HELP PLEASE Child Keeps Escaping the Home?

HELP PLEASE child keeps escaping the home?

My cousin had the same problem with his son & it was scary because they live near a river. Has he tried getting one of those locks that you have to have a key to open? They make those where you have to have a key to unlock it from the inside. Or putting a lock way up high so the child can not reach it even if he stands on something?

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Should a parent tell their child that father christmas is not real?

I cannot speak to a general consensus. From my experience:If the child opts for similar behavior as they grow, you will not be able to believe them when they look at you in the eye and tell you something important. This is very disheartening.Furthermore if by your actions you teach your child that not everything you say is true, then why would they believe you about really important things that are beyond the realm of their understanding at the time? Things like god, drugs, education, safety -- these are topics that we wish our kids to trust us on, and later in life, understand why

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How do you deal with a young child that wants to see his father when the father is toxic to the child's well being?

If the parents dad is as bad as you say then the best thing to do is to allow the child to find out how bad for themselves. If you try to step in here the child will feel like you are the problem, not his father. And if you reiterate that his dad is a bad person you are inadvertently attack your own grandchild because the child comes from both parents. He will begin to feel like you believe something is wrong with him, or at the very least that you think something is wrong with him.Children pick up on you being the attacking parent. They end up resenting it. And it will rebound against you. And what is worse, you make the father a martyr to the child. Just lay down some rules. Have rules for the father like you do for the child. Tell the father that he has to be around if he wants to have the child with him, and he can not leave him in his families care. The child will eventually find out who his dad is and will end up finding out in the long run that his dad can not be trusted. As hard a revelation as that will be, better he learns it for himself than you trying to teach it to him. How do you deal with a young child that wants to see his father when the father is toxic to the child's well being?

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How old should a child be before he starts preschool.?

I believe it has a lot to do with the child as well as the parent. I have never believed in daycare (i have 4 boys), but found myself in a position where I had no choice but to take my 18 month old (at the time) to one. I was afraid he would freak out because he is the only child still at home and with me all the time. I cried when I left him, but 4 hours later when I came to pick him up, he did not want to leave! I have not had to do this again, but it showed me he was ready, I was not ! I homeschooled my first 3 boys and will also homeschool the youngest. If you feel he is ready, there is K3 curriculum available. If homeschooling is not an option for you, I would start with maybe 2 half days at a play group or preschool. Starting with a play group may ease him into preschool. Good luck!

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What's going to happen with the child support? Help please!!!?

Child support amount is calculated by your state, they have a "special" way of calculating it based on ability to earn, time with child, etc.... I understand that you want to make sure that it all goes to your child, the father of my child had the same question/issue. Here's how you should look at it: She has custody of the child, correct? Now, whether or not you have a job, whether or not you are paying child support, whether the state can find you (to garnish your wages) or not (getting paid under the table or abandoning the child), she would still have to provide for the child. Meaning, the child still has to eat, drink, have diapers, go to school, be clothed, have a roof over his/her head, incidentals, doctor's visits, dentist visits, a car or transportation to take the child to and from these, she or the CP (custodial parent, because sometimes it is the father who is the CP) would still have to have all these. So do not worry if your child support amount is $100 a month or $100,000 a month. Now, if the child is clearly being neglected (no food, does not go to the doctor/dentist, school,....) then you can call it to the attention of the state and possibly have them have her produce receipts. But just so you know, courts are not keen on NCP's asking/demanding for proof that the child support is being used for the child because it's a given that the child is fed, clothed, has a place to live, transportation to and from school, doctors, and dentists....The state also adjusts the amounts if the CP is going to school and not working. They are not trying to get the NCP to financially support the child solely (unless you are one of those athletes, artists, actors, etc....), rest assured they have a system that they have established for this. And btw, your girlfriend is not getting a free ride at school because of her connections, she probably applied for FAFSA and other financial aid/scholarships for single parent's as well. I did and I got approved but I still have student loans I am paying for as well. An acquaintance of mine has a boyfriend who is unemployed and receiving unemployment, and according to her the state is taking 50% of it for child support. I do not know about your state but some states will charge you back for covering your child for health insurance. You should really research your own state's child support laws and procedures. The faster you guys establish child support and visitation at the court the easier it would be. Because we all know sometimes people "forget" to pay child support and sometimes the CP "forgets" that they received any. The other poster said that it takes tens of thousands before they can take you to jail, that is wrong in California. The NCP in my case was going to be thrown in jail when he owed $3,000 in back child support. They blocked his tax refund and sent it to me, they suspended his license, and they were about to throw him in jail when miraculously he came up with the money on the day they were going to put him in jail.

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