Does Anyone Know the Right Choice to This Microbiology Question? I Believe That It Is Immersion Obje

Does anyone know the right choice to this microbiology question? I believe that it is Immersion objective lens?

Do not you have a book? o-o

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Suggestions for decreasing metagaming and increasing player immersion?

I am not a really experienced DM but there is a method that I use to keep metagaming about the plot to a minimum.Add plot twist when the players are least expecting them, and do not add plot twists when the players are expecting them. Sounds simple, right?My last session was probably the most immersive game I have ever been in. The players went to a dungeon in a forest with a guide who is a Bard. They cleaned the dungeon, what did they expect? A boss. In the last room, there was an ugly man in brown kneeling before an altar and casting a spell. What did they expect? A necromancer or something, trying to summon a creature. But the man was actually trying to expel the evil soul that is bound to the altar and the Bard was actually a Sorceress in disguise (the fact that the Bard's instrument was missing was a good enough story for the players) trying to kill the PCs secretly while acting like she is helping them.One of the players got suspicious of the Bard. In the end, they tied both NPCs up, and argued about what to do for like 15 minutes.Getting players to think about the plot seriously and letting them make an important decision will increase immersion to maximum. Even the most experienced veteran on the table forgot about metagaming. On another note, we also turn off the lights and light candles while playing some eerie music. Definitely gives that dungeon feel

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Does fast travel in video games kill immersion?

Perhaps, but is immersion more important than entertainment?This is a big deal in open world games, if you've got the ability go where you want, when you want, you are going to be needing to do a lot of backtracking and when the world is big, that can be a royal pain, especially if time is limited, you do not want to squander your precious play time walking or riding across the map just to get to the quest point.So developers have a couple of options, either restrict exploration and make fast travel unnecessary or allow full freedom with a quick travel option. The first option possibly does not match their design choices, too much shepherding of the player takes away a fair amount of environmental immersion, which is great for plot immersion but not necessarily what they want to achieve. There are more subtle ways to approach it, like implementing difficulty zones but it still restricts exploration and for a truly open world, the player should be able to go anywhere.So, to stop a game becoming a chore to invest time in, fast travel becomes a necessity and it really does not have to be an immersion breaker, in Skyrim, your character already knows the location of your destination and rides their own horse there, the same applies in The Witcher 3, if you've been there before, do really want to take 10-15 minutes to travel there manually? If you do have the time to waste doing that, that's good for you but most players probably do not .In both of these games however, there are incentives to forgo the quick travel, hundreds of points of interest just off the beaten track to distract the player and make the journey eventful, Skyrim even marks them on your compass so you do not have to look that hard, The Witcher puts a horde of question marks on your map to guide you there. Fast travel then gives the player the power to control the story flow, but the trade off is in the opportunity for discovery.Finally, the player has the power to choose. If you do not want to break immersion, by all means travel around the map the hard way, just because a feature is included, it does not force you to use it, is not that the whole point? Different players have different needs for their entertainment, if they were discouraged from playing because the game did not accommodate their needs then you would be left with a tiny player base of anal retentive hardcore nuts and an unsustainable franchise. Nobody likes being told how to enjoy themselves, so I just do not understand the need to force your idea of fun on others, instead give everyone the tools and let them decide how best to use them, or if to use them at all

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