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1. Is element a good skateboard?

yea it is a good board, but it can be prtty pricy, element do sponser alot of really good pros so thats a reason why they are expensive. personally i do think element is over rated, and over charged, because many other boards r just as good, and cost less. if u can afford 1 go ahead.

2. is there a fifth element?

Milla Jovovich is the fifth element

3. What type of element is Argon?

Argon is a Noble Gas. It's a inactive gas, hence why it's a noble gas. It's used to make inert atmospheres, etc so you can conclude it's a stable element. It's also used for arc welders. I do not know, your question is too vague. Edit: Inert Gas = Noble Gas...stop using Wikipedia or those cheap periodic tables! He needs help, not copy-pastes!

4. Is gold the element (Au) magnetic?

Gold is diamagnetic, meaning that it is repelled from a magnetic field rather than attracted to one. Strongly diamagnetic materials like pyrolytic graphite will actually levitate over strong magnets. Gold is presumably weakly diamagnetic, like many materials.

5. is methane an element, a compound, or a mixture?

This Site Might Help You. RE: is methane an element, a compound, or a mixture? i think it's an element. am i right?

6. Is water an element or compound?

Compound because it has two hydrogens and one oxygen molecule so therefore a compound. An element will be one single atom. For example one oxygen, one nitrogen etc

7. How are titrations carried out in the industry?

I had work field in industry. It's a smelting company. They analyze element in copper and its slag. They use some kind of modern spectrometer to find concentration of trace element but it can not be used to determine concentration (in %-age) of iron because the value is too high. The only one methode is titration. They solves iron into strong acid, reduce to Fe2 and then titrate using potassium permanganate according to reaction, MnO4(-) Fe(2) -> Mn(2) Fe(3). On some coal industry, sulfur determining still use titration. Coal sample was burned in furnace in order to convert all sulfur to SO2. Gas will be reacted with peroxide to form H2SO4. This solution then titrated using an alkaline standard. Equivalent os sulfur in coal equals to equivalent of H2SO4.

8. Finding the identity element of a group

The neutral element $einmathbbR$, if it exists, satisfies $a=ecdot a= ea-ea$ for all $ainmathbbR$, which is equivalent to $$0=e-ea=e(1-a)$$ for all $ain mathbbR$, so we must have $e=0$. Conversely, it is the case that $$0cdot a=0a-0a=a$$ and $$acdot 0=a0-a0=a$$

9. Each element is invertible [closed]

Just apply the ideas I just mentioned recently to you. You clearly have that $aR=R$, so $ab=1$ for some $b$.Then $ba$ is an idempotent and $R=baRoplus (1-ba)R$. Since there's only one maximal right ideal, one of these summands is zero and one is the whole ring. If $baR=0$ then $baR=bR=0$, a contradiction. The only other possibility is $(1-ba)R=0$, whence $1-ba=0$ and $1=ba=ab$. Thus $a$ is a unit.

10. what is a radioactive element?

Uranium. It's an element consisting of atoms with unstable nucleii.

11. Unable to locate element in Selenium

Your element is wrong by standard ways. Change as per below :In your code, change lines as per under :Let come to Null Pointer exceptionIt might come for below scenario :driver is not initialize properly. So try to change below line with existing :Use DriverManager.driver when you need driver

12. Is copper an example of an element or a compound?

element. it can become a compound if it is combined with iron to make brass

13. Order of an element in a finite Group

It's not a typo: $ a^n = e $ does not mean that the order of $a$ is $n$, only that it is at most $n$ (actually, it must be a divisor of $n$)

14. Does Art and creativity relate more to the element Wood or to the element Metal?

Wood. Becoz it grows and explores within the process. Metal is more associated with wisdom and intelligence. Not necessarily creativity


Hmmm, I did this in the beginning of the year, lets see if I actually learned something.... compound homogeneous element heterogeneous Hopefully those are right...

