How to Integrate AI and Big Data

Xu Zhiying, executive deputy general manager of Hetai intelligence, Wang Wei, general manager of smart appliances division of Xinhai Technology, Guan Zhen, general manager of Internet of things industry development of Microsoft, pan Shaoqi, marketing director of arm Asia Pacific, Chen Hongdao, COO of Shanghai Shenghan technology, Li Zhiyong, CEO of Yilian intelligence, Chen Shi, deputy general manager of huabai'an intelligence, Zeng Yu, chairman of Galaxy Fengyun, and Mr. Liu Xiangnong, chairman of animal husbandry China. They explained the latest technological progress and market trend of smart home from the perspectives of the selection strategy of smart home service platform, the entrance of smart home, the application of mbed platform in smart home, lighting solutions in smart home and smart community.

Xu Zhiying, deputy general manager of Hetai Intelligence: c-life platform is based on big data service smart home platform

How to expand the smart home market cake? Xu Zhiying, executive deputy general manager of Hetai, believes that there are six major problems in smart home in the era of big data: 1. Product structure and single service mode; 2. Each major brand operates independently, and the products cannot be interconnected; 3. Lack of unified platform for management and operation; 4. Lack of scene linkage ability, unable to realize ecological closed loop; 5. User data and equipment data have no rules to follow, and lack data definition and planning ability; 5. AI technology based on big data has not been widely used.

Figure 2: Xu Zhiying, executive deputy general manager of Hetai

According to Xu Zhiying, executive deputy general manager of hertai, with the development of society and the gradual popularization of the Internet of things, the future will be an era of strong interaction. People, people and things, things and things all need to communicate. This communication is not superficial, but based on deep computing, deep logic and thinking. In order to realize such communication, society needs an operation core platform, What c-life needs to do is the core support platform for social operation in the era of big data. He ertai has established a R & D team of more than 900 people and obtained more than 600 core patents.

President Xu showed the architecture of the c-life platform with clear pictures. Taking the closed-loop family scene as an example, c-life3.0 provides full scene services for smart home life, including bedroom, living room, kitchen, beauty, bathroom, health, elderly care and so on. There is an industrial extension ecosystem outside. Hetai realizes multi-level and full scene family closed-loop service, self configuration, self-organization, self-learning and self-tuning.

President Xu pointed out that the c-life big data platform series topology shows the full realization of the openness of the cloud (the accessed cloud manufacturers include Alibaba cloud, JD cloud, Huawei cloud and many other manufacturers), the openness of communication protocols and the openness on app.

At the end of the industrial chain, c-life3.0 provides big data three-dimensional operation services for industry partners with the definition and vertical management ability of industrial data. President Xu said that the background needs data planning, data definition, understanding of user behavior habits, and some communication with to B manufacturers through massive data collection, storage and calculation, scene modeling and feature processing Artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning model training and prediction help enterprises quickly build their own big data operation system.

Xinhai Technology Wang Wei: the core of smart home is big data

Wang Wei, general manager of smart appliances division of Xinhai Technology, believes that the core of smart home is big data and smart equipment is the foundation.

As an integrated circuit design enterprise focusing on the electronic field of the Internet of things, Xinhai Technology has the advantages of high-precision ADC, low-power / high reliability MCU, high-performance digital analog hybrid integrated circuit design technology, Bluetooth wireless communication technology, app and cloud platform.

Figure 3: Wang Wei, general manager of smart electrical appliances division of Xinhai Technology

What does core technology do for smart home? President Wang listed three major customer service points: air conditioning is a large household power consumer. Xinhai provides power metering sensors to monitor voltage, current, power, grid quality and user power consumption. The cloud can judge the operation status of the equipment according to the data and provide targeted services; Smart refrigerator, Xinhai can provide customers with load cells, electric energy calculation sensors and frost sensors, which can inform the refrigerator status according to real-time data analysis and remind customers when to carry out maintenance services for their machines; In intelligent washing machines and intelligent range hoods, Xinhai also has mature sensor products.

In the future, the smart home market will have a growth of 100 billion. In order to catch up with the new market blowout period, Xinhai integrates ADC, SOC, MCU, low-power Bluetooth module, WiFi module and standardization scheme, and provides "Xinlian cloud" platform as service support at the back end to provide an overall service.

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