Well first of all, you either need to get a bigger tank our donate some of your fish. As for the fish with the tail problem you should isolate it. And buy medicine for its tail. At Walmart there is a bottle that is for BOTH fin rot & fin rip.

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Where did my newt go?

I've had several lizards of different species and some of them do bury themselves so that is a good possibility

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If a protein common to two different species has many amino acid differences, what can be concluded?


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Can two different species produce viable offspring?

I am looking for answers to Neanderthal extinction. If it is true that sometimes two different species can produce viable offspring, then that could go a long way to explaining the gradual extinction of Neanderthal. My most basic question I am trying to answer is; Could Neanderthals have made it to the ice age shores of North America? If the last known holdout was Gibralter the next logical move would have been the Atlantic Ocean. ... com.

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Can different species of fish reproduce with each other?

In theory, no. Being of different species, by definition, means not being able to produce viable offspring. Even though this is a simple definition, it has been found to be quite difficult to determine which species can and cannot cross breed. In a few rare cases such as a horse and a donkey resulting in the normal sterile mule, the offspring mule unexpectedly have reproduced. Being classed as a separate "species" is a somewhat gray area. .

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If different human races continue to inbreed, would they all evolve in different species?

It's not generally true that different races "inbreed" (i.e., have children only with members of their own group). Genes have mixed quite a lot through history, and every indication is that this will happen even more in the future.It's really worth noting that humans are substantially similar to one another, genetically speaking. Our species has low genetic diversity compared to other species, including other ape species. Racial distinctions are just a result of our hyper-focusing on small, superficial, and generally irrelevant differences between groups.With that said, the question seems to basically be asking whether human groups reproductively isolated from one another would eventually form different species. It's actually a fine question, although the racial component included is not particularly relevant here. Anyway, I suppose the answer is yes, given enough time. Even random genetic drift could, in principle, result in speciation in groups that are reproductively isolated. But it's entirely possible the separate groups would continue to be a single species for a long, long time, even if there is no gene flow between them. Speciation is not guaranteed to happen, but the odds increase with time as random mutations accumulate

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Individuals of different species living in the same area may be prevented from interbreeding by responding to?

c.mechanical isolation because the male parts of species a wo not fit into the female parts of species b d.temporal isolation One may be active by day, the other by night. Or they may be separated by season. e.behavioral isolation Mating rituals may be different.

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Is breeding two different species moral/ethical (e.g., sheep and goat)?

"Is breeding two different species moral/ethical (e.g., sheep and goat)?"Farming is ethical whether the species involved are plants or animals

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Christians, do you really think Noah was able to collect over 37,000 different species of spiders?

"Why did not he just make all of the people He desperately needed to be dead to just 'magically' die or disappear?" Because all the people in the world were terrible people. If He did, then He would just kill everyone the moment they first sinned and broke His laws. The first lie. The first act of selfishness.

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Do all birds have a common ancestor? Or are different species descended from different dinosaurs?

Birds are avian theropods, so, they are surviving dinosaurs, and, have their own lineages, but, many of the lineages alive today do share SOME common ancestry.:D

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Is cross-pollination between different species of flowers possible?

No, it is not. The definition of species is when two organisms are alike enough to be able to mate and produce fertile offspring. While hybrids are possible within a genus, such as breeding different types of corn to get the best tasting corn or breeding a horse and a donkey to get a mule, the chromosome numbers must be the same and the organisms must be closely related. As to your point, think of how the wind carries all sorts of pollen, and the pollen falls on all sorts of different plants. However, pine tree pollen cannot fertilize a rose and vice versa. It is also why bees, which carry all sorts of different pollen on their legs, can only pollinate like flowers. The other pollen cannot fertilize a different type of plant because the genetics is too different. This is a good thing or else we would have all sorts of weird plants out there if any pollen could fertilize any flower. We cannot just plop any sort of pollen on a rose, let's say, and get some sort of weird hybrid of a rose and a tulip. But, we can mix and match different types of roses or different types of tulips to come up with a new variation, because their chromosomes and DNA are similar.

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