How Are You Preparing for the Coming Cold, Snowy Winter?

I just got a new mailbox, with a door that stays closed. My old, rusty mailbox's door flops open whenever the wind blows. My brother will install the new mailbox as soon as he returns from Tennessee. Winter happens every year, so I already own a snow shovel. No, doubt, as the weather turns cold, I will get an oil change, and they will probably put in a different grade of oil.That's about it..

1. What size winter tires do I need for my 09 Saturn Aura XE?

the tire shop you buy the tires from and have install them will know. or if ordering online, just look at the sidewall of your current tires. and then get that size. if you want a complete set of winter wheels and tires, visit and put your vehicle information in, and it will give you a list of wheel options and tire options. the wheels come with everything you need to install, other than the tools of course EDIT: what other specs do you need? put your info in and it will tell you what you can get!

2. Is it ok to leave my bike out in the winter?

We do not have "winter" in AZ, but no, I would not leave my bike outside. I would park it in a garage or shed

3. How many times should i water my small orange tree?

Only as often as it gets (almost) completely dry. Never keep anything wet all the time. you will rot the roots. When you do water, water it well! I am going to guess, because I do not know where the tree is living, once a week or less in winter. For sure do not feed it in the winter, start feeding in about February when the days start to get longer again. Then I would feed it a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10. Unless you can find a Citrus food. I never could. But my potted orange produced like crazy for 15 years before it got tired and died.

4. Why is it frowned upon to drive your car in the winter (slow, cold weather)?

Not to be an ***. But like the first guy said. If you want to drive a mustang in snow your stupid and you deserve to spin out and kill yourself. Not only were mustangs not designed for winter so they have very little under carriage and frame protection cause them to rust out very quickly. Your driving an older one which will have even less. If you get one that's never seen winter youll probably have holes in your floor boards by the end of your first winter driving it. Aside from that they are REAR WHEEL DRIVE which means it's your BACK wheels that spin. Not the front. I do not give a **** what tires you get that car will have no traction and your not going anywhere. Your getting stuck in the first inch of snow. And chances are being in high school gettin your first car and being that naive about it your probably not only going to kill yourself but somebody else as well because your not stopping any time soon in a car with that low of a profile in michigan snow. But you did the smart thing and atleast asked first. Get a mustang when your out of school. You need transportation for getting around in that state. Find a car that drives with four wheels like a jeep Cherokee. Or a front wheel drive car like a ford escort. Those are just examples. In my opinion best cars are Chevys, nissans and Toyota. Just make sure it's FRONT WHEEL DRIVE. otherwise. Like the first guy said. Good luck

5. Anybody got any ideas on how to decorate hall for

well for me i would LOVE downunder chick's winter wonderland theme cuz i also live in australia and i would love to have a white christmas MIND YOU i love having summer holidays at christmas time hahaha i guess it depends i just think the winterwonderland theme would look so pretty and amazing maybe hanging baubles from the ceiling would look pretty in lots of colours like purple blue green white red etc