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Question About Set Order Theory
Question about set order theoryYou need to use the Axiom of Choice, and in particular, its equivalent Zorn's Lemma, combined with the Recursion Theorem.Assume that $Be varnothing$ does not possess a minimal element. Picking an $a_0in B$ you can define recursively the sequence $$ text$a_n$ is an element of $B$ strictly smaller than $a_n-1$. $$ Such $a_n$ exists in $B$, since $a_n-1$ is, by assumption, not a minimal element, and this leads to a contradiction.— — — — — —Greatest element and least elementIn mathematics, especially in order theory, the greatest element of a subset S of a partially ordered set (poset) is an element of S that is greater than every other element of S. The term least element is defined dually, that is, it is an element of S that is smaller than every other element of S.— — — — — —Let $A, B$ be sets. Show that $mathcal P(A ∩ B) = mathcal P(A) ∩ mathcal P(B)$. [duplicate]Let $X in P(A cap B)$. Then each element of $X$ is an element of $A$ and $B$, hence $X$ is also in $P(A)$ and $P(B) implies X in P(A)cap P(B)$.NowLet $Y in P(A)cap P(B)$.Then $Y in P(A) $ and $Y in P(B)$. Therefore each element of $Y$ is an element of $A$ and $B$. Hence each element of $Y$ is in $Acap B implies Y in P(Acap B)$. Notice that $X$ and $Y$ are arbitrary, hence we have shown that any set in $P(A cap B)$ is in $P(A)cap P(B)$ and vice versa.From this we can conclude that the two sets have identical composition and are thus equal— — — — — —Spirituality and "The Element"Simultaneously with this revelation, in the mid-1950s Baum had begun to turn his attention more fully to his spiritual life. He found in this quest an antidote to the formalist emphasis of Abstract Expressionism as well as a reason for him to continue in an artistic practice at all. For this he returned to the notion of faith, drawing on his Jewish background, though in abstracted ways and through secular-subjects. As one author noted: "Baum seems to be growing closer to spirituality through the study of secular things, such as the staircases, traffic lights, plants, and light-bearing architecture.... Triads of subjects begin to appear in Baum's work." This study of the trinity references not only the three patriarchs of Judaism, but the three pillars of the Kabbalist Tree of Life, the Christian Holy Trinity, the three Trikaya practice of Buddhism. What Baum was proposing by this turn toward spirituality in painting he saw as a continuum with man's past, writing later: . For centuries there existed a symbiotic relationship between religion and painting. This relationship came to an end with the rise of the age of reason. Though religion declined drastically, our spiritual needs survived. And now with the help of high technology we are exploring outer space and all of the universe. We are all the more aware of its vastness, its endlessness and its greatness. Our sense of awe is reawakened and our spiritual life rekindled. This form of spirituality is worth of being subject matter in painting. At this point, Baum took a radical step in his painting: in 1958 he turned completely to the non-objective and began crafting a single glyph that he called "the element," which was based on his revelation about the staircase. He developed this glyph over a period of ten years, from 1958 to 1968, at which point he arrived at its final form. Lutz describes this transition: "a long 5-pronged shape, similar to a pine needle cluster... a wide curved element appears similar to the silhouette of a bird in flight...the final element, which almost has the appearance of a head in profile appears in 1967." From that time on, he would use the element, in varying combinations and colors, as the exclusive mark in his paintings' compositions. Lutz describes that, "When Baum starts using the element the micro and the macro converge in what can only be described as a type of cosmic order."— — — — — —Network Centric Airborne Defense ElementThe Network Centric Airborne Defense Element (NCADE) is an anti-ballistic missile system being developed by Raytheon for the Missile Defense Agency. On Sept. 18, 2008 Raytheon announced it had been awarded a $10 million contract to continue NCADE research and development. The NCADE system is a boost phase interceptor based heavily on the AIM-120 AMRAAM, with the AMRAAM fragmentation warhead replaced by a hit-to-kill vehicle powered by a hydroxylammonium nitrate monopropellant rocket motor from Aerojet. The launch vehicle will be a Boeing F-15C Golden Eagle with an AESA radar.
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