Competition Pattern and Development Trend of Switching Power Supply Industry

1. Industry development overview

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Power adapter is usually used for power supply voltage conversion of various electronic equipment and electronic appliances. It is often used in small electronic products such as notebook computers, consumer electronic products, medical and health care equipment, industrial electronic equipment and so on. Due to the different applicable requirements of working principle and current conversion form, the power supply has various classification standards. According to the working principle, the power supply can be divided into traditional linear power supply and current mainstream switching power supply.

As an indispensable equipment in electric equipment, switching power supply has many application fields, and there is no alternative equipment, so its market scale is huge. The data show that the global sales of switching power supply have maintained a stable growth in recent years.

2. Industry competition pattern

In the field of switching power supply, after more than 30 years of development, China has become an important global production base and formed a perfect industrial chain. Upstream international mainstream component suppliers control the manufacturing technology of switching power supply IC chips. Midstream power supply manufacturers provide downstream customers with different technical levels according to their different levels of power supply manufacturing expertise and production capacity Type of product. The industrial development is relatively mature. It has formed three major industrial zones in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the capital economic circle near Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. In addition, there are a small number of switching power supply enterprises in Xi'an and Wuhan. According to the statistics of China Power Supply Association, there are more than 1000 domestic switching power supply enterprises with a high degree of marketization, Present a completely competitive market pattern.

The overall competition pattern of switching power supply industry presents the following characteristics:

(1) There are many production enterprises in the industry, but the scale is generally small, the market share is relatively scattered, and the industry concentration is not high;

(2) Enterprises in the industry generally have low technical level and low product added value, which is difficult to meet the relevant needs of high-end customers, especially international mainstream electronic enterprises.

Due to the wide distribution and large number of downstream enterprises in the industry, there are great differences in the quality and price requirements of power products, so that power enterprises of different sizes and levels can obtain a certain market share. At present, the leading domestic manufacturers of consumer switching power supply are Taiwan funded enterprises such as Guande and Diwen that produce in the mainland and a few domestic leading enterprises represented by maoshuo power supply. These advantageous enterprises mainly provide high-end consumer switching power supply products for mainstream electronic enterprises at home and abroad by virtue of their advantages in technology R & D and production management, But their market share is not high. With the continuous expansion of the technical level and production capacity of advantageous enterprises, the continuous expansion of their own sales network, and the improvement of downstream enterprises' requirements for power supply in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, the market space of small-scale power supply production enterprises is shrinking day by day, and the trend of industry integration is becoming more and more obvious.

3. Industry development trend

Power adapter small portable electronic equipment and power supply conversion equipment of electronic appliances. Its working principle is from AC input to DC output. According to the connection mode, it can be divided into wall type and desktop type. It is widely used in security camera, set-top box, router, light bar, massage instrument and other equipment. With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the quality requirements of electronic products for supporting power adapters are also increasing. Products with high energy consumption, easy damage and safety risks will be quickly eliminated by the market. In the future, the power adapter industry will continue to focus on energy conservation, standardization, safety and portability.

Analysis of major industry trends

Energy saving: since the power adapter is mainly used for current conversion to provide appropriate and stable voltage for electronic products, the energy conversion efficiency is the main index to measure whether the product has high energy saving. Products with high conversion efficiency have relatively less energy loss and lower heat generation, so as to achieve more energy saving and prolong the service life of power supply and electronic products.

Safety: because the power adapter is used for current conversion, the device temperature will rise during operation. Products with higher quality standards can ensure that the surface temperature of the power adapter rises within a safe range when providing stable current. At the same time, the power adapter with good quality can effectively prevent short circuit and ensure the safety of the product during use.

Standardization: at present, the production of power products not only meets the corresponding national product standards and environmental protection standards, but also needs to meet the customer's product certification. Only products that meet the customer's certification standards can be accepted by customers. With the industry's development towards centralization, cost-effectiveness, quality improvement and internationalization, product standardization has become one of the main trends in future development.

Portability: with the rapid development of the downstream electronic industry, consumers' requirements for the size of the power adapter supporting various electronic products and adapting to special use space are constantly improving. The miniaturization and portability of the power adapter has become one of the main characteristics concerned by consumers. Therefore, reducing the weight of accessories is particularly important for portable electronic equipment. Overall Portability has become one of the development directions in the field of electronic products industry.

4. Industry barriers

(1) Certification barriers

As consumers pay more attention to the use safety, energy conservation and environmental protection of electronic products, governments of various countries have increasingly strict requirements on the quality, energy conservation and safety of relevant electronic products. For example, many developed countries such as the European Union and North America have successively required electronic product manufacturing enterprises to pass the certification of environmental protection and product safety specifications. Because it takes necessary time and capital investment to pass various certification tests and obtain certification, it puts forward certain requirements for the product R & D ability and manufacturing level of enterprises, so there are certain certification barriers.

(2) Technical and talent barriers

With the continuous and rapid development of electronic technology in China, power products are developing in the direction of high frequency, high efficiency, high power and reliability. Therefore, new requirements are put forward for the design and production capacity of manufacturers. Manufacturers need to constantly develop and design new customized products for customers to meet the rhythm of rapid change and development of downstream end products. Only with strong R & D ability and high-quality product development team can we quickly meet the market requirements for quality, efficiency, energy saving and so on. The accumulation of technology and the acquisition of talents require certain investment, forming certain industry entry barriers.

(3) Scale barriers

Large scale production can effectively improve the ability of manufacturers to fulfill orders and help reduce the production cost of enterprises. Therefore, it can effectively reduce the risk caused by the price fluctuation of raw materials and deal with the rapidly changing and iterative electronic product market. It is often difficult for new entrants to obtain large-scale production capacity in a short time. At the same time, production personnel and managers also need some time to obtain relevant experience to meet the needs of large-scale production capacity.

(4) Market barriers

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