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Tips to Stay Warm and Healthy This Winter
Older people have a reduced ability to control and regulate their body temperature, which means they are at greater risk of hypothermia, especially during winter.Winter also brings the 'flu season'. The flu virus can be especially dangerous for elderly people, pregnant women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and very young children, as well as for people with underlying medical conditions.RetireAustralia's expert health professionals have a wide range of experience, skills and knowledge in relation to caring for the elderly. Care and Services Development Manager, Kerrie Storey, and Tarragal Manor Care Coordinator, Shirley Leech, offer the following tips to help you stay warm this winter:Make sure your home is warm enoughHypothermia occurs when your body temperature drops below 35°C and can cause serious problems without prompt medical attention. Be prepared for winter by making sure your home is heated to a sufficient temperature.• Ensure your main living area is heated to at least 21°C, with the rest of the home heated to at least 18°C• Check your home's thermostat and heating system to make sure it is fully working and does not require maintenance• Close all curtains and windows in your home at night time• Several layers of thin clothes will retain heat better than one thick layer, so layer-up in winter, especially when going outside• The coldest time of day is just before dawn, so go to sleep with extra blankets, and warm layers of clothing or nightwear• Contrary to popular belief, most body heat is not lost through the head, but through whatever part of your body is most exposed to cold air, so keep as much of the body covered as possibleEating food high in nutritional value means the body receives the vitamins, carbohydrates and fats it needs to be well-nourished and to recover from minor illnesses quicker. While it may seem like a good idea to eat larger amounts of carbohydrate-heavy food in winter in an attempt to keep warm, it is much healthier to maintain a well-balanced diet.• Include foods in your diet high in protein and fibre, with vitamins B,C, D and E, and low in sugars and fats• Eat regularly to help keep energy levels up during winter• Have at least one hot meal a day• Have regular hot drinks - tea/coffee/hot chocolateKeep in daily contact with elderly relatives, friends and neighboursElderly people can often be socially isolated, so can be alone for long periods of time with no one noticing if they become unwell. The simple act of checking up on an elderly person - ideally face-to-face - could save a life.• Call upon elderly loved ones or neighbours on a daily basis. If you are unable to do so, arrange for a family member, friend or neighbour to do it• Bring them a hot flask of tea, hot food, an extra blanket or clothes, an electric heater, a hot water bottle, or some wood for their fire, but most of all, simply check that they are warm and healthy• Check weather forecasts regularly to find out when cold weather is predicted, and make doubly sure your loved ones are warm and healthy during these times• Seek help from a medical professional or, in an emergency, call 000 if you believe someone is suffering from the effects of hypothermia• Regular contact with elderly loved ones or neighbours can benefit them in other ways, including promoting physical and psychological healthSeek assistance from government agencies for help with heating, food and clothing, if necessaryElectricity, gas, water and phone bills are expensive and they can be difficult to budget for as they can vary seasonally, there can be unexpected increases or additional charges, and it is often difficult to tell how much a bill will be before it arrives in the mail or inbox. It is vital that elderly people keep warm through the winter, and many are eligible for state government assistance to help pay their utility bills.• The elderly are more likely to be reluctant to use heating for economic reasons, so ensure this is not the case for an elderly loved one or neighbour• Explore ways to apply for a rebate or voucher• Visit the federal government's MoneySmart website for ways to save money on power bills without compromising physical or mental wellbeingHave regular medical check-ups and get your flu vaccinationLoss of nerve endings to the skin increases as we get older, meaning an elderly person's body has a decreased ability to register changes in temperature. Additionally, the elderly have a lower metabolic rate and less body fat, so generate and retain less heat. A regular visit to your doctor helps to maintain your overall health.• Blood pressure is generally higher in the winter, as cold temperatures cause blood vessels to narrow. It is useful to have regular blood pressure checks to ensure appropriate levels are being maintained• Influenza and many rhinoviruses replicate quicker and more effectively in colder weather. Older people are more vulnerable to the effects of these viruses as their immune systems are less adept at fighting them off. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone from six months of age, but is available free under the National Immunisation Program for people who face a high risk from influenza and its complications (such as people with certain medical conditions and people over 65 years of age). Free pneumonia vaccinations are also available to older people under this program. Work with your doctor to make sure your vaccinations are up to date.Kerrie Storey, Care and Services Development Manager at RetireAustralia, has been a nurse for 30 years and earlier in her career has worked as a home nurse. During this time she remembers regularly visiting an elderly lady who was housebound, and once noticed that the house was very cold and the lady was very unwell: slurring and confused. After transfer to the local hospital it was determined that the lady was suffering form hypothermia. She improved following treatment, but if the nursing visit was not scheduled for that day the outcome could have been quite different.Shirley Leech, Care Coordinator at RetireAustralia, has been a nurse for 30 years, and was previously a clinical nurse specialist for the NSW Department of Health. Shirley hails from the North of England, where she was a Nurse Practitioner for 11 years, working in a climate in which winter temperatures can drop into minus figures for weeks at a time.RetireAustralia's retirement villages foster environments in which residents feel comfortable, secure and supported by community. Our dedicated and caring staff can assist with many of the issues discussed in this article.Find out more about how RetireAustralia helps residents live well:How can I safely transfer two comet goldfish from a indoor aquarium to an outdoor pond?I would wait till it warms up. The problem is, when the water temp is at about 60F you are supposed to be feeding them a wheat germ type of diet. At about 50F you are supposed to stop feeding them. What happens, their metabolism is slowing down and they can not digest protein as well, so it ends up sitting in their guts rotting. I would be afraid that it's too strong of a temp difference and might affect them in that respect. I bet your water temp is higher then you think it is. It will be closer to your actual room temperature. Can you get a 20-30 gallon rubbermaid tote and put them in that and throw a filter on it? That's how I used to over winter my goldies in the house until I got brave leaving them out for the winter. Granted, it's not pretty lol, but it works. And, it will only be for a few weeks. Maybe your friend can do that if you can not . .
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