Holiday Dilema!!! I Need Suggestions!?

I suggest take it easy, as a mother of twin boys I speak from experience. It is going to be a pretty hectic time, keep things simple and you will all have fun. Remember at this stage it is more about you, than about them - so enjoy it no matter what. It was not until their 3rd Christmas that they started to really understand what is was all about

1. last minute halloween party ideas?

Planning a Halloween party can get expensive pretty quick and staying frugal is important. One idea that I like is taking an egg carton and painting the bottom of it black. Then cut out the individual cells that hold the eggs. Poke 3 black pipe cleaners on each side of a cell and you have homemade spiders. Another option is to get some black construction paper and cut out bats. Tie a string on them and hang from your ceiling. Have fun!

2. Survey time! Fun fun fun!?

1. Since January 5th 2011 2. Neither 3. The Vampire Kisses series :) 4. Ungrateful by Escape The Fate 5. A hot pocket 6. Colorado 7. I am watching Nightmare Before Christmas right now :) 8. A mermaid 9. A laptop 10. My Grandpa 11. I have 2 cats 12. Anything processed... Yuck!

3. A fun game . . .?

Are they from California? Greenday?

4. why did fall out boy make fun of avenged sevenfold in their new video?

What? Fall Out Boy making fun of A7X? Avenged Sevenfold pwns f*ckin fall out boy. Better vocals, better music period. FOB has been corrupted by fan girls, and have lost all of the little credibility they ever had. Avenged Sevenfold is a very talented band, and I have been a fan for years. I find FOB to be a fad band, "here today gone tomorrow" I honestly can say that fall out boy will not be in mainstream music in the next 10 years. Panic! at the disco ripped off FOB big time, the only difference, Panic! had this cabaret thing. I can feel the fangirls giving me the thumbs down, oh well.

5. hi somebody to assist , how do i get to choose a good girl for marriege from many i have ?

Your confusion shows that you do not really love any of them truly. It is better to wait for a true love rather than choosing one by rolling a dice. Also, having too many girl friends around you as you are saying is not the best way to attract girls for marriage...maybe only for fun

6. Was life really care free back in the 1960's and through early 90's?

it was for me, I smoked weed, drank, and had allot of fun. and yes, where I grew up we did not need to lock our doors. That 70s Show was pretty accurate, at least it was like my life.

7. Fun

open presents on christmas eve! :D jkjk ummm in my family, the only christmas tradition we really have is eating these water chestnuts wrapped in bacon with barbeque saucce. its really really good! :D

8. ** Fun BNG!!!!!! (: **?

1. D) Chad Michael Murry - He's sweet and funny. 2. On the beach :) 3. We marry on the same beach, very summery looking and beautiful. 4. We move slightly out of the town, an into the country, 30minute drive to City Centre! House is amazing, spacious, massive garden and stables :) 5. D) Golden Retriever called Buddy. 6. We are blessed with a baby boy called Caleb Anthony 7. Another boy, we call him Jackson Scott. 8. We stay in our house, but buy a nice apartment in the city centre and rent it out for extra income. 9. We then have triplets (BGG), we call them Benjamin Colton, Bailee Corinne and Bethany Claire. 10. When the triplets are 2, we have another little girl called Mikayla Maybelle which means 'God's Gift' Our eldest child, Caleb Anthony, is 16 and studying at college, interested in cars, music and girls. Jackson Scott is 14 and loves computer games and skateboarding. The triplets are 12 and starting high school. Benjamin is shy but has a lot of friends and has a big interest in his education. Bailee and Bethany are typical teenagers, interested in make-up, music, boys and gossip! Mikayla Maybelle, our little baby of the family, is 10, soon to be joining Ben, Bail and Beth in high school. But at the minute, she's happy enough, playing with all the friends in our back garden, enjoys swimming, dancing and stealing her sister's makeup. - No grandchildren yet. Caleb has been dating for 2years but still early days.

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