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During my process of selection, I noticed the vast amount of time it took to research which mattresses provide the most comfort and support to side sleepers like myself. With literally several hundred different types of mattresses to pick from, I was overwhelmed. I ended up doing extensive research on the best mattresses for side sleepers by noting down the features, pros and cons of each product. Only then, I was able to finally narrow down my choices and purchase the right mattress for myself. I have learnt a lot during this process and I've decided to create this website to share with you what I knowledge I have gained. I do not work in the mattress or pillow industry, nor do I get paid by any of the manufacturers to promote their products. I am just like you, a side sleeper thriving to continuously improve the quality of sleep I get every night. I want to provide my fellow side sleepers with honest, objective and informative reviews on the best mattresses and pillows out there for a side sleeper. My Top Picks for the Best Mattresses in 2016 The following are the top 3 mattresses based on the extensive research that I've been collecting for this website for the past several months. More specifically, I've been keeping track of which mattresses people are most interested in, the mattresses that are viewed the most times, have been purchased a good number of times as well as the mattresses which have the best reviews based on my findings. From all my research, I've found that the best mattresses for side sleepers are... This Turf & Needle (T&N) foam mattress is one of the best-selling mattresses for a good reason. Its proprietary T&N adaptive foam layer provides the mattress with a unique characteristic, in that it has a more responsive surface when compared to most memory foam mattresses. The mattress also incorporates cooling gel and graphite to provide better airflow and reduce heat buildup between you and the mattress. You can not go wrong with the T&N mattress if you are a side sleeper as this is a mattress that provides maximum comfort and support. >>Click here to buy the T&N 10-inch Mattress >Click here to buy the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Mattress >Click here to buy the Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

1. how can i go to sleep faster ?

Having trouble getting to sleep? Try these tips to help you go to sleep faster. Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You will Need cozy bed and pillows Memory foam mattress or topper complete darkness silence 1 Lay down and clear your mind. Do not think about your tasks or problems of the day or the issues that you may face tomorrow. 2 Focus on your breathing. Inhale for 3 seconds (count one-one thousand...) Exhale for 3 seconds. Continue this with your eyes closed and mind clear. 3 Start releasing the stress in your body. Begin with your head. Tighten your face muscles, squint your eyes, hold for a second and then release. Next tighten the muscles in your neck. Hold and release. Work your way down to your shoulders. Tighten and release. Continue this process down your body all the way to your toes. Continue to focus on your breathing pattern while tightening and releasing your muscles. 4 Continue this pattern of breathing and stress release until you find your body fall into a complete state of relaxation. You will then be asleep. Tips & Warnings If you try this and still have problems falling asleep, then you probably are not clearing your mind. If you are having trouble clearing your mind, think of a tranquil scene. Sometimes I imagine I am laying on a sailboat or small yacht with a warm breeze and smooth waves rocking me back and forth. Repeat the above tips nightly and your body will soon recognize when it's sleep time and automatically put you to sleep. Update If you are feeling discomfort from your bed; springs, hardness etc. maybe you should purchase a new mattress or a memory foam topper. I highly recommend the memory foam topper because it's inexpensive and feels great to lay on. Also feel free to upgrade your pillows when they become flat and un-cozy.

2. How can I stop my memory foam mattress from slipping off the foundation?

Get a large sheet of rubberized mats they sell for putting under area rugs to keep them from slipping. Sold anywhere area rugs are sold. Lift the mattress off the box spring, lay the anti slip mat down and put the mattress back. No more slipping

3. What is the best way you can prevent back pain without spending a lot of money?

I suffered from horrible back pain until I did the following:1.) Yoga at least once a week 2.) Standing desk 3.) Memory foam mattress

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Find Back Pain Relief with the Right Mattress
Back aches and pains cannot be relieved by just a trip to the massaging parlor or taking pain relievers. No siree. Getting rid of this excruciating pain is much more possible if you choose the right mattress.If you have absolutely no idea about mattress technologies and mattress brands, this is the best time to educate yourself on what technology is specifically used to relieve back aches.Memory Foam Mattress This mattress type has one primary goal-that is to get rid of pressure points, stiff muscles, and back aches. Numerous mattress companies have already followed the trend for memory foam mattresses as a response to the demand of many consumers.What memory foam does is it pushes against your body. It conforms to the temperature of your body and supports every part. Even when you switch sleep position, a memory foam mattress immediately follows your body's contours.To maximize the potential of memory foam mattress, choose one with a good density. Sleep experts say those that are already suffering from back aches and those with angled figures (with bones sticking out) need more support, therefore 5 pounds of mattress density is advised. If you are more on the rounder side, a little less than 5 pounds is sufficient.Latex Mattress Latex mattresses are your next bet when it comes to a firm support. It is less firm but it is just right to conform well to your body angles. The open cell structure inside the mattress absorbs most of your weight and pushes back to prevent sore muscles.Using latex mattress has more advantages than just a mattress that can get rid of pressure points. It is also beneficial to your health. Since it is made from natural rubber tree sap, it is resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria and other mattress horrors.Hybrid Mattress Some people just could not get used to the firm support of memory foam. You can start by getting a hybrid mattress or those mattresses that use two technologies. Just make sure that the dominating technology is either latex or memory foam so the support to your whole body is still ensured. You can also choose the combination of latex and memory foam if the features of each mattress appeal to you.These types of mattresses work well in getting rid of back pains. Start looking for your own mattress now and start having restful sleep and wake up every morning without the usual bodily pains.
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