How Long Will the Raiders Be the Joke of Football?

How long will the Raiders be the joke of football?

As long as senile Al is in control

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When (if ever) will the Raiders stop sucking?

When Al Davis is in his final resting spot

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Why does everybody like the Raiders...?

I live in the bay area. But not in Oakland. In San Francisco. We hate the Raiders! LOL I think people like the raiders cause of their logo and colors. When I drive to Oakland to watch the A's play I see a couple of raiderette fans lol They can not even name their wide out. How pathetic. Go NINERS!

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Racine Raiders

The Racine Raiders American football club is a Mid-States Football League team based in Racine, Wisconsin. Founded in 1953, they are the oldest minor league football team still operating in Wisconsin (United States). After a decade-long drought, the team has risen to prominence again, winning a national championship in two of the past six years, bringing their total to nine national titles. The Raiders were the first minor league football team to gain 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Organization is composed entirely of volunteers. Helmet Design: Silver background with a cowboy bandit in black with an eye patch on the left eye with a half and half bandanna of cardinal and black. President: Matt Nelson General Manager: Robbie Harrington Head Coach: Wilbert Kennedy

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Who are your favorite Raiders?

wow...too many to name bro.....gotta love them Raiders!

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Would the Raiders turn into instant Super Bowl contenders by signing TO?

did the raiders turn into SB contenders when they had Moss??? what makes you think TO would do it???

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Should the Raiders sign Tim Tebow to a contract ?

Actually, it depends on his work ethic during every offseason. If Tim Tebow rededicates himself to work hard and perform very well in practice every day, he will greatly improve his chances of getting signed to play for an NFL team, such as the Oakland Raiders, in the future

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Are the raiders at least a .500 team with a new QB?

As long as Jason does not get hurt and the raiders get some more weapons for him to through to or his wide recievers step it up this year, yeah, they may not suck as bad. The best I see them doing next year is getting third in there division. Even though Asomugha is a really good player, there defence has still struggled. i think that haveing Seymor for an entire season will help but they need LOTS more help on each side of the ball. So to answer your question, NO, they will have another losing season

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Does anyone else think the Raiders really screwed up their draft this year?

If they are going to make a serious attempt at rebuilding, then they started right, with a franchise QB. They got him a couple of targets and maybe a better running game. They will still be stuffed into the mud this year. But next year they pick up a better O-line and keep their defense solid. By year three they could actually be taken seriously in their division. Rebuilding takes time.

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what do you think about raiders darren mcfadden?

Hell of a RB. I saw him a lot at Arkansas and I remember the terrible time my Alabama Crimson Tide had trying to stop him (and Felix Jones). He was like a man amongst boys at times out there. I was really shocked when he struggled his first 2 years but injuries had a lot to do with that. He is healthy and finally showing what he can do now that the Raiders are finally featuring him

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Southern Oregon Raiders football under Roy McNeal

Southern Oregon University fielded its first football team in 1927. That season, playing as the Southern Oregon Normal School, was the first of only two undefeated and untied seasons in school history

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1975 Texas Tech Red Raiders football team

The 1975 Texas Tech Red Raiders football team represented Texas Tech University in the Southwest Conference during the 1975 NCAA Division I football season. In their first season under head coach Steve Sloan, the Red Raiders compiled a 6-5 record (4-3 against conference opponents), finished in fourth place in the conference, and outscored opponents by a combined total of 272 to 251. The team's statistical leaders included Tommy Duniven with 1,038 passing yards, Larry Isaac with 751 rushing yards, and Sammy Williams with 496 receiving yards. The team played its home games at Clifford B. & Audrey Jones Stadium

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