Galanz Launched a Mini Retro Refrigerator, Which Has Become a Bright Color Made in China to the Worl

If there is a Chinese product that can make European and American consumers crazy, what will it be?

On May 3, @ targetdoesitagain, a well-known shopping recommendation blogger in the United States, posted a retro refrigerator tweet of Galanz's own brand on the social software instagram. In just 9 hours, it received 12000 likes and set off a wave of online hot discussions.

When it comes to @ targetdoesitagain, it's not a little guy. He's a blogger who has paid attention to millions of buyers. He's a shopping guide for Internet users in European and American countries. When he finds a good thing with high value, he tries it and makes recommendations. Because the recommended goods are real in price, excellent in quality and online, they are deeply welcomed by fans.

super cute!

I need this!

I found a fridge under 200$!

Galanz red, Tiffany blue and dark green are the three bright colors exposed by the blogger, and the large logo on the front of the refrigerator also shows its manufacturer Galanz, a well-known Chinese household appliance manufacturer. Hundreds of replies on twitter were full of praise for the appearance of this series of products, as well as discussions that couldn't wait to buy and give away, or put them in the office and dormitory. Bursts of surprises came.

The question is, in the face of well-informed young people in Europe and America, what kind of domestic product can attract such strong attention?

It is reported that this product is a mini retro refrigerator produced by Galanz, which is built by Galanz China South Korea International refrigerator development team. In just a few years since the launch of the product, it has been sought after by many young people pursuing fashion. At the same time, it has also become the object of punching in and taking photos at major exhibitions.

The attention of this series of refrigerators comes from its outstanding design. For a long time, the traditional refrigerator has always been square, and the colors are mostly white, gray and dark. However, this series of retro refrigerators adopts colorful color matching, breaking the monotonous color of the traditional refrigerator. In terms of appearance design, the four corners of this series of refrigerators are round, not only the overall style is retro, but also the handle is full of industrial design style in the middle of the 20th century. The minimalist and retro aestheticism is integrated into the aesthetics of home appliances, which can be called the artistic home appliances in life.

In foreign countries, the products of similar luxury brands often cost tens of thousands of yuan. However, Galanz retro series refrigerators not only have appearance online, but also do not fall behind in performance. The price of less than $200 undoubtedly makes the products highly competitive.

The appearance is outstanding and the price is booming. In the face of the new thing of Galanz retro refrigerator, no wonder foreign netizens are difficult to parry.

The attention of foreign netizens is only a manifestation of the popularity of Galanz retro series refrigerators. According to the relevant person in charge of Galanz foreign trade, Galanz is one of the top ten refrigerator export enterprises in China in 2018. This series of retro refrigerators has an annual output of millions and is sold to major overseas markets such as North America, Japan, South Korea and Western Europe with its own brand, which has become a bright color for Chinese manufacturing to the world.

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