How Much Would It Cost to Have the Seats in My Suzuki Sx4 Sport Switched From Cloth to Leather?

your best bet is to look up your local auto upholstery shop and ask a few of them i think you will really start liking the cloth or maybe a leather substitute if possible to have a leather interior done is expensive and i am not sure if the factory had a leather option for that car if so the covers could be bought alot easier and less expensive than making from scratch overall its going to be on the expensive side good luck

1. How do you get rid of orange peel on your car?

it will have to be wet sanded with a fine sandpaper 1000 to 1500 grit and then buffed.all paint has orange peel effect to some extent even from the factory just not as bad because they bake the paint and is a cleaner environment

2. if my car doesnt have an auxiliary audio input, can i have it installed in?

typically the toyota/lexus factory radio's have a special port usually used for a cd changer, but they do sell adapters that will add an auxiliary input that ties into that port. Typically i would suggest an e-bay search for Aux Input Adapter for your car. I am actually surprised the factory does not offer it as a option since it is fairly common on most luxury cars nowadays. If it is offered and you want to spend the money and have it look like it is factory installed in the car i would suggest having the dealer add the option. The aftermarket way is cheaper but it will be just a cable running from the back of the radio.

3. How much does it cost to paint a car?

You are wasting your time and money to change the color af EITHER car. Both cars have paint systems that chemically fuse the paint to the metal at the factory. You will NEVER be able to duplicate the process. If you want a car of a different color, then TRADE it for what you want!!!! To paint either car is more like defacing it. If the Beetle is an OLD beetle (1970's) then that is different. You will totally ruin what you have by attempting to change the color.

4. Where can I go to get a copy made of a Medeco key?

Some Medeco keyways are unrestricted; others can only be copied (officially) by the issuing locksmith, which might be the factory (e.g. the S1 and R1 keyways).If you want to copy a medeco key using a restricted keyway for which you do not have acces to the authorization card, it's pretty easy to use a key (or a photograph of a key) and rapid prototyping/cnc machining to make a perfectly functional key.Mechanical keys are a dead security technology. There are no genuinely high security applications for which they are authorized; they are used within secure environments for policy enforcement among authorized users (e.g. lockout/tagout, or need to know enforcement, and for low security applications

5. 2005 Mercury Mountaineer - Front End Squeaking?

It sounds like a bad lower ball joint or outer tie rod-they are sealed from the factory and sometimes dry up and cannot be greased-only replaced

6. How do i turn up the heat on the water heater?

Is it electric & how old is the water heater. They are preset from the factory. If the water is not staying hot as it used to u probably have a heating element that has burnt out

7. Does putting different rims on my car effect the power output?

How much a wheel and tire combination weights does have an impact on acceleration and handling. While the engine out put remains the same, static weight has to be overcome to accelerate. In general sized wheels weigh more, which means the car will be slower off the line an at speed changes. Ride comfort is decreased and steering effort increased. Just one reason my cars ride on small rims like they did from the factory and not 2 rims.

8. where are spark plugs on 1997 Ford E-150 5.4L?

You must remove the ignition coils to get to the plugs. with anti-seize. There are only 4 threads holding the plugs in, and if they loosen up, they will vibrate, break the threads and eject. The plug breakage problem comes on the '03- and later heads where there are 8 threads holding the plugs in, and the steel plug bodies try to gall in the aluminum cylinder head due to a lack of anti-seize compound from the factory

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