Custom Booth Design Companies for Trade Shows and Expositions in Germany?

Custom Booth Design companies for Trade Shows and Expositions in Germany?

If you go to and type Messeaufsteller you will get lots of people selling that stuff. I could not find anybody that had their web site in English though. So I do not know maybe you just look at them and write an email to the one you like best, they will be able to answer you in English.

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Tips to Get the Most Out of a Small Trade Show Booth

When you are attending multiple trade shows per year, and consumed by countless other marketing activities, the details of your trade show displays might get lost in the shuffle. For starters, how do you know if you've chosen the right trade show booth size? Frequent exhibitors often go with a smaller booth space to cut expenses enough so they can attend more shows, which can make planning your booth a little tricky. If that's your go-to approach, you need to ensure you maximize your use of the space so your booth design stands out in the crowd. Here are some tips to do that, no matter how small your trade show booth space is. Even the smallest trade show booth spaces can be eye-catching and effective when designed well. This means that your primary emphasis should be on making your company's branding prominent, and tying your trade show theme into the branding so all of the colors and elements work together. This means resisting the temptation to squeeze a lot of information into the small space you have. Your goal instead should be to use minimal copy, a few powerful images, and a strong, unified message to grab the attention of attendees walking by. Of course, having a small booth space means your actual trade show display will have to be smaller too. But that does not mean you have to sacrifice finesse. Consider using things like banner stands, strategic lighting, hanging signs, or creative shelving in order to make use of vertical space. You can also overcome potential limitations caused by minimal square footage by using both sides of your display elements. Review your booth space from all possible angles, and if attendees can see both sides of one of the pieces, you will want to make use of it. If your actual display space is on the smaller side, keep in mind the power of getting your audience engaged when they walk by. Whether you offer a live demo, conduct a poll with touch-screen voting, or interview attendees on video, interaction can liven up any booth. This is an area you can have a lot of fun with, and if done well, can be used to break up the monotony of an exhibit hall for your audience too, making you all the more memorable. Finally, when most people think about trade show displays, they think about the visual elements. What does our space look like? What do our materials look like? What does our activation look like? While it's true that the visual aspects of trade show marketing are incredibly important to your overall success, it's also true that people perceive the world through five senses, not just sight. Think about how you can appeal to any of the other four senses, especially hearing. Conference halls are often loud and frenzied. Calming, interesting or exciting music (as long as it's allowed by the show producer)can be really striking in the midst of it all. And the best part? A speaker does not take up much space, so it's perfect for even the smallest of booths. No matter how compact your allotted space is at your next trade show, you can make the most of it by amping up the impact of your booth design. Remember to make your branding and design the focal point, use vertical space, do not forget the back sides of your displays (if visible). Also, invite attendees into an interactive experience and entice people by tapping into one more than just the sense of sight. After all, it's not the size of the booth but rather the size of your creativity and forethought that counts the most.

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How relevant is digital marketing in a B2B context where most of the sales and marketing really happens through customer demos, trade shows, webinars, and mostly direct face to face engagement with customers?

I think digital marketing is relevant for all industries, nowadays. No matter where the sales may close - whether it is in-person, events, webinars, etc - all customers are searching for companies online and viewing their digital presence, content etc. This means a multichannel marketing strategy should be a top priority, with special focused payed to the channels with the highest potential for conversion.

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