How Do We Advise Our Kids to Protect Themselves From (kids Gone Wild) School Shootings?

How do we advise our kids to protect themselves from (kids gone wild) school shootings?

All colleges could have locked doors and a double door equipment with steel detector so as that if alarm is going off, the guy with gun is trapped in center and cant get out. napping gas is going off and human beings call police

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Any anarchists here who can help me with the questions I have?

Why do we need rulers , Why can not we just as human beings pay the blue collar employees to make sure we have power without a ruler getting his share of the pie? There is no reason to pay a ruler for something he does not even contribute to

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What to get a 12 and 14 year old girl's for

for a stocking. eyeshadow lipgloss bubblebath cheap earrings makeup in favourite I have an identical situation for my 14-15yr previous niece and human beings say outfits at that age siz degrees any way and giftcards relies upon on the keep my my females like wrapping up presants truly onf only a card

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How do you believe human beings came to be?

I believe God created humanity

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where could I find an outfit like this for less then $50.00?

some techniques from our selfmade wedding ceremony. customer record a hundred or much less, exclude babies under a definite age (until eventually human beings are traveling a super distance) Have the reception at a hall or interior the church. Have a buffet. Recruit associates to assist serve foodstuff, cake and so on, establish and freshen up. tell everyone who provides cost that it is too plenty and ask them in the event that they could come down. Order a small cake for demonstrate and slicing ceremony, then have sheet cake in the back of the curtain for travelers. Ask a relative to pay for something as their present (cake, dj, gown, fkowers) Print your individual courses and invites with preprinted papers from Paper Direct or staples party shops, dollar shops, ebay, decrease cost warehouses -- super places for plates, cups, table cloths, candles, favors, wedding ceremony party presents, and so on. Use a food market for flora (we used Shoprite) artwork your you understand everyone who can get you savings? you do not could desire to spend hundreds on a gown. Ask a relative/pal to do the video -- or a school student. We had a desirable wedding ceremony. the only remorseful approximately I relatively have is that we skimped on the photographer. i've got seen a good number of human beings's desirable photos and choose we would have spent extra -- yet my uncle and cousin (photos is a interest) took stunning candid photos that I cherish. each and all of the main suitable.

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Is Andrew Breitbart a despicable human being?

Breitbart is performing a valuable public service. You are lying about the Sherrod video and even Tingles Mathews says so. He should have come up with a better story but it's too late now. You would think that these idiot congresspeople would learn that when using a phone or computer treat every item as if it will be posted on the headlines of all media.

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Does God have moral obligations to human beings?

God has no obligations to human beings. Human beings were created for God's pleasure to worship and fellowship with Him. Everything human beings receive is because of God's grace

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How will evolution alter human beings in the future?

dead unless something fundamental changes in our thinking.purely evolutionary IMO. we will probably all be malotto fairly small, with a large head to body ratio. probably the neuron density would be far greater. unless we continue to inter act physically with our environment we will lose lots of muscle mass. I could see a differentiation in human one type robust and the other far less so. this is a normal division that happens in almost all species. bonobos and chimps are a good example the graciel form of chimp lives in dense jungle and the robust form in semi open forest.if we get into space for real i could see further changes in physical form to adapt to low gravity and high solar radiations of various types

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