Huawei and Shenzhen Metro Will Jointly Build "Dawan District on Track" Relying on the Construction o

2020 is an extraordinary year and a special intersection period of technology explosion and industry change. Digital transformation is releasing huge value potential. Through the collaboration of "five machines" of connection, cloud, computing, AI and industrial applications, digital technology is integrated into business innovation scenarios.

At Huawei's full connection conference 2020, Peng Zhongyang, director of Huawei and President of enterprise BG, delivered a keynote speech on "building a new digital paradigm and jointly creating new values in the industry", pointing out that the future development of intelligent society urgently needs to build a new paradigm of industry digital transformation. At present, Huawei has created and is promoting 100 scenario based solutions and joint partners to create more new value in the industry.

"There are three key elements to realize scene digitization. The first is' having technology ', which means being good at integrating a variety of ICT technologies with core businesses. The second is' understanding the industry', which means' fearing the industry ', gaining in-depth insight into the industry and understanding the know-how of the industry. The last is' real practice', which means that scene digitization is not achieved by talking on paper, but by integrating knowledge with practice To explore and create, "he said.

It is reported that Huawei has transformed more than 10 business scenarios in the coal mine by digitizing the mine infrastructure, realized digital twinning, and promoted the digitization and intelligence of the whole mine business. By jointly building a film and television industry cloud platform with customers and ecological partners, the whole process of collection, editing, broadcasting, storage and transmission of "malanshan" video cultural and creative industrial park is optimized, so as to shorten the production cycle by 30% and reduce the production cost by 20%. During the six-month transformation in 2018, Huawei Dongguan logistics park developed automatic equipment and intelligent algorithms, which increased the per capita delivery efficiency of the logistics park by 67% and shortened the supply cycle by 50%.

"To build a digital future, we need a symbiotic and shared digital ecology. The essence of business in the digital age is to make a big cake, a positive sum game, not a zero sum game." Huawei proposes to build a "digital ecological Cube" from three dimensions. First, aiming at the digital future, Huawei deeply explores the demands of N segmentation scenarios that are far from being met in various industries, This is the premise of making a big cake; Secondly, we need to gather partners with n abilities and give full play to their expertise, which is the basis for making a big cake; Finally, we should create n cooperation modes and business models to realize symbiosis, CO creation and sharing, which is the eternal power source for making a big cake.

Taking Shenzhen smart airport as an example, Huawei, together with the industry's top solution partners, based on the "5-Machine" collaboration, integrated terminal equipment, data governance, industry applications, etc., built scenario specific schemes for flight business flow, seat allocation, ground handling support, etc. in 2019, more than 2.6 million ferry trips were reduced, and the security inspection efficiency was improved by 60%, creating an efficient The future airport of safety and excellent experience.

"Holding the old map, you can't find the new world". At the end of his speech, Peng Zhongyang called on every customer and partner to embrace change, build a new paradigm of industry digitization and create a great future.

In the link of "Peng · friends all over the world", Peng Zhongyang also invited customers who have achieved fruitful results on the road of digital transformation to share their experience on behalf of Huawei. Chen Jinzu, general manager of Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd., said that Shenzhen airport will continue to deepen the digital transformation in the future, try first, and contribute more "Shenzhen wisdom" and "Shenzhen experience" to the construction of civil aviation smart airport.

Tang Shaojie, general manager of Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd., said that as the backbone of public transport in the city, Shenzhen Metro will rely on the construction of Shenzhen smart city to promote the integration of stations and cities, the high integration of multiple modes of transportation in the city and the region, and jointly build "Dawan district on the track".

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