Can I Connect a Car Battery to a UPS (Unlimited Power Supply)?

whoops YOU Must keep in mind that house voltage is AC; alternating current. Batteries are DC, direct current. to use a car batter, you will need a transformer. [or converter if you prefer, to "send out DC that can be converted to AC"]

1. Should I unplug the car battery to store it?

20 days does not sound all that long. If you were storing it for the winter, maybe. It's not bound to hurt to do either one. Just the hassle of putting the cables back on and resetting radios, etc.

2. Getting ready to sell car, but battery keeps dying. What's the deal??

Have you checked to see if you have a bad cell in your battery? Batteries only last so long. Perhaps it is time to get a new one. You can take either your running car, or just the battery to Autozone, and they will test the battery for free. If you drive in, they will also check the alternator, while it is on the car. If the battery is ok, then perhaps your alternator is bad. One last thing that people do not always consider would be the cables. Perhaps you negative/ground cable is not truly grounded. This would cause your battery to drain. Often the cables even look fine on visual inspection, but internally, they can be corroded. If the battery and the alternator check out, then consider the cable. Also, check to make sure that you have totally grounded your new deck, as this could also cause problems. It should be a simple fix either way. Good luck.

3. how to find a short that is draining car battery?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.hook up a test light between the cable and the battery.Without hookin up the battery.If there is a draw the light will light up.The higher the draw the brighter the light will be. If you have a digital voltmeter (DVOM) that works better.Pull fuses to isolate the circuit.Sometimes a bad alternator will do it to.And just because the battery is new does not mean its good

4. How does the car battery bolt go in!?

new bolts tend to be harder to get in so u need to push really hard the bolt should (pop) in were the indention is on the black rubber of the battery cable. just force it the best u can bud. but if u need longer u could ask them but usualy side mount cables like that are the same unless some one modified them and took the rubber off on one side and had to use shorter bolt

5. Car battery issues, please help?

I'ts time to get a new battery! If you cant get one before you have to go somewhere, have somebody jumpstart your car, (AAA) and leave it running for about 45 minutes so the alternator has a chance to give it a little bit of a charge, however if you get you are new battery and it dies within a couple weeks, your alternator may be shot

6. Car Battery Messing up an altinator?

as long as its the right size bat for the car it wont do any damage take the car and have the alt checked it wont cost any thing just to have it checked 99% its a duff alt

7. how much should i pay for a car battery?

its a regular battery, and the price its OK, it will last you about 3 years. if you want a good battery but more pricey get a optima from interstate, you can find interstate battery at almost any repair shop

8. Car Battery slowly losing voltage?

Does it stop dropping after a little while? If it just continues to drop, the battery is bad. It probably has a bad plate(electrode)

9. My Car battery keeps dying?

its your alternator.....the starter starts the car than does nothing, your batt provides the initial power the kinda chills because ur alternator continues to charge the battery. go have autozone check ur alternator. if thats not it just take it somewhere to figure it out. after they diagnose it u can fix it good luck

10. Will my cell phone drain the car battery?

I would be more concerned about your cellphones battery than your car's. It is best to use your home charger to charge your phone and only use your car charger for emergencies. Some car chargers are not programed to stop sending a charge to your phone when it is fully charged. This can seriously damage your cell's battery. If you do choose to keep it charging in your car, just know that you may eventually end up having to buy a new battery, which typically runs about $60!

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