Funding for Schizophrenia Research and Art Therapy

Funding for schizophrenia research and art therapy

Rothschild founded the 'Schizophrenia Research Fund' in 1962, an independent registered charity formed "to advance the better understanding, prevention, treatment and cure of all forms of mental illness and in particular of the illness known as Schizophrenia". In March 2006, following her death, the name of the Fund was changed in her memory to the 'Miriam Rothschild Schizophrenia Research Fund'. The pioneer of British Art Therapy, Edward Adamson and his partner and collaborator, John Timlin, were regular visitors to Ashton Wold. Between 1983 and 1997, the influential Adamson Collection of 6000 paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics by people living with major mental disorder at Netherne Hospital, created with Adamson's encouragement in his progressive art studios at the hospital, was housed and displayed to the public in a medieval barn at Ashton. Rothschild was both a Trustee and, subsequently, Patron of the Adamson Collection Trust. "All my life," she said, "I have tilted against hopeless windmills". The Adamson Collection is now almost all re-located to the Wellcome Library. All Adamson's papers, correspondence, photographs and other material are currently being organised as the 'Edward Adamson Archive', also at the Wellcome Library

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POLL : What are somethings you would like to do before you die?

i prefer to repent for all my errors and be cured from having schizophrenia. i've got faith that this ailment separates me from God's love. i am sorry that your little brother died from maximum cancers

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Is schizophrenia and depression a VERY serious disease? Please Help!?

yes no duh it is

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Do I suffer from Schizophrenia?

No.... you are just fairly neurotic. You've been bullied and pushed around yourself. You need to talk this stuff out with a councilor or psychologist. I bet you would find that your feelings are not really all that different from a lot of other kids.

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Why do opiates help with my schizophrenia?

It's no secret that they make people feel better, which is why they are controlled substances. They are also quite addictive and should be used carefully

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Is schizophrenia mostly a condition to enable psychiatrists and drug companies to collect funds?

Not exactly, but the pharmaceutical who had the Abilify patent sure made out like a bandit. It helped that Abilify was approved as an "adjunct" (add-on) for antidepressants.(Why would it work as an antidepressant? The theory is a bit odd... but hey, it's a "mood-altering" substance which alters neurotransmitters so it must help. Many schizophrenics smoke tobacco and there are studies showing smoking works better than placebo for inducing calmness in them; why not approve nicotine patches or cigarettes as an adjunct for antpsychotics?)Between schizophrenia drugs costing $1500 a month and new and improved antidepressants, the pharmaceutical companies aren't doing badly.As for the psychiatrists-no.Is schizophrenia mostly a condition to enable psychiatrists and drug companies to collect funds?

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Am I diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Maybe it's paranoia? You should definitely do some research

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I'm scared to death - I might have schizophrenia..?

I am a schizophrenic paranoid. I'e never used street drugs. It's not so bad really; I have been able to live a fairly normal life. What should I do?, you ask. Well the first thing is stop using drugs since you are worried about their effect on you. Second, hang on to the statement from wikipedia, "...a clear causal connection between drug use and schizophrenia has been difficult to prove." And stop researching what is wrong with you mentally. Most med students find when they study diseases that they begin to see symptoms of all the diseases in themselves. That is what is happening to you. Your description of your "delusions' does not sound like schizophrenic delusions. I think they are just a persistent thought stuck in your head because you are worried about them. Since you do not hear voices, unmistakeably wholly other voices, with your ears or in your mind I think you have little to worry about. Delusions are very common (Richard Dawkins claims everyone who believes in God suffers from a delusion) and so are hallucinations. Some 40% of the human population report having had an hallucination at some time in their life but only ablut 2-3% are diagnosed as psychotic (wikipedia). I hope this helps take your mind off your mind.

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