Hongli Zhihui Mini LED Display Won the CDIA Annual Best Display Module Product Award

From May 31 to June 2, the three-day international display technology conference (ICDT 2021) was grandly held in Beijing. The conference gathered display enterprise elites and academic leaders to carry out in-depth exchanges in the field of information display, aiming to actively promote the research of display technology and the development of intelligent manufacturing technology. As a leading semiconductor packaging enterprise, Hongli Zhihui Mini LED products Hongping micai crystal series were exhibited at booth a69 of Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, and won the bronze award of CDIA's best display module product of the year.

International Display Technology Conference (ICDT) is the only independent brand display technology conference held by Sid outside the United States. As one of the important activities of the International Display Technology Conference (ICDT), China display industry award (CDIA Award) aims to commend the excellent display technologies and products of the previous year. This award is a high recognition of Hongli Zhihui display technology.

Hongping · micai crystal cob p0.9 82 inch product has the characteristics of ultra-high light transmittance, high brightness, high color gamut, high contrast, low power consumption, long service life, infinite expansion of screen size and so on. Using the unique bright color integrated black packaging process of Hongli Zhihui, it is in the leading position in China in terms of appearance blackness, ink consistency and power consumption, and realizes subversive visual innovation.

The product also has higher dynamic contrast, higher brightness and color gamut. Combined with HD HDR system, the display effect is better. Through infinite expansion, HDR playback of 4K, 8K and other high-definition videos can be realized. The high color gamut performance makes the display screen richer and more realistic. It is mainly used in commercial display fields such as security, cinemas and shopping malls.

Relevant technicians of Hongli Zhihui said: "the beautiful and fashionable appearance and ultra-low power consumption are expected to break the threshold that the traditional LED display can not enter the consumption field due to serious appearance graininess, gray and unsightly off screen, high power consumption and special power supply, and bring the LED display into the trillion level consumer market."

Hongli Zhihui always adheres to the respect for technology and innovation, constantly strengthens the core technology advantages in the display field, establishes a mini / micro led joint laboratory with South China University of technology, and actively applies for patent protection for related technologies and products. In the future, Hongli Zhihui will continue to strengthen technological innovation, further promote the market-oriented, large-scale and industrialized development of domestic Mini / micro led new technology, and contribute to creating a more beautiful "vision" for the LED industry.

Original title: ICDT 2021 Hongli Zhihui Mini led Ultra HD display won the CDIA annual best product award

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