Buy a Memory Foam Topper Or a New Mattres.. Big Dip in Current Mattress?

Toppers are not for use with sagging mattresses. They are to make a firm bed softer

1. Buy a memory foam topper or a new mattres.. big dip in current mattress?

Based on your description "hammock" it sounds like the dip is too deep to fix with a topper. The foam toppers are made to conform to the shape of the supporting base; so you would have a hammock styled topper if you tried that. You obviously want to save money so my suggestion is to look into the Component Bed so that in the future you can just buy parts which is what you are trying to do now anyways.

2. Are Tempur-Pedic mattresses worth the investment?

When Tempur-pedic first came out there were no other memory foam options and for several years after that the other options that were available were not very good. This allowed them to build a reputation as THE memory foam company. This is no longer the case today. There are many many foam manufacturers who are now making memory foam that IMO is at least as good quality and in some cases better than TP at much lower prices. Many of these are also more breathable than TP and do not sleep as hot. Each of them has their own similar but unique feel. There is also unfortunately some very poor quality memory foam being imported from Asia and other places that will not last very long and does not have nearly the same properties as better quality memory foam. There is an organization that tests memory foam both for offgassing and durability in the US called "Certi-Pur" and its European counterpart called Europur and it is a good idea to both know the source of the memory foam in any mattress you are considering and to make sure the source is a member of one of these (there are others as well). Beware of anyone telling you that memory foam is in any way "green" ... even if some of the polyols (an ingredient used in manufacture) have been replaced with soy or other so called "natural" polyols. They are still 80% petrochemical in nature and memory foam itself is in no way green or natural. This is all a marketing gimmick based on half truths. A good US "brand" of memory foam IMO is either Sensus or Aerus made by a company called Foamex however there are also several other high quality memory foams manufactured in the US and Europe. The best quality memory foams are 5 lbs / cu ft or more and I would certainly avoid any memory foam with a density less than 4.0 lbs / cu ft in a lower price mattress and higher if your budget warrants it. Tempurpedic is a good quality memory foam and is a "known quantity" which makes them safer than buying unknown foam. Unfortunately they also take advantage of their position and the lack of consumer information and knowledge about memory foam in general to charge prices that I believe can no longer be justified in today's much more competitive market. More information here ...

3. How can I clean cat pee out of a memory foam mattress?

Go to the pet store and purchase "Natures Miracle" It comes in a red and white bottle. When you apply it, put it on heavy! Cat urine is extremely concentrated (desert animals you know they do not drink much water) and needs to be flushed out. The Natures Miracle has enzymes in it that dissolve the urine compounds that cause the odor.

4. Families coated in tiny glass fibers after removing cover on memory foam mattresses

Michelle Cantrell, of Austin, Texas, unzipped the cover on her daughter's 7-year-old memory foam mattress to wash it and noticed a tear in the cover. She did not think anything of it until several days later when she started itching after putting on a shirt that had been washed with the cover. She turned the shirt inside out and shined a light on the fabric, "just to see if I could see anything," she told Texoma's Homepage. "You could see all the shards of fiberglass just sticking up like knives." She realized it came from the mattress pad. The Cantrells bought their mattress from Canada-based DHP Furniture through Amazon. "In order for us to meet U.S. federal mattress flammability standards, many memory foam mattresses are constructed with a fire retardant knit fabric barrier that includes glass fiber threads," a company spokesperson said. The fibers are concealed under the quilting of the mattress cover on memory foam mattresses and serve as a fire barrier. The Cantrells hired a decontamination team to clean up the prickly fibers that had settled throughout their house. After six visits, the family still spots a fiber sparkling in the light, causing them to itch or cough. Cantrell also had to throw out all the pillows and blankets and nearly half of her clothes because she just could not get the fibers out of the fabric. What Cantrell cannot understand is why there was no warning label on the mattress. Oddly, Cantrell is not the only person who has been pricked by glass fibers after removing the covering of a memory foam mattress. Brittney Rodriguez of San Antonio said she followed the care instructions on her 7-year-old mattress, which said, "To Clean Mattress Outer Cover: Machine wash cold in mild detergent. Gentle spin cycle. Dry on gentle air cycle. DO NOT BLEACH, DO NOT DRY CLEAN." But after following the instructions, glass fibers suddenly coated her entire apartment. "This stuff gets up your nose, your eyes, and everywhere and it's hard," said Brittney's mother, Maria Astolfo. She called for an estimate to clean up the near-invisible mess and was told it would cost more than $4,000. Like Cantrell, many of Astolfo and Rodriguez's possessions were unsalvageable. "I am frustrated at this point, I am exhausted," Rodriguez told KUTV. Astolfo purchased her daughter's mattress from Walmart and got the name of the mattress manufacturer. The company agreed to refund the full $309 purchase price and are awaiting a separate estimate for cleaning the family's apartment. According to Texoma's, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is not aware of any health risks associated with fiberglass in memory foam mattresses or mattress covers. But Amazon reviews show that the problem is not an isolated incident. Beasley Allen is not currently accepting claims related to this consumer product.

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