Heat Pump Blows Cold Air, Temps Outside Are Cold and in the Defrost Mode. It States That Aux Heat Is

Heat pumps blow cold air when they are in their defrost cycle, so that's perfectly normal. The "hammer strike" sound is not though and the loud vibration certainly is not normal. It could be lots of things. Maybe your unit is just loud. There is a very audible "clunk" when a reversing valve engages, but it should not sound like a hammer strike. As far as the vibration, maybe the vibration isolators on the compressor are going bad or the unit is charged too high with refrigerant. Then again, maybe you just have a noisier than normal unit. Heat pumps make noise. Sometimes they make lots of noise. They also keep you warm for pennies a day. Get a tech to check it out if it bothers you, but I doubt anything can be done unless you want to buy much more expensive, ultra-high end equipment. ----------------- Heh, I love reeta's answer. The whole point of this section of Yahoo! Answers is to mess with it!!! That's what we do!

1. Air handler fan slowing when heat pump on, line in freezes up?

your in over your head, call a tech

2. Can anyone explain how a heat pump works and give the names of all the componants?

A heat pump is essentially a heat engine in reverse. Working in a reversed Carnot cycle it uses an energy input to move or pump heat from a cold source (e.g. the inside of a refrigerator) to a hot sink (the radiator on the back of a refrigerator). A vapour compression heat pump uses a compressor to raise the pressure and temperature of a refrigerant vapour (compression phase). It then condenses the vapour to a liquid in the hot sink heat exchanger exchanger (cooling phase), drops its pressure and temperature by expanding it through a restrictor or an expansion valve (expansion phase), finally evaporating the cold liquid to a gas in the cold source heat exchanger (heating phase) which in the case of a refrigerator is the cold space inside.

3. Help with terminal airconditioner / heat pump home system... we are freezing!?

problem more than likely is in your thermostat wiring home is less than a year old call the installer. happens more frequently than we like to admit

4. My Goodman Heat Pump (outside) won't turn on?

what could be the problem

5. How to install 15kW heat strips to my outside heat pump condenser? Is this an easy installation?

severe performance A/C condenser contraptions do have various layers to the condensing coil 2 to 4 layers many times counting on the contraptions length. It develop into no longer further it truly is there for a reason, and likewise the warmth pump will do greater effective at replacing warmth if it has greater layers/floor section for this reason the rationalization at the back of assorted layers. I guess your 2d degree electric powered or gas warmth is not kicking in in line with threat whilst it is going to to help out the warmth pump.

6. Does the cooling capacity of a heat pump decrease as outdoor temperatures increase?

If your unit is running and you are confident of the thermostat wiring, then the next likely cause of your problem is the reversing valve itself. It's stuck in the heating position. This happens sometimes. Whoever these techs are that just fiddle with the wiring, stop calling them. They are wasting your time and money

7. Heat pump making loud noise at times, inside breaker keeps cutting off?

hard to hear it from hear, fan motor? fan blades? compressor? Got to be one of them if its outside, take a look through the top of it when its not running and see if something looks broken. But you will still have to get a service tech to fix it

8. 3 compressors burned out on my heat pump in 2 yrs any answers?

If it is a burn- out...has the proper burnout procedure been done?... braze in high carbon/acid capture drier/then remove it in 72 hours/if not do an acid moisture test...see if there is residual contaminants from first burn out. its cheap. .acid test kits /not the glass multi pack but the single test.any tech who's been in the biz a while can usually hand sample /should have a slight alcohol smell.no pungent or discoloration.if so ten to one that's your repeat failurerit. also air flow total esp should be at least. .50. With return static being even or slightly higher...txvs ;air flow insufficiency and dirty coils the three most prevelant in repeat failures. ..there's always a reason . ...and usually its not the compressor at all

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Heat Pump Problems? Heres What You Need to Know.
Heat Pump Problems? Here’s What You Need To Know.The temperature drops and your heat pump fails. Go figure. But is the issue serious enough to call a professional? What is normal and what is not when it comes to performance? If you think your heat pump may need maintenance, read on to learn about common issues that affect them and what you can do. One of the most common heat pump problems is that it's simply not running. The culprit may be easy to spot: the thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat is set correctly - to "Heat" and on the appropriate temperature - before doing anything else. If the issue is not resolved, there may have been a malfunction with the wiring of your thermostat. An electrician or residential heating repair technician can diagnose the issue and reconnect the heat pump and thermostat correctly. If your heat pump is not running, it could also be a sign that it has lost power. This may be due to a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse in the heat pump's air handler cabinet. If you are used to oil or gas furnaces, be aware that the air circulated by heat pumps will not feel as hot as what you may have previously experienced. However, if the air blowing from your heat pump is not raising the temperature of your home to the temperature set on the thermostat, there is a problem. One way to tell if there's an issue is to monitor your vents over a period of time. While your heat pump does go through a defrost cycle during which it blows cooler air, these cycles should only last about 10-15 minutes. If your pump is blowing cold air for longer than that, then it's time to call in a professional. The coils of your heat pump might need to be cleaned, or the reverse valve may be stuck. Some rattling can be normal when a heat pump is running, especially if yours is a few years old. Squealing, popping, grinding, and ringing noises, however, are signs that there is an internal issue with the heat pump. This could range from faulty motor bearings to a loose flap of metal inside the pump. A professional can examine the heat pump and even install insulation in your metal ductwork to help lessen unavoidable, but bothersome, noises. A little bit of frost or very thin ice is a normal sight on most heat pumps, especially during the winter. The pump's defrost cycle ensures that there is not too much build-up on the machine. However, if you've noticed a considerable amount of ice on your heat pump - especially on the top - there could be an issue with the pump's performance. Whether it turns out that the defrost is not functioning correctly, the refrigerant is low, or the unit has a broken fan, it needs to be examined by a professional. Do not try to remove the ice yourself; you could end up doing serious damage to the pump. "I am cold. but my energy bill is increasing." Maybe your heat pump seems to be running normally, but it's just not heating your home like it used to, and your bills have inexplicably increased as well. These are common warning signs that your heat pump is underperforming due to its age. When a heat pump gets older, it stops running efficiently. After years of use, heat pumps cannot function at the same level as when they were new, and this dip in performance costs more money as the pump works overtime to heat your home. Simply turning up your thermostat to try and make up for the difference in performance will only increase your bills even more. Energy Star recommends replacing your heat pump at least every 10 years. If you've noticed these issues and think it's time for a replacement, call a residential heating professional and be sure to choose a new heat pump that has a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). The SEER/HSPF ratings reflect the efficiency of the heat pump's performance; they take into account how much energy the pump needs in order to run versus how much heating and cooling power it produces for your home. An easy way to make sure that your heat pump has a high SEER/HSPF rating is to choose a model that has been certified by Energy Star. If you are experiencing any of these issues, call a heating technician to make sure that your heat pump is functioning properly. The residential heating professionals at IT Landes can diagnose any issue your heat pump may have and help you find a solution to keep your home comfortable during the winter months. We serve homes in Harleysville, Lansdale, Skippack, Souderton, Telford, and surrounding Pennsylvania areas. Call us today at 215-256-4221 or request an appointment online to have your heat pump inspected.
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