Hongzhi Technology Won the "China Smart Security Outstanding Enterprise Award" of Vico Cup

On August 10, the annual selection and award ceremony of OFweek 2019 "Vico Cup" (the fourth) for China's artificial intelligence industry was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Hall. Wuhan Hongzhi Technology Co., Ltd. was honored with the "China intelligent security outstanding enterprise award" in the subdivided field, and Yi Qingling, Marketing Manager of Hongzhi technology brand, was invited to receive the award.

It is reported that OFweek (4th.) China Artistic Intelligence awards 2019 is jointly sponsored by OFweek weike.com and high tech Association and undertaken by OFweek artificial intelligence.com. It is one of the most professional and influential awards in China's high-tech industry and a major brand event in China's artificial intelligence industry in 2019.

Today, typhoon "lichima" is approaching Shanghai. It is windy and rainy outdoors, and the enthusiasm of indoor guests is not reduced. Rainbow recognition technology has gained high popularity on the network with its independent and controllable high-precision iris recognition algorithm and rare iris recognition chip in the industry. After online voting, expert evaluation and comprehensive selection by the media, Hongzhi technology won the China intelligent security outstanding enterprise award.

In recent years, with the deep learning of artificial intelligence and the continuous development and maturity of computer vision technology, several identity authentication technologies based on computer vision technology in biometric recognition have also developed rapidly. In particular, iris recognition technology, as a focus application in the security industry, is far superior to traditional password, card swiping and other methods in terms of technical security and market application, and has obvious advantages in uniqueness, security and stability. With the rapid development of big data, digitization and industry intelligence, it is entering the golden age. As a leading iris biometric enterprise in China, since its establishment, rainbow recognition technology has focused on the application of iris biometric technology in the field of security certification, and is trying to promote the in-depth application of iris recognition technology in combination with the characteristics of industry segments.

Tuhong recognition technology has undertaken the construction of iris identity information database in Urumqi, Xinjiang

Hongzhi technology has provided characteristic industrial application overall solutions for many fields, such as smart city, safe community, smart prison, smart construction site, national defense and security, entry-exit control, smart building, smart factory and so on. Hongzhi technology iris access control overall control scheme, attendance access control system, entrance and exit control system, smart home smart door lock, system login file encryption and decryption and other security products and schemes are widely used all over the country, and the market share has maintained a leading position for a long time. Winning this honor is the result of Hongzhi technology's long-term focus on the field of security and its persistence in innovation and exploration. It is also the recognition of the industry and customers for the brand strength and value creation of Hongzhi technology in the smart security industry. At the same time, it will also become the driving force to motivate Hongzhi technology.

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