High School Student Niu Ren: Making Full Hardware Pure Sinusoidal Inverter

This content is an all hardware pure sinusoidal inverter made by a high school student by hand. It is amazing. It took nearly 2 weeks. The all hardware pure sinusoidal inverter has been built! The front stage of the circuit is a quasi closed loop, and the rear stage is a combined variant of 3525 pure hardware 555 pure hardware. The circuit diagram and physical diagram are contributed to you.

The SPWM drive board was supposed to have a PCB, but the PCB was corroded too much, and the copper foil basically disappeared, so I connected it with the waste component pin tower....... There was a mistake in my circuit, which was found during manufacturing and debugging, so I added resistance and directly welded the back....... This is definitely an art product

This is a picture with motor:

Output waveform

The waveform is a little shit when it crosses zero

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