How to Return a Fathers Day Gift That Know Kids Should Not Being Buying for Me Without Being Rude.?

Sorry, kiddo, but there is no way to return the gift without looking boorish and unappreciative. Your kids love you and appreciate you. They want to do something nice to show you that. Let them. They will for years to come.

1. what can i get for my dad this fathers day?

Hi Matilda, does he have sports or hobbies that he enjoys? You know him, so if you look at the things he enjoys the most, there is where you might find the best gift in his favorite Genre of enjoyment. I know from my daughters, anything from them is extra special, even a card to say how you feel about your Dad is awesome. Hope this helps.

2. What are you getting your dad for fathers day?

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3. i need some ideas for my daughter to give gift to their dad on fathers day?!!!!?

stepping stones with their hand prints on them and their names and dates on it. That or dad's Helpers on a shirt with their hand prints on them can use fabric paint to write it or a sharpie marker on a white shirt or a sweat shirt...U could even use a colored sharpie marker to trace hand's onto shirt or even onto white hankies if they use them... or take a picture of the three of them for your husband and frame it or even have it made into a photo shirt for dear dad. and I am not sure if the first two go with dad & the other one with step dad again I am not sure how it is there U can do separate pictures to which ever dad and frame them,It does not have to be done professionally and put into picture frame or made into a puzzle or put on a shirt or sweat shirt. Good luck Enjoy your day give them the kids & kick up your heels and have a mom time :P part of me is kidding here....the other part is not ... I had a mothers day party at our local hotel here and invited my exspouse and his wife and family to join in a mom's day and ate cake and I got to swim and soak in a hot tub too all by myself and I loved it...:)

4. fathers day present PLEASE HELP?

A wallet? Golf hat? Something Handmade?

5. Is this a good Father's Day gift for my unborn baby's dad?

That would be a great idea. It's extremely thoughtful and I am sure he will appreciate it. I got a rocking recliner (although it was not for father's day) when we found out we were having a baby. It has now lots of memories attached to it....falling asleep, calming down, relaxing together, ballgames, etc...I also have a few momentos that I find every now and then....cheerios, crackers, etc. My kids are now 3 and 1. Enjoy and best wishes to you!

6. Happy Fathers Day, what did you get??

A double question? I got him exactly what I got him in response to the first question. (I am just answering here just because it's an easy extra 2 points)

7. im making a fathers day gift for my grandfather , wonder if its a good idea?

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