How Much Do You Know About Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing is no longer a distant concept, but an educational subject we must face;

Intelligent manufacturing is no longer an innovation of production technology, but is forming a new intelligent manufacturing ecology;

The cultivation of smart manufacturing talents needs to connect with the new smart manufacturing ecology, the new technical direction and the new talent demand.

(1) What is intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing (IM) is a man-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. It can carry out intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making, replace or extend part of human mental work in the manufacturing environment, and collect, store, improve, share Inherit and develop the manufacturing intelligence of human experts.

(2) Advantages of intelligent manufacturing

Higher output: intelligent manufacturing controls machine production through better control methods (including AI, robot, batch control, etc.), which is more efficient than traditional manufacturing.

Higher accuracy: in the production process, the use of machine vision and other methods can bring more accurate discrimination. In addition, in the whole production process, the traditional manufacturing industry needs to use better equipment and train operators in order to reduce the failure rate, but it is still difficult to reduce the failure rate. While smart manufacturing big data can analyze errors and prevent the failure rate caused by errors.

Better prediction: the big data of intelligent manufacturing will be more conducive to the manufacturing industry to control its own output and better predict, so as to produce under the most valuable production conditions.

Better customization and personalization: the production process of intelligent manufacturing can realize real-time control, and adjust the production robot according to customer needs, so it is easier to manufacture customized and personalized products.

Higher profit return: by using the big data of intelligent manufacturing, we can better understand the efficiency of manufacturing operation, count the return on investment (ROI) in the process of intelligent upgrading and transformation, and the manufacturing industry can better formulate future manufacturing plans.

It needs a teaching and training system developed intelligently combined with robot application scenarios, and a robot teaching and experimental solution integrating teaching and training platform, robot course resources, training projects and extracurricular competitions, so as to serve the teaching, experiment and new technology training of robot specialty in Colleges and universities, and cultivate robot innovative talents.

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