Does "cat Eye" Make Up..... Make Small Eyes Look Bigger ?

Does "cat eye" make up..... make small eyes look bigger ?


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do people notice small eyes?

You are lucky. I think when people talk about pretty eyes, they are often referring to the eyelashes. Remember to keep your eyebrows trim and slightly arched. It will add more space to the eye area and frame those long lashes. I would stay away from lots of eye makeup, especially dark colors. It will just close up your eye. That means no black liner all around your eye, though I know that's a popular look. Use white liner on the top and corners if you want. Light blue will also look good w/ brown eyes. Also, curl your eyelashes! That will make your eyes stand out and accentuate what you've got. have fun!

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why do anime creators make anime characters' eyes big if Japanese people have small eyes?

Just a style of drawing. It really depends on the anime you are watching

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I have small eyes but i am NOT Asian (unfortunately) hehe?

Ohh. Taylor Swift's eyes. (: Gorgeous! xD & I agree with the mascara. Your eyeliner is perfect

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What brings out brown, small eyes?

i go for the natural look an either put a bit of sparkly lip gloss on my eyelid or vaseline

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Making small eyes seem bigger?

Wearing white or peachy eyeliner on your waterline and highlighting the area around your tear ducts with shimmery white-coloured eyeshadows should help

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Can people with small eyes pull off eyeliner?

I do not believe that there is anything that anyone can not pull off you just have to change the technique. Small eyes can definitely wear eye liner but if on the lower lash line place below the water line, underneath your lower lashes. This wo not just look good it will make your eyes look bigger by giving them the illusion that they finish lower than they do. I would not recommend putting eyeliner on the top lash line as it will close your eyes but if you do put a thin line that flicks up at the outer edge to extend your eye up and mae them look bigger. Hope this helps :) x

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Making small eyes appear bigger?

weight-loss do enhance the size of facial features

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Do celtic people have small eyes?

Not particularly. There are variations in appearance in all groups; you mention John Lennon, but he does not look particularly Asian to me, just a guy with smallish eyes (just as his bandmate Paul McCartney had large eyes.)

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HE IS FREAKING CUTE. & you are rude. & if you are saying you look like him & saying he's straight up gross, you are just insulting yourself. :)

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small eyes, big nose, big forehead?

kindly post a picture coz i can not answer it

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I have small eyes? how can i make then look bigger?

take black pencil eyeliner and do all the way on the top and halfway on the bottom, where ever you stop at the bottom is the point that looks the widest. do the line as thin as possible. with mascara do it just on the top

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how many of u got small eyes??

I am actually lucky and I have HUGE eyes, but I know how to make eyes look larger. I have lots of friends with me on Colorguard who have tiny eyes and we learned tricks to make eyes look larger. (I always use those tricks, too! =]) One thing that helps a lot is putting white eyeliner on the bottom waterline. However, a lot of people do not like this because it can cause major eye issues in the future if it's not done properly. So if you prefer not to do that, I recommend lining only the top lid thinly. Curl your lashes and have fun with mascara. With long lashes, your eyes are going to appear more open. Make sure you use just a little on the bottom lashes so you darken your lashes a little. Now, if you are one of those people who have thin, short, and/or light lashes and mascara with make your eyelashes longer to a certain point. I recommend using Magic Lash, as I have been telling LOTS of people. You buy it in a separate tube with your mascara. You first apply your mascara (make sure it's waterproof or else you will get dark circles under your eyes). Then you apply the Magic Lash on top of it. It's white and fiber-y. On top of the Magic Lash, you apply more mascara. You can repeat that as many times as you want! If you do not go with Magic Lash, Lelal Vital Extremelash works too, but it's a pretty penny. I Hope This Helps!

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