Can a 500W Power Supply Run a GTX 670?

As long as it has a 6 pin and a 8 pin connectors and the PSU is good quality you should be ok. If the psu came with the case or is a cheap little known brand, it may be the cause of the problem

1. Is this Power Supply Enough For My PC!?

500 watts w/ 70% efficiency? Err..I would say you are cutting it too close Stock fan is okay with no OC but will still get somewhat warm. Intel coolers are crap. Personally I would get a cheap $30 Coolermaster Hyper or EVO GTA 4 is not a very well optimized game. You should be able to play it well though. My 570 GTX can

2. Power supply needed for GTX 550 ti?

I continually reccommend a minimum of 600w 80 PSU. some thing like a OCZ modxstream professional 600w That it covers any video card improve interior the destiny, bar a choose few. (like 2 taking part in cards out of the countless i've got searched. ).

3. What Power Supply Do I need (Watt)?

750 watts. 600 watts works fine but your computer almost requires that whole amoumt. it is better to go higher so the power ssupply will not strain its resources as much

4. I have a Power Supply Question?

intel and amd are the cpu manufacturers, and asus is the manufacturer of you motherboard so you will have either an amd or intel cpu. Are you sure you have connected everything is there a black on/off switch on the back on the power supply ? is it switched on. is there any lights on inside when you switch the power on at the mains

5. Is this Power Supply and Video Card Good?

lol you can play sims 3 and guild wars with integrated graphics you dont need a high end video card! my 7yr old sony laptop can play both of those games

6. Is this Power Supply good quality?

You can upgrade the power supply. The factory supply is a basic supply. If you add equipment to the system usb drive usb printer and scanner Each draw off the computers power supply. The more you have the hotter and taxed the supply gets. and the voltage drops to the other equipment. Upgrade the supply to a 350 - 400 w An over load will lead to a power failure and Error massages.

7. Replacing PC power supply - help!

No it wo not damage it. 400w just means that your PC can now handle more devices than before

8. What Watt Power Supply Should I Get With My Build?

THIS ONE IS BEST ACCORDING TO YOUR REQUIREMENT Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650-Watt TX Series 80 Plus Certified Power Supply *Box Contents - Corsair TX650W Power Supply; Cables included - ATX 24 pin & 20 pin compatible, *EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin, 2 x PCI-E 8 pin, 8 x SATA, 8 x 4 pin Peripheral, 2 x Floppy *Supports ATX12V v2.2 standard and older ATX12V 2.01 spec *Ultra-quiet 120mm double ball-bearing fan delivers excellent airflow *80% energy efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% load condition for less heat generation and lower energy bill *99% Active Power Factor Correction provides clean and reliable power to your system

9. Power supply fan not spinning?

The Lamp Battery

10. 24 Pin Motherboard Power Supply?

Here is what you will need and it is a very trusted ordering site, I use it all the time for my PC parts and accessories

11. a set of resistors is connected in series to a power supply?

With voltage dividers the current will exhibit non-uniform current. That is to say if the resistors are also part of said voltage dividers. Otherwise the current is the same if there are no take-off points connected to the series resistors. The thing to remember is that all the resistors in a serien have the same current flowing through them according to Kirchoff's law about series circuits. Hope that helps.

12. Xbox Power Supply Brick Cost?

39.99$ refurbished at gamestop (according to their website) or 52.99 new on sale at You can also try calling Microsoft's customer service and telling them that your power supply just stopped working (not that it was munched on) and that you have tried someone else's and theirs works, so it is definitely the power supply (and not the xbox). If your xbox is still under warrenty you should get it for free, if it is not you may have to pay for a new one. For future reference: dogs cords = bad.

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