How About Boxnote E-book? It's Very Satisfactory

For many reading enthusiasts, when they need to buy an e-book, the most tangled thing must be how big to choose. At present, the screen size of mainstream e-books on the market is mostly between 6-13 inches. Compared with current mobile phones and other devices, 6-inch screen has no advantage in visual area, while 13 inch is still lacking in portability. Will products with about 10 inch screen be a more suitable choice?

Today, we bring you a 10.3-inch e-reader - box note from Wenshi technology. Although the screen size reaches 10.3 inches, thanks to the narrow border design, it is not much larger than the small-size e-book in volume. For other aspects of box note, let's move on.

Let's take a look at the appearance first. A 10.3-inch Carta e-ink flexible ink screen is adopted on the front of the box note. Due to the narrow frame design, the screen proportion reaches 74.3%. In terms of volume, the thickness of the box note is 6.8mm and the weight is only 325g. For the common silly, big, black and thick shape of e-books, the box note is very excellent in appearance and portability.

There is only one physical return key at the bottom. The touch of the key is crisp and the bulge is small. It is not easy to touch by mistake when holding it in one hand.

The charging interface and microphone are at the bottom. Although they are not centered with the buttons above, they are not very friendly to obsessive-compulsive disorder and Virgo, but the use of type-C interface is absolutely commendable. They can not only plug in blindly, but also bring less wire when going out.

The back adopts a brown shell, which is more business-oriented. A pair of stereo speakers can be seen at the bottom. From the back, it is more like a tablet than an e-book.

How does the screen behave

The front of box note adopts a 10.3-inch flexible ink screen with a resolution of 1872 * 1404 and a PPI of 227. For text display, there is basically no sense of granularity, and the text display is very clear and sharp. And the 10.3-inch size is almost the same as our common 16 Kai books, which is closer to the traditional book experience in reading.

Moreover, the box note does not support screen backlight. After all, few people will use this size of E-book in the all black environment. One of the main reasons for buying e-books is that they do not hurt the eyes, and using them in the all black environment will make the eyes tired easily.

â–² PDF Text Display

â–² comics

In the actual appearance, the performance of box note is also very satisfactory. The above pictures are taken in the studio, and there is no reflection under the irradiation of strong flash. The displayed font image is still very clear and sharp. At present, it is summer, and the author's use in outdoor strong light will not affect the reading experience.

Box note also provides a variety of screen refresh modes to choose from. In A2 refresh mode, the page refresh speed will be improved, but the disadvantage is that there will be slight residual shadows, which can be switched according to your reading content.

Operation experience

The box note screen supports both capacitive and electromagnetic operations, so an electromagnetic pen is attached to the accessories. The parameters of this electromagnetic pen are also very touching, with a 4096 pressure sense. The weight of handwriting in the process of writing and painting can be well displayed, which is more in line with traditional writing habits, and there is no need to worry about wrong touch on the screen during handwriting.

â–² notes

â–² notes

â–² double screen handwriting

With the electromagnetic pen, there is no doubt that the playing methods of e-books are more rich and diverse. In addition to recording notes and paintings, you can also mark and mark the key contents during reading. It also has the dual screen handwriting function, and the recorded contents can also be saved, imported and exported.

Therefore, during the time I used, the box note was not only used as an e-reader, but also completely carried out through the box note in the daily meeting minutes, and there was no problem at all.

In terms of reading function, the box note local reader can open almost all common text formats. It is also very fast in opening common PDF files. It is almost Click to open after opening it once. The built-in reading tool also has rich functions. In addition to ordinary zooming in and out, it can also optimize the typesetting of scanned PDF files with irregular typesetting.


In terms of hardware, box note is equipped with a quad core CPU of 1.6g, 2gbram and 32gbrom as standard. In terms of software, Android 6.0 operating system is adopted. Such a powerful software and hardware configuration is not like an e-book, but more like a tablet computer. Based on Android 6.0 system, it also brings unmistakable scalability, which can not only download third-party reading applications, Even downloading resources directly through the browser is feasible.

The default built-in application functions are quite rich, including software store, browser, dictionary, e-mail, music and other functions. Due to the adoption of Android 6.0 system, there is almost no starting threshold for use. When you need to quickly transfer some files, you can bind the built-in push function to your own wechat, In this way, the PC only needs to enter the push website to transfer files to the e-book.

â–² browser

In addition to the reading function, if you don't mind the insufficient screen refresh rate, it's not a problem to take the box note to chat about wechat or play some casual games. Of course, for the sake of endurance, the author doesn't recommend it.

In terms of endurance, the box note has a built-in 4100mah battery. Different use scenarios still have a great impact on endurance. If you turn on WiFi and use a third-party application, the endurance will be about 11 hours. If you turn off WiFi and only watch the content of the local library, the endurance will be greatly improved. It can be seen that high performance still has some impact on endurance.

â–² magnetic leather case

â–² magnetic leather case

Box note also has a magnetic suction leather case to choose from. Although it is not the default accessory, at present, the machine purchased on the e-commerce platform will be presented as a gift. The leather case has the magnetic suction opening and closing wake-up function. The overall workmanship of the leather case is relatively excellent. It fits the machine more firmly and will not have too much impact on the hand feel of the machine. Box adopts the embossing design, which is full of business sense, A pen buckle is also equipped on one side to facilitate the storage of the electromagnetic pen.

Experience summary: as an e-book, box note is very satisfactory. With a 10.3-inch screen, 325g weight and a narrow frame design, it can be easily held with one hand even on the subway, and the text displayed at the resolution of 1872 * 1404 is also very clear and sharp. The format supported by the built-in reader is also very rich, and there is little need to worry about compatibility when copying content. Moreover, with the addition of 4096 pressure sensitive electromagnetic pen, it can also be competent for light productivity tools in terms of design and painting. At present, the price is 3480 yuan, which is still very cost-effective for a high-end e-book.

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