Are Your Kids Making You Dumb and Insulting About Parenting?

i assume accusing the rotten little ones makes those mom and dad sense their parenting skills are being criticized and placed into question. some mom and dad regrettably do exactly no longer opt to take the accountability of their youngster's habit. it is stressful

1. what do you think about obama and hillary insulting england?

i am a woman and allow me be the first to say that on some element I comprehend the position you are coming from. yet do not allow your hatred of adult males dictate your vote for president. earlier you lower price Obama because of his genetic makeup seem into his political history and his kin existence-type. .. inspect his spouse, Michelle and see how she feels. i have no longer something hostile to Hilary yet I do imagine that your anger is guiding you. Dont blame this guy... whom you dont have any own connection with for the undesirable studies that you've had with different adult males. And on a side note. .. go away those jokers on my own that you are dealing with. they are turning you bitter. also, back... I dont have something hostile to Hillary yet you assert adult males cheat, etc then say, vote for The Clintons. Um... are you conveniently forgetting who's the genuine of Hillary's loved ones?? opt for your words heavily earlier your next question. also, Oprah is a reason Obama has any such following of ladies... Oprah IS the lady

2. Can McCain get any more insulting than this?

It's Repub trickle-down economics - piss on the poor and wonder why they are not grateful

3. Do feminists find it insulting that women are not allowed on submarines?

Probably. Personally, I think allowing women on submarines would lead to all kinds of problems

4. So,some fool in the US plans to burn the Quran,it's stupid,ignorant & insulting but doesn't he have the right?

Exceptions are made all the time to the so called freedom of speech. You cannot stand in the street and say even as a protest that the president should be killed for example or deny the Holocaust. And do not forget those "free speech zones" of the Bush era :). It is however convenient to stand by and let this kind of nonsense escalate under the disguise of freedom of speech and then turn around and lecture Muslims how we do not get it. We get it. Furthermore, if you want to compare something closer to the burning of a book, heck it is even illegal to burn a dollar bill as a means of expression or protest. The point is there are limitations imposed from time to time whenever a group powerful enough gets its feathers ruffled. These kind of things are easily avoided if there is a will to do so without compromising on freedom of expression. Edit: For those who are comparing a mob attack that may result in a Bible set on fire to a planned countdown of burning of Qurans are being silly. Not a single Muslim country would stand by and let that happen. Just for the record, Muslims consider the Bible as one of the book they pledge their faith on, (They may object to changes made to it but that still does not change the fact that it is a sacred book)

5. If the story of Draupadi humiliating Karna for his caste in her Swayamvar is an interpretation, why couldn't the story of Karna insulting Draupadi after the dice game be an interpolation in the same way?

It very well can be. But does that annul Karna's punishment? Absolutely not! Had he not said those words, then he was silent by default which is as much a crime, given what was happening in the royal court. Forget his rivalry with Arjun, forget Draupadi. Karna was the RULER of Angadesha. He was a king. What example will he set to his subjects by observing silence while a woman was being abused in his presence? He, who was indifferent to the plight of the Empress of Indraprasta, because it interfered with his own personal Dharma, what hopes of justice will a common woman have from him despite his charitable qualities? So, to answer your question, Karna's taunt being an interpolation is no justification for what happened to Draupadi.

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