Do Your Kids Have Cellphones?

My oldest (19) has one that she pays for herself. She did not get one before that. My 10yr old and 14yr old do not have one either. My 14yr old did have one, but she abused that privilege so I canceled it, and now she can not get another until she gets a job and pays for one herself. I believe my kids do not need one. They tell me where they are going to be, and if they are planning on leaving that location they are to call me from the house they are at and let me know where they will be going and for how long. No need for a phone. My daughter tried to use the "what if there's an emergency" excuse. I then asked her if she would be fine with a phone for emergencies but no text or internet. She whined about it, so I said no :) When my newest addition is born, he/she can also get a phone when they have a job and can pay for it as well.

1. Is it ok to spank your kids?

Most definitely. At the store, it seems to methods were used ... for temper tantrums either just walk off as though you are going to leave them [exp. if they are on the floor]; or sometimes just reach down and give ONE definite swat to the seat of their pants. This is for pre-school kids. Though now if you swat a kid likely someone will call the police, etc. If they are "acting up" at the store, and they are school-age, maybe they just want to "get out of there"; but should soon know if they are heading home they are heading to an unpleasant spanking, definitely more than ONE swat! But even as clearly as YOU and I think, sadly sometimes even as teens we need an occasional spanking. . And all that is NOT abuse. There are way too many parents who do abuse by hitting, and some who abuse by NOT punishing. .

2. Are kids of today, greedier than in the past?

It is so sad to say but kids today are greedier than kids of the past. My stepkids are so spoiled it is a sin. I literally cannot take them anywhere with me or they are asking for everything they see. My husband pays adequete child support and travel out of state every other weekend for visitation and they have more than most other kids their age, yet thet are never, ever, ever satisfied. Everything new that they get they want to know how much it costs. They are always saying my husband should pay more support, yet my husband and I have a daughter together and he has just been established as my daughter's( from a previous marriage) legal parent/guardian so he is legally not obligated to pay more support. They should not even know or worry about things like that at their age anyway, but they do because their mother tells them things kids should not be told. They are sweet kids, but very spoiled and materialistic and nothing is ever good enough. They will ask 100 times in a day how much money their dad makes and how much money I make and how much money my family has. ( I have a very wealth family) We just bought a new house and the first thing they asked is how much it was and was it more than their mom's house. They base love on how much people buy them and how much people spend on them. I have stopped buying stuff except for birthdays and Christmas. I am trying to instill family values in them. My 12 year old daughter is not like them at all. She does not expect things from people. She does not care how much money anything costs and she does not care how much money people make. She does not base whether or not she likes a person by what kind of clothes they wear or whether or not their parents make a bunch of money. She does not call people white trash or trailer trash like my step kids do. I am trying my best to teach them to be different, but when they are here 4 days out of the month and with their mom the rest of the time I am not making much of an impact on them. My children will not be raised to judge people or base their love on how much is being bought for them.

3. Why are kids so Creepy?

Because you do not expect that kind of thing from a child. It's unnatural

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