Envoy, an Electric Vehicle Start-up, Announced the Completion of a $81 Million Financing

According to foreign media reports, Evoy, an electric vehicle start-up, announced that it had completed a round of financing worth US $81 million, including a round of financing worth US $11 million, led by shell ventures and building ventures, one of the world's largest energy companies, and the Los Angeles clean technology incubator of electric equipment and Goodyear ventures (Los Angeles clean tech incubator) and groundbreak ventures participated in the investment.

Apart from the US $11 million in round a financing, the remaining US $70 million is raised through bonds issued by the multinational Macquarie services. This round of financing will help envoy expand its business in the United States and conduct business with a local automobile industry company in Israel. Israeli angel investors Rony zarom, Ronen Jaffa, Assaf Topaz and Daniel Nazarian also participated in envoy's seed round financing.

Envoy was founded in 2017 by Israeli entrepreneur ori sage and Jewish American partner ARIC ohana. In recent years, sage has lived in the United States and has been an active technology entrepreneur for the past 20 years. In 2000, he founded smart IL with his brother Tamir, which was acquired and merged into the American company smart online in 2004.

When sagie invested in real estate in the United States, she met ohana and made several investments together. Envoy was founded because they have accumulated experience in science and technology projects, aiming to provide better life experience for tenants.

As part of the complex, envoy mainly provides community-based shared electric vehicles for apartments, hotels and workplaces on demand. The services provided include fleet, charging station, driver insurance and a platform for managing the fleet, which includes mobile applications for end users to book and use vehicles.

The company's technology also includes an engine that can collect and read data, analyze the use of vehicles in real time, collect vehicle data, driver behavior, relevant travel demand and charging information. After analyzing the data, it can provide micro travel solutions, and make suggestions according to the demand and use of each facility to increase vehicles in the fleet.

According to envoy, the integration of its technology into apartment facilities can add value to apartment owners when renting houses. In addition, the service can also provide owners with additional income channels through the sharing mode of envoy products. The cost of renting vehicles is 15 cents per minute, so they can choose to rent more advanced vehicles, but they also need to pay an additional fee.

At present, envoy has established cooperation with more than 100 real estate companies in the United States and signed long-term contracts. Envoy will be responsible for managing and supplying all travel and charging infrastructure required by customers, and sharing data collected from vehicles with real estate companies.

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