How Should I Do My Makeup If I Have a Coral Colored Prom Dress?

How should I do my makeup if I have a coral colored prom dress?

Hello! Ok, you are so lucky to have hazel eyes because almost all colors of eye shadow can look good with it. Here's what I would do: Prime your eyes and with a brush apply a gold shadow to the lid & into your crease. Add eye liner. Fix eye shadow if necessary. A light/almost not even there blush for any skin type. Add a nice soft pink gloss, stain, or lipstick depending on what you prefer. Have a good time!

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What is an eye color that not many people have?

No purple eyes arent natural. Gray eyes are not all that common. Or you could get fancy and say hazel eyes with gold flecks or something

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eyeliner gel for hazel eyes?

Black,brown,green,purple and gold eyeliners will all make hazel eyes pop.I think you should get black.Hope this helps. P.S Black will contrast nicely,but brown will bring out the green that hazel have.I think I depends on the look you want and if you want it for everyday use.Brown might be too light for you.

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What color shirt brings out hazel eyes?

Green, blue, brown. Earthy tones (: Maybe red?

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What color makeup will make hazel eyes pop?

blue does good luck :)

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what is the best color shadow for hazel eyes?

i use either black or silver

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What Color Eyeliner/Eyeshadow/Mascara goes the best with Hazel Eyes?

caramel dark brown purple

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How can I make hazel eyes pop?

little shading on lash ends make eyes longer, you may sharpen color with inner lining and mascara, if your skin is ivory or contain cold tones,can use pinkish to dark blues

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What are good makeup tips for people with fair skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes?

for human beings mutually with your crowning glory i could think of that a dismal-medium brown hair shade could experience, dark hair is in sort this season everyone is going darker or i assume you ought to attempt and stand out in step with threat try it with a plum tint. makeup i could say do not you need to be like everyone else, attempting to get the tanned seem, which will in simple terms artwork with people who've a organic tan different clever it in simple terms seems cheesy and orange. so try to save your commencing up organic, in case you have undesirable pores and skin i detect the dream matt concealer works nicely continually be conscious that first and then flow directly to a liquid commencing up and end with a powder. mascara could make or wreck a seem, you desire to be desirable and organic, your eyelashes must be curved nicely yet not so thick. wish that helped :)

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how can you make hazel eyes stand out?

Brown , Gold/Yellow, Green, Plum

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What do you think of when you hear this name? (its for a book im writing)?

(teenager) she sounds like a rich girl. her parents were probably really successful. she goes to a private school. smart. short Blonde wavy hair. blue eyes. straight teeth. wears jeans and blouses. pure skin. painted nails. (adult) CEO at some large company. maybe has her own line of clothing. Multi millionaire. not married. no kids. successful. not very many close friends. grey/blonde. tight skin. thin lips. hazel eyes. high heel kinda person. i see her wearing fur coats. does not smoke. enjoys wine. light skin. (old lady) happy. lived a great life. was adventurous. widowed. four kids, six grand kids. has memory problems. a few wrinkles. solid colored pants. no patterns on the pants. cushy sandals. pink lips. white hair. soft blue eyes. great laugh. I hope I helped. :)

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what color eyeshadow do you use for green eyes?

I have hazel eyes and I use all natural colors. Like pale green, brown, and tan. If you wear a yellow shirt, defiantly use a green eye shadow. If you were a blue shirt, wear a brown eye shadow. Some magazines such as Seventeen and Cosmo Girl have good make up tips with different eye shadow colors. You could always go to the make up stands in the mall and ask which eye shadows would look best on you. Good Luck

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pale skin,hazel eyes,black hair. sharp features?

You definitely do not have sharp features. They are very soft however it may be your cheekbones he is talking about as they are quite high and could be seen as sharp (which is in no way a bad thing. it's what model agencies look for) Also about the not looking American thing - I am not sure why but you do not look American - it might be the light hair (i am blonde and always getting told I look swedish) what genes do you have in your family? that might point to why you look unamerican :D finally, you are very pretty so be happy whether people think you have soft or sharp features :D.

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