effects every 3 seconds. Even if they move in front of the camera, AI beauty can fit accurately.

In the "freeze frame moment image exhibition area", the reporter noticed that there is a model in motion. The model is captured with Kirin 970. It can be seen from the photos that the capture of Kirin 970 is also very clear in such a fast motion state. According to the field staff, Kirin 970 supports intelligent motion detection and can capture objects in large motion. Through in-depth optimization of the whole process of photographing processing, such as response time, focusing, motion detection and exposure strategy, the comprehensive response processing time of photographing is reduced by 30%.

In fact, these are the application scenarios "defined" by Kirin 970. Ai Wei said that artificial intelligence technology is a basic capability and will be driven by application scenarios in the future. After breaking through the performance bottleneck, mobile AI computing will bring a large number of new AI experiences. This development is inseparable from the joint innovation of the industry, the efforts of tens of millions of developers, and the experience and feedback of hundreds of millions of users.

"Therefore, Huawei will open the Kirin 970 as an artificial intelligence mobile computing platform to more developers and partners, and provide perfect support for multi application mode and machine learning framework, so that developers can obtain the powerful AI computing power of Kirin 970 in their most familiar way, develop applications with more imagination and new experience, and jointly create the beauty of mobile AI computing applications In the future, we will open up an intelligent society with infinite imagination, "said Ai Wei.

At the communication meeting, the reporter noted that the list of 11 partners announced by Huawei for in-depth cooperation with Kirin 970 also includes academic institutions and companies such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 360.

"In a sense, the Kirin 970 indicates that Huawei has gone out of its own path on the chip and does not need to follow other manufacturers." Sheng Linghai, vice president of Gartner research and chip industry analyst, told reporters that from just following others to making the most suitable products now, Huawei has the confidence to establish its own unique style, which is very important.

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