How to Keep My Aquariums Cool Enough?

How to keep my aquariums cool enough?

they could desire to do ok at 86 degree F for short intervals. At bigger temps there is way less obtainable oxygen, so make certain you have greater than a number of floor circulation on your tank (wait in basic terms think again the question and you are so stable you are already on it!!! yay). What you prefer to avert is drastic Temperature shifts. in the adventure that your tank fluctuates 5 stages F or greater, it ought to reason stress to the fish and enhance the flair for ailment. no remember if it truly is persevering with, even a intense consistent, they could desire to do fantastic for a on an identical time as. generally human beings enhance their temp to approximately 86 F to wrestle ich or different parasites, and that they have got sustained their fish for weeks at this temp. in case you are truly worried, chillers are high priced yet super. because of the fee, I in basic terms use them on my reef tanks and for tender fish the place a drastic replace in temp will injury or kill them

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How can I control my aquariums (Molly) Population?

Buy and set up another 10 gal tank, get 1-2 female betta fish and put the babies in with them with very little hiding places, the babies that are smart naught hide in the few placed there are to his, then they will survive and the rest wo not . Or just make less hiding places in the Molly tank

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newbie to saltwater aquariums- advice on tank?

nano and biocubes are a good tank to start with. i started witht he 29 biocube for $250 and it was easy as pie to maintain, i had been doing FW for about 7 years at that time. i really recommend them as beginner tanks. 24 gallons is plentty of space for a pair of occelarus or percula clownfish. try getting some frogspawn coral or hammer coral, they are easier to care for than most anemones and the clown may host in them at well. plus you can make some money when it grown, selling peices of it.

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Saltwater Aquariums? PLEASE ANSWER 10 POINTS!?

the best way to answer all your questions at once is simply type in the name of the fish your interested in (in the search box) then read the information given on each i also suggest you check out (beginners guide-salt water) before you get too involved in a new tank as salt water tanks are much harder to set up and maintain than fresh water

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My aquariums plants have hair!!?

You did not get a single complete answer. Visibly, yes, it's hair algae; technically, it's red algae, while hair algae is green algae. However, it's not just any hair algae, and not just any standard procedure will remove it. Almost no fish, with the exception of the Siamese Algae Eater (Crossocheilus siamensis; not to be confused with Chinese Algae Eater, Flying Fox, Otos, Plecos, or anything of the sort), will even consider the stuff palatable. Unless you have access to a few SAE, I would recommend you remove the afflicted plants, soak them in a 5% bleach (unscented) solution for 2 minutes, rinse them well with dechlorinated water, and do a 50% water change on the main tank. This will remove the set-in algae on the plants without harming the plants, and the water change will remove much of what is fueling the algae's growth-- nitrates and phosphates. If your tap water naturally has high levels of nitrate and/or phosphate, I would recommend you consider using reverse osmosis or deionized water, or investing in a filter insert that works via ion exchange to remove nitrate and phosphate

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For marine aquariums, what is your favorite fish and why?

well. how big is your tank? and what is in it? is it a reef tank? my favorite small, reef safe fish, is the blue spotted jawfish small, not reef safe fish, pink spotted puffer large reef safe, sohal tang large not reef safe, longfin bannerfish, or V tail grouper of course price and availibility should also be considerations. the BSJ for example commonly exceeds $120. same with the sohal tang well sorry to burst any bubbles, but koran angels and 99% of butterlfies are not reef safe. as with almost all triggers. but there are a few exceptions to both. if you told us the dimensions of the tank i could tell you how big the tank is. reccomendations for a trigger for a reef tank? pinktails, crosshatch, niger, blue throats recc. for a butterfly for a reef? schooling bannerfish (NOT the black and white or longfin bannerfish, there is a difference) longnose and big longnose butterfly, copperbanded, and certain individual addis butterflies

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