Are Others Sick of All This Gun Violence and Easy Access to Guns?

Are others sick of all this gun violence and easy access to guns?

Bullet proof vests are illegal, so much for criminalizing guns! And was not the drug he was doing illegal as well

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Does anyone know a good affortable camp site in alaska where theres easy access to fishing?

one among my widespread places is voyagers natl park in northern minnesota. The campsites are via boat in in simple terms. There are not any roads. And the fishing is great as nicely using fact the serenity.

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Second (easy access) account in case my bank screws up

Not so good in the middle-of-nowhere, but Nationwide Building Society still offer passbook savings accounts (if you open the account in branch). Others may do too.That may offer additional protection against computer failure, as you may be able to withdraw limited amounts of cash against the passbook from a branch

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looking for a place to live that is family friendly, cheap easy access to city and near enough to shops cafes?

You live in Sydney, NSW am i correct? Rhodes - Appartments for rent. With easy access to shops, movies, park and a pond. Fairly new suburb and loads of spare apartments up for rent. Glenwood - If you are looking for a house, this is a good suburb. Carlingford - It is a friendly, cheap area with access to train stations and shops with school nearby Epping - Epping is relatively cheap with access to bus and train station. Eastwood - it is cheap but not safe DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT go to these suburbs: Blacktown - known for rape Chatswood- drunks Merrylands - rape/kidnapping Redfern and parts of parramatta. NOTE: People think Rhodes is a bad suburb. Some parts are. PLEASE have a good look around the area befoer you decide ANYTHING. Hope i have helped you=) I live in Sydney my self so i know the suburbs pretty well. (For 10 years) Good Luck. :)

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In evolution, does easy access to food mean bigger animals or more rapid breeding?

In general, bigger populations. Forget "breeding". We are talking about natural selection here. What matters is not how many who live but how many who survive to reproduce.Bigger carnivores are those that are naturally selected to get more meat, when competing with other carnivores, when there is not enough meat to go around. Bigger herbivorous prey animals are those that are naturally selected to defend themselves against the bigger predators.When there is plenty of food all around, both the prey and the predator can stay small, and not be naturally selected to get bigger.This has long terms evolutionary benefits too. The smaller animals need less food to begin with. It is much more likely that the small hyena will survive the large lion, in times of famine, especially since hyenas can "pack" - another advantage of being small, both for prey and for predator

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Should responsible teens have easy access to firearms in case of emergencys?

Well only if it is for protection kids could use it only in extreme cases

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Has our easy access of political information caused our viewpoint of politics to become warped?

Sounds like your having a typical conservative R ephiphany--good for you!! Run it!! Just make sure you assess just how flawed it is and place the blame where it truly rests. You wanna gain a vast amount of perceptual knowledge--investigate the infamous dstr

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Would easy-access suicide and societal encouragement of suicide as an escape-route create a utopia of happines?

Indicates those who cannot hack it, and who will have to come back where they left off this this adventure ?

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What do you think of my new line of clothing idea....Easy Access?

I saw them at the GFNB stand at the flea market. I always thought the F stood for FreakING not FreakY, but maybe it was just a bad batch for the Kathy Lee Gifford Clothing Mill in Phu Quoc Vietnam.

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Easy access to car engine?

When I started working on cars, the 60s and 70s cars were plenty easy to work on. The smaller, front wheel drive transaxle cars after early 80s became a pain in the you-know-where to do major work on. Luckily I learned at a GM engineering facility and we had a 25 ton overhead crane to use. Without that, engine cradle (engine/transaxle) removal would have been much more trouble, because it drops out the bottom. I like the 60s cars the best. They were the simplest/easiest. I do not think a rack that you suggest would be any easier than the 60s cars. Corvairs and VW beetles were very different, but easy, and may be closer to what you are suggesting.

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