Do You Keep Your Love of Classical Music a Secret?

Do you keep your love of classical music a secret?

When I was in high school, I was a diligent violin student, so everyone knew of my affinity toward classical music. I was on a crusade to stamp out popular music, but I was not very diplomatic about it.

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Why has popular music gome to pot nowadays?

Pop music has not gotten worse lately. You've probably reached the age where you naturally yearn for the good old days. I've managed to prevent myself from falling into that trap. I do not know your age, but you are probably considerably younger than me (I am 45. ).

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What do Asians (Indians, Chinese, etc) think when they see the first lady of the United States dancing to popular music on TV?

LOL. This is a funny question. Why would we think anything? Apart from she is beautiful and all.She's just dancing on a song that's it. What made you ask this question though?

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Published popular music

"The Blue and the Gray" by James W. Long "Good Bye, Liza Jane" (anon) "The Little Church Around The Corner" w.m. Charles A. White "The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane" w.m. William S. Hays "Mollie Darling" w.m. William S. Hays "Oh aint I got the Blues!" by A.A. Chapman "Onward, Christian Soldiers" w. Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould m. Sir Arthur Sullivan "Reuben and Rachel" w. Harry Birch m. William Gooch "Susan Jane" w.m. William S. Hays

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Popular music

The modern popular rigsar genre (Dzongkha ; Wylie: rig-gsar; "new idea") emerged in the 1960s. Rigsar can be contrasted from most traditional music in its updated electronic instrumentation, faster rhythm, and vernacular language, especially Dzongkha and Tsangla. Its context can also be contrasted, as rigsar is a common feature of Bhutanese television and film. Some of the earliest rigsar tunes were translations of contemporary popular Hindi songs. The first Bhutanese rigsar hit was Zhendi Migo, covered the popular Bollywood filmi song "Sayonara" from the film Love in Tokyo. Since the 1960s, a great number of Bhutanese artists have covered or produced a staggering volume of rigsar music.:132, 139, 145-8 Rigsar gained popularity on the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, making way for the rigsar band Tashi Nencha to established the first recording studio in Thimphu in 1991. Prior to this period, Bhutanese people primarily listened to filmi and other kinds of Indian pop music. Rigsar is the dominant style of Bhutanese popular music, and dates back to the late 1980s. The first major music star was Shera Lhendup, whose career began after the 1981 hit "Jyalam Jaylam Gi Ashi". By the end of the 1980s, rigsar was no longer so popular, its detractors citing repetitive, simple tunes that were often copied directly from foreign music. Since 1995, with founding of the Norling Drayang recording label, rigsar has returned to relative popularity as a fusion of elements and instruments from English language pop, Indian and Nepalese music. Rigsar remains ubiquitous in Bhutan, heard in on public streets, in taxis, and on buses, and even used by the government to deliver health and sanitation education. There is also a small underground metal scene with bands like Forsaken Bhutan has also been seeing a boom in the popular music such as the B-Pop show that was held to promote creativity in May 2018 by M-Studio in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications.

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I am making a play list, i need some upbeat, newer, popular music ideas?

just like me - jamie foxx dead gone (remix) - TI day and night - jim jones aint i - lil wayne turn me on (remix)- keri hilson blame it - jami foxx

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Lyrics to a song I heard on a popular music station, we stay up and fight all night you just go to sleep?

dunno what song it is but kelly doesnt have any songs called just a boy

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What popular music is appropriate for my 6 year old daughter to listen to?

my 5 year old sister listens to my music. lady gaga, katy perry, some rihanna, beyonce, madonna, whitney houston, janet jackson, mariah carey, britney spears

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Appearances in popular music

Woodfall's poem was set to music, as a ballad, by the time of the appearance in 1805 of James Plumptre's Collection of Songs, where it was #152 in the first volume. Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern's 1937 ballad "The Folks Who Live On the Hill" mentions Darby and Joan: We will sit and look at the same old view, Just we two. Darby and Joan who used to be Jack and Jill, The folks who like to be called, What they have always been called, "The folks who live on the hill". The phrase was used satirically by Nol Coward in the song "Bronxville Darby and Joan" from his musical Sail Away (1961). The refrain begins, "We are a dear old couple and we hate one another." A relatively modern music reference to "Darby and Joan" is found in the 1969 pop release of the same name, written and performed by Lyn "Twinkle" Ripley, an English singer-songwriter. Another even newer reference is in the 2018 song "Darby and Joan" by Australian band The Babe Rainbow.

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