Error Sending Data to LED Display Board From a Microcontroller

The first thing to check is the baud rate.If you think the baud rate is right, look at the serial line with a scope. The PC gives you the known working case, which you compare against the non-working case. This is just basic debugging.

1. Where can I find some tips on how to do a project on a display board?

MS Power Point?

2. What should I put on my science fair display board?

I've been judging science fairs for a couple years now. Your board should give someone just looking at it (without you there) a good idea of what you were doing, how, and why. It should also accent your presentation. Graphs, diagrams, and pictures are often useful. Hope that helps!

3. how to make my display board interesting?

Add pink flowers and green food to it

4. I am doing a display board project on California, any ideas on what i can put in it?

Rather a BROAD theme... You could show the change from Agriculture to the Silicon Valley.... from orchards to suburban sprawl to the foreclosures of today. You could mark the locations of all the National Parks and State Parks, and illustrate it with photos from the internet. I suppose it would depend on what the TEACHER is looking for to an extent... and also on YOUR interests.

5. how do you set up a science project on display board?

The previous two answers are absolutely correct. I will also offer these tips. Make absolutely sure you do not have ANY misspelled words on the board. Do not spend more time on your display than you did on your experiment. Do not waste a lot of money on the display. It is more important that you include all the important bits of data than it is to have multi-colored glittery stick-on letters. (Unless of course you experiment relates to "multi-colored glittery stick-on letters").


Usually on the board with a model if possible. However do not limit yourself with just a board. Ask your teacher what other medium or media would be allowed. If you are allowed a laptop or computer, consider putting together a slideshow. The presentation of your experiment is part of the overall experience of your project. Be creative and do not just stick to traditional means of presentation.

7. Dred Scott display board ideas?

You could have a pic of the Supreme Court and then have a pic of the Supreme Court justices lined up and a pic of Dred Scott trying to argue is case. Then have some quotes that was said in the following paragraphs: In March of 1857, the United States Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, declared that all blacks -- slaves as well as free -- were not and could never become citizens of the United States. The court also declared the 1820 Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, thus permiting slavery in all of the country's territories. The case before the court was that of Dred Scott v. Sanford. Dred Scott, a slave who had lived in the free state of Illinois and the free territory of Wisconsin before moving back to the slave state of Missouri, had appealed to the Supreme Court in hopes of being granted his freedom. Taney -- a staunch supporter of slavery and intent on protecting southerners from northern aggression -- wrote in the Court's majority opinion that, because Scott was black, he was not a citizen and therefore had no right to sue. The framers of the Constitution, he wrote, believed that blacks "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the ***** might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. He was bought and sold and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic, whenever profit could be made by it." Referring to the language in the Declaration of Independence that includes the phrase, "all men are created equal," Taney reasoned that "it is too clear for dispute, that the enslaved African race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration. . . ." Abolitionists were incensed. Although disappointed, Frederick Douglass, found a bright side to the decision and announced, "my hopes were never brighter than now." For Douglass, the decision would bring slavery to the attention of the nation and was a step toward slavery's ultimate destruction.

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