How to Fix Dc 12 Led Lights That Burn Out Due to Excess Voltage Or Current

Unfortunately you do not tell us how much current is needed by your LEDs and fans.Assuming that this current is less than 2 A you could consider using a buck-boost converter like this:In the description this model is listed as usable up to 3 A but you have to take that with a grain of salt. I would use it up to 1 A and not be worried. Maybe it would survive 2 A just fine, At 3 A it might get too hot and not work in the long run. Then it would be better to use a module rated for 5 A.Actually the name is wrong as the converter first boosts the voltage up to for example 24 V and then uses a DCDC down converter (a buck converter) to lower the voltage to the voltage you need, for example 12 V.This means the module will output 12 V as long as the input voltage stays within (quite broad) limits. So even at 10. 5 V or 15 V at the input, you will always get 12 V at the output.There are many different modules similar to this one, just search for "Buck boost module"

1. What do I need to buy for my car to make LED lights flash to music?

You need a modified color organ circuit, basically band pass filter, level detector, and comparator

2. If i buy a custom xbox 360 controller can i change the led lights from the default green to purple?

You can. You have to either put them in yourself, or get them like that. As for the battery drainage, if you are just getting it in the circle around the "X" then no. If it does, it will drain it so slightly, you wo not even notice a difference. Just make sure you use eco ones.

3. In New York state, is is legal for a motorcycle to have LED lights on while moving?

As long as they are not blue or red you can get away with it.

4. My Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1 is plugged in but will not start nor will the LED lights come on?

check the circuit braker box and make sure it's on. if that's ok, then test the outlet itself with a small appliance

5. How do you solve the "half strand out" problem in a strand of LED lights?

One of the bulbs in the light strand is defective could be more than one bulb. Find the defective bulbs in the strands and you will have a full working 100 light strand. I've been doing this for the past two weeks hanging my christmas decorations. That was the problem in every strand that did this to me.

6. Is it against the law to have blue LED lights on your car in Pennsylvania?

Who cares? They are ugly anyways....

7. Can I use a 125v toggle switch to hook up led lights to a 12v battery on a motorcycle?

12 Volt Toggle Switch

8. What's the real Pros of using LED lights?

they last waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than normal bulbs

9. How many led lights can u put on a 12v battery?

Depends upon the rating of the LEDs, but I would presume it could be about 100 due to 3V battery strings found during the holidays having 10-25 lights

10. How many LED lights do you need for an Xbox 360 controller?

4 1 for each player number

11. LED lights that turn on when the doors open Chevy Impala?

Hi Pat Mehgroin , There is no better way to light up your Chevy Impala than getting it equipped with the top-quality LED lights.

12. Where can you get LED lights professionally installed?

You can get ANYTHING professionally installed. As the first answer stated, it may or may not be legal wherever you are

13. will adding led lights to your xbox 360 console get you banned from xbox live?

Led Lights For Xbox 360 Console

14. Will my LED lights for my keyboard and mouse die if I do not unplug them overnight?

No Need... The lights on the keyboard will more than likely outlast the keyboard itself... so leave them on and get your money's worth..

15. What are some good batteries for Inovas LED lights?

John, as far as I know the only people that test the various batteries against each other are employed by the various battery companies. The results as published by them? "No battery lasts longer than ours!" Ooooh, boy. I think you better just go with the best buy, that's what I do. Welcome to the wonderful world of advertising.

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